Hi Everyone,
I pray and hope this finds you doing well.
Wow, has the world not had some issues since our last report? All our chariots are off the road and all I can say, is that it has been a Blessing from God. You will not believe how this has helped us. We have spent the last 3 months learning how to do online discipleship training and online church and it is unbelievable how effective this is. My last two years of spending hours, days and months of being equipped in multiplication discipleship is paying off hugely and I cant believe how this all came about at the right time.
We have started many, many online groups from Southern Africa to East Africa and West Africa come North Africa. The most exciting developments are the way we are getting into Muslim-dominated countries through this simple disciple making multiplication method of teaching that is so, so, so, so effective and allows our brethren to work underground through small cell groups in areas they otherwise would never have been able to get into.
That said, I have by the grace of God, managed to start some online discipleship multiplication training into India and the Philippines. Great doors are opening for me as I hand over Africa slowly but surely to our African brethren so they can direct their own African mission with me being a father figure working behind the scenes and with the USA executive GCM board. As they say “a leader’s lasting value is measured by succession” but there is also a great leadership tool called the MAWL Principle and it teaches you to Model, Assist, Watch and then Leave.  I believe it is now time for me to watch and trust and believe in those I have equipped to take the work beyond me in Africa. Here are the African Regional Directors:  George Akpabli -West and North Africa; Duncan Ojiambo – Central Africa; Tom Opondo -East Africa; Machona Monyamane – Southern Africa and Dimpo Motimele future Director and Co-ordinator for Africa……..And that said…..
As you know I live in Australia and instead of retiring I would like to start refiring an ASAIN PACIFIC DREAM FOR JESUS and with very little budget and only one or two chariots if that. With the main focus on multiplication discipleship training that is simple, biblical and reproducible. It is time to equip our churches of Christ with discipleship tools and help our brethren get unstuck and move to the next level in reaching a lost world. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AS WE LOOK BEYOND FOR JESUS. (Dreams are born in the hearts and souls of men and woman who are dissatisfied with the way things are in light of the the way things could be)
I WILL NEED A SMALL BUDGET FOR THE ASIAN PACIFIC OUTREACH. Please email me if you can help with this new work starting year end. Also if you support any preacher in one of these countries and you want us to help with training them, then please pass his info on to me. We would love to help.
Who knows what God has in mind as we step out in faith? all I know, is God is up to something once again. To God be the Glory.
If you don’t read the whole report then please read this. How can this be happening when our chariots are taken away from us because of lockdown.
George Akpabli in West Africa is training online and helping brethren go from addition to multiplication with the 4 fields discipleship training we equipped George in February and as George says, he is equipping some of the big hitters in West Africa with these tools. George has also translated the lessons into French. Evans Lartey from Ghana who also attended is helping George and also started some groups. Abiodun Owolabi from Nigeria is doing the same as it spreads in West Africa. Our chariot drivers Lyman and Robert are doing training in Malawi as they teach discipleship. Machona Monyamane has started a couple of groups. Tom Opondo same there in Kenya. John Thikongo in Namibia, one of our most zealous 4 fields trainers, has started a number of groups in the Tsumeb region. Dimpo Motimele with his team in Pretoria have a number of groups going and are now doing face to face meetings with his sidekicks Bongani, Lazarus and Machona from the campus. Oh, and Paul Lulacha in Congo DRC, who also attended our February training, is also starting groups and training disciples. He is fired up. In Australia groups are forming here in Perth and over east in Melbourne, where I sent two brothers on a 4 fields four day seminar just before lockdown and they have started 5 small cell groups that side. It is crazy what is happening, but so exciting and as I said I am now training and starting groups in India and the Philippines and who knows where else this will spread to.
As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. One would have thought with having the chariots off the road Satan would be rejoicing, however, that would have been short-lived as you can see God’s hand in this.
As highlighted in the following pictures, God is up to something. Despite the chariots being off the road and the restrictions, new ways of communicating have been developed that have strengthened relationships.
Below will show some of the most amazing and creative ways we have learnt to serve God under lockdown and we will now continue doing this even when the chariots are up and running again. God is Great.
Uganda is on fire for Jesus. One of the greatest decision we could have ever made was to appoint Duncan Ojiambo as our Central African leader. He is and has the most amazing enthusiasm and ability to see doors of opportunity and so quick to learn and navigates situations with grace a unity. We are blessed and so happy to have this man on our African team as one of our youngest directors. Since lockdown Duncan has started a number of online discipleship groups and is building an amazing team around him. See below how he has developed through this lockdown and set the stage for his chariot to hit the road. Even before lockdown the Ugandan chariot and his reporting has been by far the best in Africa. Duncan is a winner and we wish him well as he spreads his wings into Central African countries from his base in Uganda. Duncan and his team has attended my 4 fields discipleship training every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and as I said , he is on fire for Jesus and multiplication.
