This is our East African update and it is so good to see how these two chariots, with their teams have reached so many since we built the Kenya and Uganda chariots some years back. Between the the two chariots they baptise over 1,500 souls a year and that is amazing, but only God can make these things happen. We will see how they do this year, come year end.
What is very exciting, is we have good men directing this region and that is Tom Opondo over East Africa and Duncan Ojiambo will be joining the Chariot team in 2020 to direct our outreach in Uganda, but also become our Gospel Chariot Director of Central Africa where we hope to reach and get a new Big Chariot working that Western Corridor from Angola right up to Chad that will allow us to reach 4 additional French speaking countries.
Duncan Ojiambo reported the following from Uganda on the 8th of August:
I am very happy to report to you all what God has done through the partnership of Uganda Gospel Chariot and Kagoma Church. The Gospel has been preached and announced to people in this community.
After vigorously attacking and demolishing the strongholds of the devil, 13 people were redeemed. They believed and confessed Lord Jesus as their savior. They were baptized into the New Life. We give God all the glory and honor for the way He is moving mountains.
The GCM team left Kagoma Church for Bufuula C.O.C where they will be helping this congregation in their efforts to evangelize their community.
More from Duncan on the 5th August:
I salute you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the continued prayers you make for Gospel Chariot Missions.
Uganda Gospel Chariot has been very busy working with Iwololo Church of Christ for the past three days. The team has done personal evangelism, open air preaching, discipleship in small groups and recruiting World Bible School students in this community.
The Lord has manifested Himself mightily in this community. He added to the church 12 new converts through baptism. The chariot crew is a ground shaker, leaving no stronghold standing. The devil lost the battle and twelve souls had to be redeemed from his bondage.
We rejoice and pray for these new believers. We are committed to ensuring that they are discipled.
Duncan has reported:
Receive Calvary greetings from the mission field. I am always thrilled to report about what God is doing through our church on the wheels. This tool is doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God. The kingdom is being expanded and the believers are being discipled- being made disciple makers.
For the last two weeks the chariot has been too busy attacking villages and towns within the Central Region of Uganda (Mpigi and Mityana Districts) under the guidance of Kampala Church of Christ evangelism team.
The crew has conducted open air gospel campaigns, Discipleship Seminars, and door-door evangelism in the following places:
1. Wanyeyo Church of Christ – Five souls confessed Christ as Lord and savior and were immersed (baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for the remission of their sins ).
2.Kamuli Mityana Church of Christ- 3 souls were also baptized following their confession.
3. Senda Kakindu- A preaching point, 7 souls have been baptized this evening as a symbol of their obedience to the gospel. They saved and have been added to the body of Christ.
We all shout hallelujah to the Lord for conviction He brought upon all these 15 new converts. It’s Him through the working of the Holy Spirit that saves and convicts those who are saved. We are just His conduits and through whom He reaches the World with His Gospel of salvation.
Also, Duncan has reported this:
I am happy to report what God is doing through Uganda Gospel Chariot. From July 1st -3rd 2019 the team has been doing evangelism in this community.
I was blessed to join the team in the field for a Disciple Makers Seminar. We had a wonderful crowd and enthusiastic People of God. They loved the Discovery Bible Study model. Wilson and I encouraged them to make this model their Church Discipleship and Church planting DNA. We gave them a passage in Acts 2:42-47, the first church model of disciple making and church planting.
I am very encouraged and convinced that this is the way way to go for GCM and the rest of passionate evangelists.
11 people were baptized and added to the church of Christ at Kavule. God bless GCM.
The team is on there way to Kampala where they will be campaigning for the next two weeks.
On the 28th of August, Duncan has reported the following:
Receive greetings in Christ Jesus’ name. I am happy to share with you what God is doing through Uganda Gospel Chariot team. Actually this time it is East Africa Gospel Chariot Missions team. We were joined by brother Tom Opondo the East Africa Director of Gospel Chariot Missions.
On August 21st 2019 we drove over 700 Kilometers to Karamoja Sub Region for two historic events. Through Gospel Chariot Missions we have 8 Churches of Christ in the region. Six of them were planted last year when the chariot visited and worked in the region for a month long. Two were later on planted by the six that were first planted. Now as we speak we have 10 active and growing congregations including the mother Church at Lorengechora.
