This is our Southern African first quarter report and it is amazing what God is doing. I traveled to four countries in the region, doing church planting and disciple making seminars. Mike Knappier also spent two months in Tsumeb, Namibia, teaching and helping there. I am very excited about our ministry fast becoming a church planting and disciple making movement. We have always been a very evangelistic ministry, but there is a difference being evangelistic and making disciples who make other disciples and that is where our focus is on now as we help congregations go from addition to multiplication and also encourage all churches to have daughter church plantings in mind and planned.
Church planting and disciple making seminar
Had a wonderful time connecting with some mature African brothers whilst also doing a Church planting and disciple making seminar at our GCM campus in Pretoria. I made a concerted effort to bring these brethren down to the Campus for some African Mission discussions and prayer about our wonderful continent. You can see my two Gospel Chariot sons, Dimpo Motimele and Machona Monyamane, who will Lord Willing, direct and take Gospel Chariot beyond myself, but you can also see Tom Opondo our East African GCM Director with Duncan Ojiambo our Ugandan Director and Lord Willing, our Central African Director and not forgetting our good friend George Akpabli who oversees the Benin Gospel Chariot, but also our brother who will help us find our GCM Director for West Africa. With a huge work and with as many chariots as we have and such a huge continent, we need good motivated and mature African leaders and I believe we are getting there as we take Africans to reach Africa.
Our Pretoria mission base and campus has more than 15 students studying for 6 months. It is our first intake at the new campus and we are so excited as this is also the first time we are teaching them to do small group drills on how to hold and multiply cell groups in their space and place, helping them to be confident when they return home and able to start a small house church.
Bongani Mabena and Lazarus Munetsi have been busy with the big gospel chariot and the seed project where we have been reaching out in the Pretoria areas and as far north as Venda and Zimbabwe.
Lazarus Munetsi and Dimpo Motmele did a World Bible School Graduation Seminar and reported the following:
God is Good. We did our first Seminar for the year in Ekhangala in the region of Bronkhorstspruit. It was successful and well attended, 32 people attended, everyone was excited to study God’s word through World Bible School. Gospel Chariot Missions is a great vehicle to spreading the word to the masses and people are coming to the Knowledge of God. We believe this will not be the last seminar in the area this year, we will connect and influence them more towards the end of this year. We thank Brother Shabalala for joining hands with us to reach the church and unchurched people. God was glorified indeed.
Wow, this is so exciting as this is the very first time that a Gospel Chariot has crossed over into the DRC Congo. Its French speaking and very dangerous due to the political issues. Paul Lulacha who is based out of Goma DRC joined Robert Hara and Lyman Mpharo on Chariot 2 and reported the following:
As brother Robert mention it, we finally met in the Coperbelt region, the truck was then sent to a neutral zone between Zambia and DR Congo.
They then had to deal with Congolese officers so that the truck could be allowed in. The procedure took three working days, but eventually got in.
Robert, Lyman and Paul eventually reported the following good news after a month preaching in the DRC Congo:
29 souls have been baptized and 76 new Student have been Registered to study with World Bible School in three places. The Chariot worked in Lubumbashi, Kasumbalesa and SakaniaTowns in Katanga Region.
We then crossed the border to Tanzania through Sakania Border post and into Zambia and exit at Nakonde Border post into Tanzania. We thank God for keeping us safe here in DRC Congo and we thank Br Paul Lulacha for putting much of his heart on God’s work. Who has been with us since we entered here in Congo DRC on 29th May. We thank you all who are involved in this work.
AMEN, ROBERT, LYMAN AND PAUL. This is amazing and only God can do such things. I am so excited because next year we will cross into the DRC with much confidence. See below the amazing work of God.
Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape had a semester where 6 students studied Gods Word with France Molefi. Gospel Chariot has 4 short term bible schools where we bring students to live with us and we feed them, love them and teach them. We use the Nations University curriculum and the wonderful thing is, when they leave they can continue studying online and complete their bible degree. We also teach disciple making and encourage church planting and the simplicity of it. There are so many towns in this area with no churches of Christ and that is our goal, to plant more churches and get more prayer groups going in homes that ultimately become churches.
Wow, there is a lot of good things happening in Tsumeb Namibia. It has been very very hard on us trying to get this mission going. We inherited this mission base complete with issues and I must say it has been hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as we focus more on planting house churches and not so much making members who attend the church building. I believe this will help our Tsumeb Church of Christ that has a building with 20 people, grow even more because our focus now is: let’s go, and as they say, IF YOU ARE NOT FISHING, YOU ARE FIGHTING. And now that we are going, our focus will be out there serving God and making disciples, who make disciples and looking for those doors of opportunity.
