Lucas reported in early March that they were in Ethi Laikipa and that things ran smoothly. The tent was erected and souls were encouraged and brought to Jesus. He says the police were roaming the area and they were not sure of what was going on. The Kenya team then went on to hold a gospel meeting in Mbotela Estate at Mbotela Church of Christ in Nairobi from April 14 – 16.  Below shows Brother Rawago teaching and singing with the children and Richard Karima and Lucas assist each other at the pulpit on the first day of the gospel meeting.  On day two and three the meeting was extended until the night and brother Lucas assisted showing both the Life of Christ and the Moses movies. The chariot then worked the Muranga North Kakuku area and he reports that things have gone well, from the weather to the turnout. He said many people from different denominations came out to witness the preaching and many people came forward for prayers and encouragement.

I will be with our Kenyan chariot and brethren in just over a months time. We have just managed to pay for a shipping container of bibles for Kenya and surrounding countries.

Please pray for the Kenyan Gospel Chariot and the workers safety as they reach out in areas that are predominantly Muslim. Below you can see a Muslim woman discussing with brothers as Lucas teaches. You can also see one of the bible students sharing the Good News with a Lady. As Lucas says, the area is tough because it has many Muslims. Thank you to all the brethren assisting in this outreach.


The Ghana team reports that “the Central Region of Ghana Gospel Preachers heralded a Macedonian call to the Gospel Chariot team to help establish congregations in two towns.” These towns, Gomoa Ada and Gomoa Ngyiresi, are twin towns in the central region. The workers on the chariot went to “every place in the towns preaching, teaching and praying for the sick. The Lord also blessed His work and day by day added the young and aged folks into His church.” The wonderful news is that, by the end of the program, the Lord added 23 souls to the church and a new congregation was established. Hallelujah, glory be to God. Amen. Please pray for this new congregation and the newly baptized souls.

The Gospel Chariot then embarked on a Gospel campaign during the Easter holidays on the Kwahu Ridge situated in the Eastern region of Ghana. This campaign was in collaboration with the Church of Christ Nsawam Road, Accra the overseers of Ghana Gospel Chariot and some congregations in the Kwahu Ridge. The campaign workers distributed gospel tracts to holidaymakers, preached from house to house, and in the night openly preached Christ. The film, the Passion of the Christ, brought people on their knees to acknowledge Christ as the Savior and Master of their life.

By God’s grace, 24 souls got baptized and the Church of Christ congregation was established at Kwahu, Bokuruwa. This new congregation is blessed with a new church auditorium. One Jeffrey Konadu Addo, in memory of his late mother Madam Alice Afua Opokua who longed to have the Church of Christ established at her hometown, donated the 500 seating capacity auditorium.


Chris reports that in March he visited Kwekwe Prison, Whawha Prison in Gweru and Mutimurefu Prison in Masvingo and delivered 1,450 World Bible School Introduction Lessons (with envelopes) to these prisons. He also reported that he and Auswich had spent time in Mazowe and says, “We started a new congregation at Iron and Duke Mine in Mazowe where we baptized 6 people. On 26 March, the elders of Glendale and Bindura churches of Christ and some church members of both congregations came to attend church service with us at Iron and Duke mine. And after church service, the elders of both congregations agreed to join hands to spiritually nurture this young congregation”. Chris is also happy to report that the church in Chivero is growing. In the photo below Chris is leading the singing at one of the Sunday services in March and the attendance on that day was 65.

ZIMBABWE TRIANGLE AREA – Amen, the tent and preaching equipment we made available for the Zimbabwean Triangle Churches is bearing fruit. You can see their new tent, chairs and sign as well as new souls baptized into Christ. Amen and amen. Please pray for our Zimbabwean brethren as they preach the wonderful name of Jesus.


Vhembe Bible School began in March. There are 7 full time students and 4 part time students. DeVilliers reported that as school started Brother Machona travelled up to Venda to spend some time teaching there. He spent his mornings and afternoons teaching at the school. In the evenings, he taught at a seminar that was hosted over a week (March 20 – 26) at Tshidimbini. Machona was happy to report that there were baptisms and restorations during the time he was working in Venda.

DeVilliers and the bible students have been doing time on the Riso printer.  They’ve all been involved in printing handouts and lessons. As you can see, all students help with certain chores when at the bible schools and this is one of them…


Willie reports that the Gospel Chariot Team has been visiting Akata, a town about 30 minutes drive away from Kpalime, since last year. They have now planted a church there and he says it is because of the earlier tract distributions, early morning devotionals and afternoon bible classes. The Togo team also assisted in Ghana, in the Eastern region at Begoro and Bususo.  They enrolled 384 new students to World Bible School and also baptized 6. They then also assisted with the church planting at Gomoa Ada and Gomoa Ngyiresi. Willie reports that 23 souls were baptized to start the congregation.


