This is the West African Fourth Quarter update and it’s a little late due to me being on the road in Africa. West Africa is on fire for The Lord and the new big gospel chariot is up and running in Liberia and over a hundred souls have been baptized into Christ. We still need to get a baptistry built in like the other chariots and will try do that as soon as possible. The exciting news is we now starting to raise funds for a new big gospel chariot that will be based out of French speaking Benin that will focus on all the French speaking countries around Ghana. We now have more chariots in West Africa than any other region due to us wanting to be intentional in reaching muslim populated countries. Please pray for this bold move as Africans take Africa for Jesus.
That said, we have flown a number of Key African leaders down to South Africa for a 4 day intensive 4 fields discipleship seminar where we will learn how to start cells churches in Muslim populated countries where we can’t go in with gospel chariots. We will also do that training in Uganda. Please pray for these efforts as God guides us. To Him be the Glory.
Biodun Owolabi reported the following from Nigeria on the 23rd of October:
The Nigeria Gospel Chariot traversed the length and breath of South Eastern Nigeria from 1st August till the first week of October, 2019.
Between August 1st and 31st, the chariot visited 33 communities and four zones in Enugu State: Enugu, Nsukka, Eha- Amufu and Agwu. Nine souls were converted and thousands enrolled for the WBS correspondence course.
The chariot then moved on to Abia and Imo states from September 1 to October 3, 2019. The chariot worked for a couple of days at Mbala Isuochi in Abia state before moving to Imo State. The chariot visited 15 communities in Imo State where hundreds of people were enthusiastic about hearing the truth of God’s word. Five souls were converted and several prospects enrolled for WBS course.
Continue to pray for the chariot and the crew as they continue to take the saving gospel of Christ across Nigeria amidst challenges of difficult terrain, bad roads and other challenges that are peculiarly Nigerian.
Biodun Owolabi reported the following from Nigeria on the 19th of November:
To the glory of God, the Nigeria Gospel Chariot has worked in Kuduru, Masaka and Asokoro extension in the last one week in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The work at Asokoro ended with a bountiful harvest of five souls. Two in the morning during Church service and three tonight during the open air lecture.
The names of those baptized are:
Moses Segun
Rejoice Simon
Martins Friday
Alozie Chiemela Goodluck
Sopuluchi Nwosu.

Three souls were baptized earlier and hundreds enrolled for WBS.
We pray God to bless and keep them in faith till the end of time.

The work has been very eventful and interesting as people ask questions and show eagerness to learn the truth Of The Scripture.

The crew members are doing well and are in good health. May God’s name continue to be praised.
Evans Lartey has reported the following from Ghana on the 15/11:
The Ghana Chariot has been working in the central region of Ghana since September 2019. Despite frequent rainfalls coupled with rugged roads in the region, the Chariot has chalked some successes. The Chariot planned to work with twenty-eight churches in the region. At date, we are done with eighteen churches and their communities.
These churches are sparsely located in different towns but they all co-operate and team up to work with the chariot. Most of these towns are farming communities, however, they will cluster together in the night to hear God’s word. One night, a Christian Brother in his Police uniform took the microphone to preach to the community.
Admirably, the Senior High School authorities in these communities allowed for the enrollment of students for the WBS course. Until date, the records indicate a total of 69 baptisms and 1713 WBS enrollment.
Please pray for Isaac Daye as he deals with some health issues. We praying for you brother.
Isaac has sent us the following update from Liberia on the 19th of November:
Seventy six people were added to the Church.
Gospel Chariot – Liberia in collaboration with the Church of Christ, Ganta, traveled with a thirty two man team to Saclepea, central Nimba county, 187 miles away from Liberia’s capital, on a week Gospel campaign for the restoration of the Saclepea’s congregation.
A welcoming reception was accorded us by community dwellers and brothers in the faith.
A house – house evangelism, public preaching and firming of the Passion of Christ were done, and the Lord by his grace, 76 souls were won.
The congregation in Saclepea, Nimba county, is now restored after 7 years of collapse. GLORY BE TO GOD. Bro Robert Dahn, Jr. of the Ganta CoC, headed the team.
Next trips, Bong County and Barn, Nimba.
Isaac Daye and Robert have reported the following from Liberia on the 26 of November:
Great commission fulfilled Matthew 28:18-20, and our church planting mission for the year 2019 achieved. We have the total baptisms of nineteen persons during four days of Gospel campaign.
Today’s worship service with the new congregation (the Regional Hub Church of Christ) in Gbarnga city was great as well, as you can see in the background.
More from Isaac on the 4th of December:
Without faith no one can please God and faith comes by hearing God’s word and salvation is by grace through faith.
With the above in mind we are leaving no stone unturned in reaching the lost via teaching, preaching, radio and WBS correspondence course.
In Liberia we enroll and teach hundreds resulting into many baptisms over the years and each year we graduate hundreds of students who complete all of our courses on November the 29th. 266 marched through the principle street of Monrovia to the slipway soccer field where our 17th annual graduation took place, Ron Pottberg serviced as speaker.
From Isaac on the 17th of December:
Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
Gospel chariot-Liberia joined our brothers in Christ at the Barclay’s farm Church of Christ in Weala. Our brothers from other CoC congregations were part of the team that spared out in the community to execute Matthew 28:19-20.
As the result of the three days evangelism, 24 souls were won unto Christ. Praise be to God. Bro Jonathan Cooper, Min of the host congregation (Barclay Farm CoC) and team were amazing.

This is the period of the heavy rains in the West African region. It is difficult to do our normal open-air preaching because of the rains so the decision was to organize indoor activities.

We organized a youth seminar for the youth in Bohicon. Our objective was to encourage walking in the right way and stay faithful to God by a life of sexual purity.
After the two days in Bohicon we came down south to Ze-Centre where we organized a leadership seminar for church leaders from the community. The lessons were on good servant leadership. Leaders from the denominations who heard of this attended, offering us the opportunity to present lessons on God’s plan for leaders.
In Zinvie, on the Bible School campus, we held our 4th edition of the program “Fighting for the unity of the disciples of Christ.” In the past we were invited to speak to the denominational church leaders who invited us. This year, the organization fell on us and we were prepared.
The goal was to call for a return to the Bible.