When I was there two weeks ago I visited with two men, Amon and Vincent, who were both baptized at the church building last year and have both started two house churches at their respective homes plus two areas near their homes. This is exactly what I am saying and encouraging brethren to do in all areas. Just start a small prayer group in your home and if it is the Lord’s Will, it will become a house church or church with a building, but it is simple and stress free to start.
Mike Knappier also visited and stayed more than two months, helping teach short term students and done a great job. Below shows some of the happenings. Please pray for this effort. We believe we can plant 100 small groups within 10 years. Not us, but the Lord.
Beitbridge is on fire for the Lord and the Triangle brethren are supporting the work and all are on board. Dale Bresee and David Brookman done an amazing job building a spirit of unity. The message of making disciples has been met with enthusiasm. We distributed bibles and no one left empty handed, but loaded with the Spirit of God. Thanks to The Park Church of Christ in Tulsa for partnering with us in this way. They say the Beitbridge border post is the second most busiest border in the world. Yip, and we planted a church in 2015 in that crazy busy town with two full time evangelists namely Johnathan and Martin. We since got land and a building is going up and who knows what God can do through us all if we work together……Thanks Dale, David, Don and The Park Church of Christ.
Johnathon Chuma reported the following from Bulawayo:
Distribution of clothes and woolen materials to the church in Bulawayo Nkulumane Church of Christ and dolls for the children and also school uniforms being handed out at a primary school. Thank you Bro George.
Amen, in 2014 we helped a brother Stanley who reaches out in the prisons through correspondence bible lessons and this week he emailed me with the following:
Brother George, I want to start by greeting you and hope all is well with you.
I just want to share my joyful Moments as the prison ministry we have reached 5000 souls getting baptized using the baptisms pond we received from you in 2014. May God bless you brother and thank you again.
Amen Stanley. I am sooooo glad we helped to forward the Kingdom through you and those working with you. You can also see Stanley giving many many inmates World Bible School Bibles that will help with their studies. He also picked up 1,500 bibles from the container we shipped to Beitbridge Zimbabwe.
Let’s give credit to who credit is due and also those working with him.
Lazarus Munetsi has reported the following:
On the 23rd of June we managed to reach out to the following students in Makhado:
1. Alexio Gundani (1372317) teacher: GCM Pretoria.
Gundani is only interested to study, he is a preacher at his church. He is the one sitting with me wearing a black T-shirt. We encouraged him to continue with his studies through Nationsu or World English Insititute.
 2. Nelson Makhado (1297431) Teacher: Jim Breton.
Nelson was not ready for Baptism, instead he wanted us to help him baptize members of his church which he promised to call us when the congregates are ready. Zwiakonda will continue following him up and study with him. He is the one wearing red striped shirt.
During this follow up we also managed to worship with the church in Makhado and encouraged them to make disciples for the Lord.
3. On the 29th we followed up Vhonani Portia Ravhugoni, we managed to explain to her more about Baptism as she asked, she also had many other questions which she requested that Zwiakonda should revisit her for more clarification. She would want to learn more about God. She registered with Nationsu to continue with her studies. We will continue engaging with her until she took the steps of faith. We will disciple her, she has open her home for us, praise God.
I have been running a personal WBS campaign on Whatsapp, it is doing well today I have 30 students around Pretoria and Johannesburg, in Limpopo I have 10, praise God I will be meeting with one on Saturday morning in Makhado, will also be meeting Michael Makhado(teacher Edie Connel) And  Vhonani Portia Ravhugoni. Please keep us in prayers as I teach and help Zwiakonda to do followups in the area.
Amen, Lazarus Munetsi just got back from our mission base in Tsumeb Namibia and here he is in Durban by the sea baptizing a World Bible School student. Here is Lazarus’s update:
We thank the Lord as the angels in heaven rejoice over Mpendulo baptized today in Durban. He has been waiting for such a long time but finally he was so excited to take this step of faith and be baptized. We then leave him in the hands of the local brothers to help him to learn more of the Lord. You can see Sister Mosilo welcoming him to the family, wow he has a new mother in faith, he is in good hands.
We have been communicating with Zandile since last year and finally today she come to church with her hasband and their 2 lovely children. After the Church service she was baptized. They live in Hammanskraal, almost 50 kms out of Pretoria towards Warmbath. It was a blessing to be with them at Church, I will now continue connecting with her husband. I pray and trust God will give us wisdom to encourage her husband to open their doors for study and prayer at their home. It’s a distance for them to travel to church whereby church can be at their home. Let us keep them in our prayers.
We also rejoice with the family of Mabena as Kabelo their son took a step of faith and was baptized.  May the good Lord strengthen him as he learns to walk in the footsteps of his parents. I am excited, it is a greatest blessing when our children decides to follow Jesus.