The mini chariot in Liberia (with Isaac Daye) has had a breakdown, but the work continues. If there is any mini chariot that needs to be upgraded to a Big Gospel Chariot, it’s the Liberian one with Isaac Daye! They do so much benevolence work as they preach as well, but they are also visionaries working with a number of ministries and continuously coming up with new ideas and it all stems from being a self starter. God Bless Liberia and these hard working zealous missionaries. Have a look at the helping hand they are giving to a local town as they reach out.


Mike Knappier and Dimpo taught during March at the Short Term School at our mission base in Tsumeb. You can also see them preaching in a Bushman community just outside of Tsumeb where we will be campaigning in May with the Fredericksburg congregation as well. They have also taken delivery of a new Riso printer that will, Lord willing, print millions of lessons over the coming years. Our goal is to teach Namibians to ultimately run this mission themselves. Please pray for this dream.  Mike and Dimpo then both headed home and Zonge Xoshe replaced them at the school.

Zonge also did some preaching and teaching and baptizing during his stint in Namibia. Replacing Zonge after his time in Namibia was Lazarus (in stripes below) and it seems that Lazarus arrived just in time for the rain! He sent photos of a very waterlogged Tsumeb mission!

Chariot 2 with Lyman and Robert got some new tyres put on while in George, South Africa and then drove up and over the mountain and made it safely into Namibia. They visited Keetmanshoop and then went on to Windhoek and spent some time visiting all the congregations in Namibia. The first part of the visit was in Windhoek and Walvis Bay. Below you can see how Lyman and Robert were invited to attend a bible study at the fishing company while in the seaside town of Walvis Bay. They then worked with the Church there and headed north on to our mission in Tsumeb. Below shows the buildings going up at Tsumeb. They will be used to accommodate the teachers as they rotate and teach there.

Lyman and Robert continued working their way through Namibia. After Tsumeb they passed through Rundu and then headed on to Mukwe with Klause. After Mukwe they moved through the Caprivi Strip and then cross into Zambia. It’s so wonderful to see brethren cross borders and do good old mission work. God Bless you all.


After crossing over from Namibia into Zambia, Robert and Lyman reported that they are doing well and are busy having meetings in Kongola district, Kaoma and Mongo.


Eastern Cape

In March Bongani and big Chariot 1 worked in Mdantsane and the Eastern Cape. Brother William, from Port Elizabeth, joined Bongani and 4 souls were baptized into Christ. Our brothers are excited about the growth in the area.

Western Cape

In March Ria and I visited with our home congregation and church family in Kwanokuthula, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. We started this congregation in a shack some 10 years ago. It’s a small town with a small congregation, but a whole lot of love. Just looking at the photos you can see the love and joy in their faces. I am so proud of them and looking forward to when I can stay longer in the coming years. Gladman has taken over from Lazarus who has relocated back to Pretoria. He will now help the church in Plettenberg Bay as well as help coordinate home study groups. He also has his little cycling ministry. You can see some of them out on their morning ride.


In mid March Lazarus and Machona took the mini chariot out to Bronkhorstspruit and Atteridgeville and did some tract distribution and World Bible School student enrollments. On March 18 Lazarus and Zonge travelled to Groblersdal and hosted a seminar which had 15 people attending. After the seminar they went into town and handed out tracts and WBS lessons. Machona divided his time between teaching at the Short Term School in Pretoria as well as at the Vhembe Short Term School in Venda. On return from one of his trips up to Venda he got back to the wonderful news that three of the Pretoria Short Term School Students wanted to be baptized. Tebogo has also been helping with the teaching at the Short Term School in Pretoria. He comes in two days a week.

Chariot 1

In early April Bongani Mabena on Chariot 1 ran into some problems with protesters and unrest and therefore had to cancel some of his meetings. This did not deter him, he just returned to Pretoria and used the chariot in Soshanguve instead. Bongani reported that he “had a great open air in the area of North West. We are planning to plant a church in Vrede, 15 minutes away from Tlokweng, where souls have been baptized.” By mid April Bongani’s chariot tent had been repaired and they were ready to roll again. Bongani reported that he had a great gospel meeting while in Soshanguve. Four people were restored and nine were baptized into Christ. Bongani says, “the area outside Soshanguve is growing and needs more of evangelism.”