So this massive work of evangelism forced us to begin a Bible School to train and equip the leaders who will carry on Discipleship and evangelism in the entire region. Last week Friday 23rd was a graduation day for the first preachers in the region. Brother Tom Opondo was the keynote speaker. He did a wonderful job. This graduation was honored by the local leaders including the District Education Officer and many other Government officials. The Church of Christ was highly commended for the great work of transformation in their community.
After the graduation we continued with the Karamoja Churches of Christ Regional Conference. Christians from all ten congregations gathered for a three days conference. Brother Tom Opondo from Kenya was one of the speakers, Duncan Ojiambo, Wilson Maanda, Geoffrey Oguttu, Ivan Waihe and all the 15 graduates spoke in this conference. On Friday 23rd 7 people gave their lives to Christ and were baptized. On Saturday morning, we did a Gospel Chariot Multiplication Disciple Making training. We grouped people in the groups of five. I took them through the Discovery Bible Study Method. People were able to discover a lot from the word of God.
In the evening brother Patrick and the rest baptized 8 more people who confessed Christ as their savior. God is at work mightily.
Duncan Ojiambo has reported the following on the 6th of September:
I salute you all in His name. As usual God has never stopped convicting His people whenever the Gospel is proclaimed. Uganda Gospel Chariot is in Buyende District this month, the Chariot has worked with two congregations so far. They have worked Kibaale C.o. C and Maango C.O.C.
We have baptized 25 people at kibaale, the work is ongoing at Maango. We are trusting our savior for saving more and adding more to the Church here too.
All that is happening is God’s working. We give Him all the glory and honor. One of the converts testified that, he has enjoyed this World enough. But while he thought that he was enjoying life and all he could in the world; it was the world enjoying him instead. He said, he we reserve some of the things he has done and what he has got as a result to himself and his God. But the most dreadful reward he got out of enjoying the world was poverty, broken marriage and valued relationships. His life is in a mess right now. But the preaching has given him hope.
This is why we feel like GCM should hit every village with the Gospel. Hallelujah.
More from Duncan on the 9th of September:
I am again thrilled to share with you the good news about God’s exceeding power of saving the lost.
Gospel Chariot in partnership with Mango Church of Christ in Buyende District, have attacked Mango community vigorously with the gospel of salvation. Crowds have turned up for tent meeting gospel proclamation. Many have also showed up for Disciple Makers seminar and World Bible School group study. People were being grouped in small groups of four – five people to study the word together.
Through this intense Bible teaching and couching, 11 could not remain under the dominion of the devil anymore. They discovered true truth by themselves and they willingly confessed Christ as their Lord and savior. 11 were baptized into Christ. Glory be to God who does it all. 40 people enrolled to study with World Bible School and answered their Introduction lessons.
Currently the Chariot is working with Bulinda I Church of Christ, still in Buyende district.
Duncan reported the following on the 12th of September:
God be glorified in all ways. Please join me in celebrating the bumper harvest of souls at Bulinda I Church of Christ in Buyende District, Eastern Uganda.
Uganda Gospel Chariot in partnership with this congregation have been preaching the Gospel of salvation in this community for three days. The Lord’s glory reigned and convicted 19 people to confess Christ as their Lord and Savior. They were baptized and added to the Lord’s Church. Indeed the harvest is plentiful and the harvesters are still very few. Please join us praying for all these 19 new converts to grow spiritually and be transformed into Disciple Makers.
On the 17th of September, Duncan has reported the following:
With maximum joy this allows me to report about what God is busy doing through Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions in Busoga Region.
The Chariot has been very busy working with the following congregations, Inuula Church of Christ, Busumba Church of Christ and Nkodokodo Church of Christ. Today the Chariot left Nkodokodo congregation to go to Nakalongo Church of Christ, where they will be until Monday September 16th.
The Lord has proved His might over the devil by redeeming 85 people from the dominion of darkness to the Kingdom of light.