Duncan Ojiambo has reported on the 30th of June:
Thanks for your prayers, today was a wonderful day here in Karamoja. We have had a great training.
Dan, Lucy and myself were the trainers. Our brethren enjoyed the training and they practiced after our modeling. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic the group was.
Servants are busy practicing and committed to take these simple tools to their congregations and other places.
Pray for our travel back home tomorrow.
Duncan reported the following on the 16th of June:
We had a House church Service, it was a very vibrant discussion using the Sword Method of Bible study. The 3/3s is very effective indeed. They discovered a lot from Matthew 25:31-46, we were encouraged and challenged by the text. Hope was restored to many. Our church members are testifying that this kind of church very edifying and educative.
Right after church we drove to our church facility in town for baptism. Again we had believers from the three churches in our generational map (his network). 4 from my house church,  2 from IVAN and Dan’s House church, 1 from Lucy’s house church and actually Lucy’s young brother obeyed the gospel. Now two of her brothers have been baptized during this lockdown. Bringing the total number of baptisms to 7 baptisms. Now 14 including the 7 that we baptized last week on Tuesday.
After the baptism, some of those baptized celebrated their baptism by cutting a cake. This cake was also shared by the women group that Maximillah and Lucy are teaching.
After the cake celebration, the women Discipleship class started from 4-6pm. They learned about “Relational Map”( a 4 fields discipleship tool) . Maxi and Lucy modeled and gave each lady an opportunity to practice. Then, they discussed a Parable from Luke 15 applying New Life Behavior lessons. This curriculum deals with behavior change and transformation. What an amazing work God is doing here. For sure, I am very excited and empowered by the fire in this team that is very intentional and committed.
Thanks you for your encouragement and equipping us for the Kingdom business.
More from Duncan on the 22nd of May:
Hello Uncle George,
I am here to say thank you for your training and mentoring. You’ve encouraged me and taught me a lot about being intentional in Missions and ministry.
I am excited to share with you what God is doing through our house church. As I said before, this lockdown is enabling us focus more on our Jerusalem before going to Judea, Samaria, the rest of the world.
For sure before lockdown, I never had the mutual connection with my neighbors like today. My family did less reaching them with the gospel but right now, everyone in my household is equipped with Multiplication Disciple Making tools, and we have reached our neighborhood using these simple, Biblical and reproducible tools to evangelize our neighborhood.
Yesterday, in our Wednesday evening Bible Study our text was Acts 2:36-47. The group discovered a lot of great lessons from these verses. Lives were changed, I witnessed people asking the very questions that the Israelites asked Peter and the disciples. And we gladly taught them about Repentance and Baptism. Five souls want to be baptised.
Silus, my cousin taught about the three circles. And last Sunday during church , he taught about Giving.
Another good news about yesterday was when I went to check on the truck at the police station where it’s parked. The police officers that provide security for our truck asked for Bibles. I had only one copy left in the truck and used this opportunity to teach them the gospel using 3 Circles (a simple discipleship tool teaching the gospel). One of them said he was going to reproduce the 3 circles to his wife and they will call me to teach them more about baptism. The other two policemen asked for a prayer and asked for more time of teaching them the gospel. So one policeman got a gift of the Bible yesterday. The 3 circles were demonstrated at the back page of the Bible that he received.
(13th of May) during our midweek training and during our mutual care time of prayer and share. I heard some of the most encouraging stories of new prayer groups and training groups starting up. This is so encouraging to see and that’s our goal for Jesus in Africa and that is to multiply disciples and churches everywhere, but also encourage all over the world.
Multiplication taking place in troubled times. God is Good.
Tom Opondo has reported the following from Kenya on the 24th of June. Tom is the East African director of Gospel Chariot
I’m grateful that the Lord provided an opportunity to His service during the Covid-19 pandemic. When you mentioned about the possibility of being home three-months plus, some of us thought the effect of the virus couldn’t take that long. In the first and second weeks of your announcement of pulling out of the roads Chariot trucks, we were shocked at the rate of spread of Covid-19. It was a wonder what would we be doing with church gatherings abolished, travel restrictions in place, and curfews.
Thank you brother George for introducing 4 Fields Training, its working.
