Hi Everyone,
This is our West African update and we are excited to let you know that the new Big Gospel Chariot for Liberia is now ready to roll and will be working when you read this update. This chariot will be going into Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bassau. Please pray for this effort. Our next goal is to get another Big Chariot for West Africa and more specifically for the French speaking countries. We have been in discussions with George Akpabli who oversees the school in Benin and who works with our mini chariot in Benin. Our goal is to upgrade that mini chariot to a Big one that will travel into Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, a bit of Mali and Guinea. Wow, God is blessing us as we try reach every country in Africa.
The following is a report for the month of August in Nigeria.
In order to cover the state efficiently, the planning committee of the evangelism outreach divided the state into four zones as follows:
1. Enugu Zone
2. Nsukka Zone
3. Eha-Amufu Zone
4. Awgu Zone
The Gospel Chariot visited all the zones preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Christ. In the course of the outreach, the Gospel was preached in thirty-three communities within these four zones. By the grace of God, nine souls responded to the Gospel message, got baptized into Christ and were added to the Church. Our earnest prayer is that God Almighty will strengthen them and continually keep them faithful to the end, in Jesus’ name, amen.
A report from September:
The Chariot moved from Enugu State to Imo State on the 5th of September, 2019. There was a brief stopover at Mbala Isuochi, Abia State upon the request of the Imo State co-ordinators. Work was done at Mbala Isuochi on the 5th and the 6th of September, 2019. After the work on the 6th, the Chariot moved down to Owerri, Imo State from where it worked in different Local Government Areas around Owerri.
A total of fifteen communities, including Owerri, was covered in the course of the outreach. The communities are:
1. Ogbaku
2. Amala Ngor Okpala
3. Mbaise
4. Eziama Obiato
5. Owerri
6. Umuago
7. Alum OriiUratta
8. Eziobodo
9. Obinze
10. Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)
11. Ihiagwa
12. Obudi Agwa
13. Ubokoro Atta Njaba
14. Obosima Ohaji
15. Nekede
By the grace of God these outreaches were successful in most of these areas. A lot of people showed eagerness to learn the truth of God’s word even as they paid rapt attention to the teachings and, most times, asked many questions at the end of the lessons.
On the whole, the outreach was fruitful as God added five souls to His Kingdom through baptism in the course of this outreach. We pray Him to bless and continually keep them till the end of their lives in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.
Brother Paul also reported this amazing message of them preaching in the rain on the 12th of September:
Please join us and thank God for a successful evangelism with the Nigerian gospel chariot team. Yesterday we went to COC Amala Ngor- Okpala to preach but rain didn’t allow us to open the chariot and when we came to my house, I pleaded with the team to preach around my house and after the preaching two young men accepted be baptized into the body of Christ. Today we preached at COC Alulu in Ngor- Okpala and it was very successful.
Evans Lartey has reported the following from Ghana:
The chariot crew worked in the Oti region of Ghana with the team that Ben Fulks and Doc Turk brought with them from the USA. The chariot crew accompanied the team during seminars for Women, Youth and Night street preaching. The crew assisted the youth to distribute bible tracts to various people on the streets and homes. There was street preaching during the nights with average attendance of 250 people.
After the trip, the Chariot had to undergo the routine repairs and services to keep the truck in shape to fish for souls into God’s kingdom.
Evans Larty has reported the following on the 29th of August:
In training the youth as future evangelists for Christ and His kingdom, some Church of Christ Leaders in Ghana have decided to use the month of August each year to camp the youth between ages 12 and 15. These Leaders select a rural area where there is no Church of Christ or where the existing congregations face growth challenges.
The activities involved is solely towards soul saving including medical evangelism. The program, which is well organized, has gained momentum and steadily achieving its goals.
The Ghana Chariot mission who is part of this program has designated the month of August each year to assist in this great work.
The results this year is amazing as 600 youth from 47 congregations engaged in evangelistic activities during the day and night. The yield from their efforts was 52 souls added to the church and 170 enrolled for WBS course.
And here is the new Big Chariot and what Isaac Daye reported on the 28th of October that the new gospel chariot has started its outreach in the West African country of Liberia and a number of souls were baptised into Christ during the very first gospel meeting.
Amen, this is the old US school bus we converted into a gospel chariot that will now be ungraded to a Big Gospel Chariot that will travel into 6 French speaking countries in West Africa. This is exciting and only a goal for now as we will try raise the funds in 2020. PLEASE PRAY
Willie Gley reported the following from Togo. We had to put the chariot in the repair shop in mid August to change the engine when it broke down. We couldn’t go out again till the first week of September, but God is good and the work is growing and God is giving the increase. We will be retiring this chariot next year as get one Big Chariot working 6 countries and Togo being one of them. Please pray for Togo and the French speaking countries.