52 people were baptized at Inuula Church, this is a newly converted congregation. The preachers in Buyende District have been studying the Word of truth and the doctrine with this congregation for quite some time. Uganda Gospel Chariot team in partnership with the preachers in area, taught intensively about total obedience to the Gospel and Commitment to Christian living. Baptism was one of the biggest debates during the three days in this community and church. Finally fifty two were convinced that to demonstrate obedience to the Gospel, one ought to be baptized into Christ. And over 100 enrolled to study the Bible through World Bible School and World English Institute. Hallelujah.
22 people were baptized at Busumba Church of Christ. The team of evangelists conducted discipleship seminars, door to door evangelism and team meeting. By the end of three days, twenty two had obeyed the Gospel.
At Nkodokodo Church of Christ 11 people were added to the church through immersion baptism. Several enrolled to study with World Bible School.
And more from Duncan on the 23/09:
Praise God Saints of God and my fellow laborers in His Vineyard.
I seated here meditating upon the goodness of God, and His majestic power over the Kingdom of darkness. Our mighty saviour saved more 13 souls from perishing. He brought them to light and added them to His Holy and only Church that He bought by His own blood.
Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions in partnership with Nakalongo Church of Christ conducted a massive Gospel campaign in Nakalongo and Irundu communities. There’s a tent meeting at Nakalongo Church premises in Buyende District. Lots of questions were asked and answered. Many lessons were taught and many prayers and counselling were conducted. God’s love and Grace became evident and real to many participants. Some could not remain in darkness, they found Hope in Christ and His Gospel. They confessed and were baptized.
The team of preachers in Irundu and Bugaya clusters combined efforts in door to door evangelism. They studied the Word with many in their various households.
On Sunday during worship service, the believers broke bread and partook the grape juice in remembrance of what happened on the cross. Holy communion gives a divine opportunity to commune with our redeemer.
And more from Duncan on the 26th of September:
Praise God my fellow labourers in Lord’s vineyard.
It’s always uplifting to be part of God’s story of redeeming His fallen world. God is using Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions supernaturally. Even the witch doctors are confessing Christ as their saviour and denouncing witchcraft practices.
Kyani is one of the communities where the Lord’s Church is gaining roots and being welcomed. It’s still a bible study cell group and preaching point. Bulyakubi Church of Christ leadership asked GCM to come and give a hand in evangelism efforts. Three days Gospel campaign harvested 9 souls. They were baptized into Christ.
Please join us in prayers for the Gospel meeting that is going on right now at Busyale Church of Christ in Namaying District. Stay tuned for the updates on how God is speaking to His people there.
Tom Opondo has reported the following from Kenya on the 17th of August:
God is praised for the provision of a new tent. Thank You brother George Funk. East Africa wide Gospel meeting at Nyahururu becomes the first gathering to use the new tent. These photos were taken yesterday. Preachers from around Laikipia-Nyahururu had their first planning meeting as they wait for guests from Uganda, Tanzania and other parts of Kenya.
The climax of the meeting will be Sunday, August 18, 2019. Charles Ogutu, Director of Kenya School of Preaching (Kisumu campus) is one of the many speakers in this conference. Gospel Chariot crew is doing good and serving in this rain belt.
More from Tom:
Big News still flow from the mission field in Mwanza Tanzania. At Kamaliro Church of Christ four souls put on Christ, and followed their belief in Him by being baptized. There was joy in the church and community over there conversion. For sure, preaching and teaching the Good News continue everyday. And all evenings, people gather to watch Jesus Film. This brings clarity into what they hear from oral preaching.
When work at Kamaliro ended, the truck left for Sasibi. Upon arrival brothers Lucas and George opened the Church on the Wheels. You can imagine the reception. By the end of two days, five people were baptized. What amazing ministry? God is doing it all times as evangelists share Christ. Let’s pray for the converts added to the local churches in Mwanza.
Let’s pray for our evangelists on the mission field as they move to the next church site in Misunguwi District.
Tom Opondo reported the following from Kenya…..57 souls give their lives to Christ.
Tom says:
We have Kingdom News from Kijima Church of Christ where the chariot and our evangelists worked till today. The Lord has done amazing things in turning lives to Himself. We are all thankful seeing souls that lived far from God choose a better life in Christ. Men, women and young people that number 57 were immersed in much water. This obedience to the Gospel message preached by Gospel Chariot men and Kijima evangelists produced good results. At the river, 24 people of Kijima community believed and were baptized.