Now I see the results of Pretoria, Oyugis and Jinja Trainings that left a mark on each participant to be a disciple Maker. In the last three months, the Lord enabled us tap the 4 Fields on Discipleship Multiplication. You may not believe it. There are four groups meeting face to face. These are the groups:
1. GCM Kenya workers and Nations University students
2. Imara Daima Group – brother Bidong Tut, a Sudanese gathers fellow brethren every week.
3. Aweil Group in South Sudan led by Dr. John Diing.
4. Dunia Mwenda, a Congolese preacher at the Kakuma Refugee Camp is very excited over disciple making. He has a group meeting in his house.
I’m thankful each of these groups have connections with Gospel Chariot works. The Kenya Group have participants from the following regions: Oyugis, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nairobi, Machakos, and Turkana (Kakuma Refugee Camp). I admit this is God pushing His mission in the midst of a global crisis.
On the work of the driver evangelists, I’m grateful that they have looked up to God during the lockdown. Lucas and George slowly picked the 4 Fields concept. Now, they are able to share Jesus Christ using 3G, Church Circle, 3 Circles, 15 Seconds Testimony and the 411. Wow!
This is what the Lord helped us do: Houses of Believers. Meshack, Rose, Joshua, Elizabeth opened their homes for 3-4 family meetings. We have house fellowships in Dol Kodera, Kandiege, and Nyang’iela Shopping Center. Our key activity is Discovery Bible Study. No singing in the meetings as we don’t want to offend the police and government authorities. The group at Kandiege has already formed into a church meeting in houses. For the Nyang’iela Shopping Center, we have spotted a spacious unused house for Bible Study and prayers.
It’s true that great lessons from the crisis includes the fact that individual Christians can boost Evangelism by being active participants in Disciple Making process. I have seen fellow Christians rising up to be counted as a sharer of the Good News of Jesus Christ. To conclude, 4 Fields Training is a real boost to us and the Lord’s Church.
Tom Opondo sharing some simple discipleship tools and reported the following on the 28th of June:
God be praised for today’s gathering in the house of Sister Maureen of Kandiege Church of Christ. God blessedly uplifted the meeting with His mission. It’s a renewal to all in the house that God’s mission is global, local and personal.
Wow! We’ll tackle the right tools for the spiritual walk in the Lord’s Kingdom.
Tom has reported the following on the 26th of June:
We pray and trust this mail finds you well. We are thankful to the Lord for the gift of life. It was yesterday, that we sent children’s clothes to Ombek Church of Christ.
In that afternoon, 25 children and their guardians received clothes. We note with confidence that you turned out to be God’s Hand. You and your Australian friends provided a cover for the orphaned children of Ombek Church and community.
Tom also reported a new church start.
How cool is this as orphans receive new school uniforms from Australia.
Tom Opondo has reported the following on the 22nd of June:
Thankful again as I write about the reception at Joshua Village Orphan Center. It houses over 40 orphans, and 200 vulnerable children from around Joshua Village Church of Christ, and beyond.
It’s with grace that Sister Hulda Osumba and Central Church of Christ founded this ministry to respond to the needs of orphans problems in this community. God is praised!
We, the family of Gospel Chariot Missions are excited to be part of a response to help little ones. You may not see over 300 children on the photos because of the ban on running of schools and big gatherings. Sister Osumba had to release children with at least a guardian to find alternative home during the pandemic. When normalcy returns, all the children will come back for care and basic schooling service. For now, Sister Osumba is the father and mother to 40 orphans. These are total orphans and very desperate. They have no home other than Joshua Village Orphanage.
We distributed clothes enough for 40 orphans, and the children in their guardian homes caused by coronavirus. Thank you for being the Jesus attitude for these orphans. We grateful to share in their needs in a minimal way.
God’s blessings to you and family. God is glorified in the hearts the collected brand new clothes/uniforms for the Child in Africa who live in a deplorable condition.
Paul Lulacha has reported the following from the Congo DRC on the 30th of June: Paul is on fire for the Lord as he multiplies disciples and small groups everywhere.
From evangelism, we devote sufficient time to discipleship, so the new members understand things better and become competent ambassadors of Christ. In our various study groups, several disciples and evangelists in training stand out, their fruits are starting to be seen already. As they have been taught and baptized, they are also doing the same thing to others, let us pray together so that the Lord may support them in their spiritual growth.
Our local assembly, which is meeting in our house, is known in many other activities such as Sunday worship, Bible study every Wednesday, personal or group counselling, distribution of the Bibles, seminars and hospital visits.
In the initiative to want to train all our local evangelists so that they become able to train others, we are encouraging everyone to start his own group and to organize seminars in his neighborhood, but in reduced numbers, according to our local government’s rules and regulations.
In this initiative, two seminars were held during this month of June 2020 using the four fields, and the impact was considerable.
Reported on the 29th of May:
Talking about disciple makers, here is an emerging disciple maker of note. Young Paul Lulacha who we support in Goma Congo and who has been trained up and still receiving training, but already equipping others, is one man on a mission.
 Paul sent us this:
This month of May has been, despite the partial confinement, full of activities and we thank Gospel Chariot Mission that expands our perception of things in equipping us with the necessary tools of evangelism.
Despite the controlled movements following this pandemic of Covid- 19, we have been busy, not only by being equipped on Zoom and putting into practice what has been taught, but also by guiding brothers locally trough discipleship and reaching out through social media brothers afar from us in other provinces.
During this month, we are training and teaching the commandments of Christ to those (Bukavu, Baraka and Malawi) who have been trained in discipleship. The aim is to initiate them to the biblical model of worship so that these different groups grow as healthy assemblies. We will also have to visit them more and more to achieve the goal if God allows or to have our local Zoom meetings to those who will be able to join.
Here locally, discipleship continues, as disciples increase from day to day. Among the active disciples we have.
For 3 months we have been doing training out of Pretoria and online. Every Wednesday, Friday prayers, Saturday training and Sunday Church and all based on the 4 fields discipleship training. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Below are some of the meetings:
John Thikongo has reported the following on the 29th of June:
Happy to report the following from Namibia yesterday Sister Secilia gave her life to God we thank God, and Brother Stive invited more then 25 men and women to the GCM Campus most of them stay at a farm 20km out of Tsumeb they received bible’s and teaching and we planning to start a church at the farm where they stay and we gave them some of the clothes we have. Laurence also travelled with brother Amon to give some clothes to the church in Kombat and he also traveled with sister Emily to the bush people to give out clothes to more then 8 family’s the church in Kuvukiland also receive some clothes that went to more then 5 family’s. We also planning to give some clothes out to more family’s.
John Thikongo has reported the following from Tsumeb Namibia on the 15th of June:
Happy to report Sister Victoria, Beverly and Brother Amon Horaseb were baptized today by brother Amon. They meet as a house church another group of Bro Amon please pray for them.
Please pray for the GCM team as we planning to reach unreached people groups around Namibia.
As of the 10th of June:
Great things are happening in Tsumeb Namibia from discipleship training, baptisms, working in the harvest, helping the poor and online church. Just amazing when leaders are intentional.
Well done John Thikongo who oversees the mission and not forgetting Laurence and Mike Knappier, who is now helping with online church and training.
As reported on the 29th of May:
God is helping us slowly but surely in Namibia. It’s a pioneering field and has been a frustration over the years but with God’s Grace things are moving forward.
John Thikongo who is now our director of the mission is doing great and is a 4 Fields Discipleship trainer of note. One of our best. By God’s Grace we managed to ship bibles and clothing for the poor and helped sister Emily with supplies for the orphans.
Mike Knappier is now starting an online small group as well as Laurence and that’s exciting.
God Bless Namibia and let’s pray for John as he develops a movement church that multiplies disciples and churches everywhere in Namibia.
Talking about containers. We are starting to pack for the next container that will leave later this year, thank you Ria for helping me pack.
As reported on the 28th of June:
Jonathan Chuma worshiping and teaching discipleship through the 4 fields multiplication teaching. Tough times in Zimbabwe. 
Let’s pray for Zimbabwe.
Reported on the 15th of April:
Lockdown in Zimbawe but good continues to happen at the GCM mission base in Beitbridge as Johnathon Chuma hands out food to the hurting and continues to work on the church building.
Please let’s all pray for what’s happening in the world but more specifically for Africa as their virus numbers climb and we all know they don’t have the health care system like some of the developed countries. Father, please protect Africa.
The following was reported on the 22nd  of June:
No big gospel chariot on the road yet, but the Malawi mini chariot is doing what they do best.
Let’s pray for Malawi as they hit the road, but the exciting thing is they have been trained up with the 4 fields multiplication discipleship tools.
Lyman has reported the following on the 17th of June:
Praise God, yesterday I did not attend Zoom church service because I went to Kaboko church of Christ where we had DISCIPLE MULTIPLICATION training on last Saturday and the church service was so good.
From there I went to visit another family that did not come to church but they have been coming to church most of the time but not baptized then I started teaching them the baptism hammer and they believed and baptized immediately after they heard the Word of The Lord. His name is Geoffrey and her wife Charity. Let’s continue praying for them.
Lyman, Robert and Moster have reported the following from Malawi from the Kaboko Church of Christ on the 15th of June:
We today gathered more than 56 members from six congregation to this seminar. Leaders from these congregations thanked God for this way of preaching the Gospel. Very simple, powerful and understandable. One of the leaders who was speaking on behalf of the scholars who attended asked to continue training them so that they can benefit more.
We thank you for teaching, sharpening and training us that will make us spread the Gospel easily. God bless you all who are involved in training us.
Bongani Mabena has reported on the 30th of June:
This is the baptism of Thuso from Lenasia, he is excited about discipleship and planning to connect with us to be equipped in discipleship.
Bongani is excited about a new group of youngsters willing to be discipled and equipped with discipleship tools.
Let’s pray for this group as God works in their lives so they can be active believers and not just passive receivers.
Bongani Mabena starts a new group with vision (on the 8th of June).
Uncle G,
We would like to thank God for this Sundays gathering. 25 people responded positively to the invite to start this gathering. On Friday evening we prayed asking God’s guidance and there were 10 of us.
The area is extension 4. We done the brutal facts tool on 7 extensions that we need to target. We are all so excited as we dream and see Gods vision for our area. Please pray for us.
As advertised Dimpo, Machona and Bongani traveled out (on the 8th of June) and had an amazing 4 fields multiplication first touch seminar and the pictures show the creativity of where training can take place.
Well done brothers as more and more groups are being started and we all head on out into the harvest for Jesus.
Amos gives his life to Christ after much prayer and studying of the scriptures and one of those connecting to our online training on the 21st of May.
Amos welcome to the family and just listening to you online during our training, all I can say is you have tremendous potential to be an amazing disciple of Christ. God Bless you brother.
Please let’s pray for George Akpabli as he begins to train more and more disciples across Africa. George oversees our Benin mini chariot that is being upgraded into a big gospel chariot, but that is nothing compared to what George is now doing. He is training multiple groups across Africa like no other African leader. He is our West African director and co ordinator and we are so blessed.
Please let’s pray for this man of God as he multiplies disciples and churches everywhere for Jesus. He has so much going for him because he has the discipleship tools and he is respected and connected like no other.
Just like George Akpabli who was trained up by us in the 4 fields discipleship training and doing amazing things in West Africa and French speaking Africa, we also have Abiodun Owolabi from Nigeria who is following George’s example and starting groups in Nigeria and also at the bible school. Abiodun has age on his side and has the most amazing potential. One other West African brother who attended our training and doing amazing things for the Lord is Evans Lartey from Ghana. God is doing some amazing things in West Africa. Please pray as they go into many Muslim areas through multiplication cell groups.
Many of you know Mike Prosser my spiritual son here in Australia, who gave his life to the Lord two years back and has traveled with me into Africa and helps collect clothing for Africa and is just a good friend with me and my boys.
Well Nicola, Mike’s amazing wife decided to be born again (on the 19th of May) and give her life to the Lord after much prayer and it was on her birthday as well. What an occasion it was. 20 of us celebrated the occasion.
So good to share God’s BIG VISION with a good friend and small group out of Melbourne, Australia this morning.
Roger and Graham both have done the 4 fields training last month and have hit the road running sharing it with others and that’s how movements start.
Graham Wall and Roger Donnelley have reported the following on the 25th of June:
I’m Teaching the four fields to five groups at the moment. We have now turned Rogers staff into three discovery groups.
Amazing things happening.
Breaking bread with my lovely wife and dog on the 12th of April. Love you, girl.
Looking forward to gathering with many online later today through zoom. Maybe 30 or more from 3 different continents. Amazing, locked down, but connecting and breaking bread with more and more people every week. Who says there is no opportunities in a time like this. God is Great.
We are so proud of you Nicola and know God has an amazing plan for you and that amazing family of yours. Mike and Nicola are my running mates and can they run? But most of all my family in Christ. Love you guys.
Please pray for me as I start online 4 fields discipleship training out of India and soon the Philippines. This is our first hub starting up with the DAYAKAR family.
What does God have in mind with this small work beginning. Exciting exciting. Zechariah 4:10.
The most important thing is to keep going and not give up. Not to despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, Zechariah 4:10 says, Do not despise these small beginnings.