In the afternoon, public preaching and teaching in markets led to another 23 people who’s choice led them to newness of life. They baptized in the truck baptistery section. Wow! It’s work well done for the glory of Heaven.
Tom Opondo has also reported the following:
God’s blessings as the Kenya Gospel Chariot ends meetings on the Kenya-Tanzania border. It’s Winyarago and Rabuor Churches of Christ that hosted the chariot before moving to Tanzania. We are now headed for Mwanza Region where many congregations have been planted. Some of the churches have grown while others have dwindled in growth.
Thanks to Evangelists Lucas and George for crossing the border. They were held up at the border for two days until today.
Tom Opondo reported the following:
We are very much excited as the Gospel Chariot truck nears the border of Kenya and Tanzania. There are calls made by the Mwanza brethren for the chariot truck to cross border again. We will be working among the Sukuma tribe of Tanzania. It was last year that our evangelists came face to face with the animistic practices of that community. For some reason, we may fear sending our brothers to the same mission field, but one thing we know. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has to be preached, taught and shared to all nations. Yes, we anticipate great happenings where God revives and restores lives back to Himself. On the other side, great amazing missions surprises stand on the way. We trust in God for great acts through our little ministry efforts.
Brothers Lucas and George will cross the border on July 16 to meet Mwanza Churches of Christ leadership in Mwanza town. I will join them on this mission trip as I proceed to Chimala Mission in Mbeya. I will meet brothers Lyman and Robert working in the Southern part of Tanzania. We have a red tent ready for Kenya Gospel Chariot, and I have to travel south for it. Brothers Lucas and George will wait for me in Mwanza town. I will organize different transportation of the new tent from Mbeya to Mwanza.
Wow! This month of July is very unique as three Gospel Chariot trucks will be working in East Africa. One truck in Uganda and two trucks work in Tanzania. Prayers for these men of God on the mission-field.
Having said that, thanks and praise be to pour good Lord for enabling mission team work successfully with two congregations – Sero Church of Christ in Homa Bay and Ngulu Church of Christ. We have two congregations to work with before our truck hit the road for Mwanza. These are Winyarago and Rabuor Churches of Christ where trained church leadership exists.
Also the following:
God is good for enabling evangelists working with Gospel Chariot truck in the area of Gem to plant a congregation. James Osuri and family asked for this church plant while the chariot was at Nyang’iela Church of Christ during the Disciple Making Seminar that ended in June 23, 2019.
Preachers and elders dedicated the land parcel for the church and all praised God for church addition into the number of congregations in Homa Bay County. We have spotted men of Peace at Dol Kodera and we are praying for another congregation to be established through the work of Gospel Chariot.
Tom Opondo reported the following on the 28th August:
Greetings! I hope you are well in the Lord’s service. We are thankful for all His blessings of this weekend. Last week, Magadi Road Church of Christ hosted youth representatives from Nairobi region. In the week that came to a close this weekend, we had Vocational Bible Study for all our young people.
The number that participated in the program were 29, and today we celebrated their participation. It was great relief for the church to use the Gospel Chariot equipment.
In the photos attached you will see children receiving certificates.
On the 16th of September, Tom has reported the following:
The Lord blessed us at Magadi Road Church. There is good news about Bible study transforming itself into discover moment for everyone in the small groups. It’s beautiful seeing Christians bond within their small groups to discover what they hear God say from scripture.
In the small groups, there are leaders whose work is to record and present participants response to scripture. Wow! They are ready with their ‘I will…”. After showing the five groups in the Bible study how to do Disciple Making Sessions, I then step back to watch them do it.
Each group had to present a song in a local language. That is, tribal languages. It was amazing to hear God praises in different tongues.
God bless His people as they catch the fire of the Gospel of Christ.
Tom reported the following from Kenya on the 23rd of September:
The Kenya Gospel Chariot leaves for the coastal region of Kenya tomorrow. We will join George and Lucas in the second week of October. I am praying God to give them good health, and abundant grace in serving the people.
These photos show the Noosek Church near Olepolos, Kajiado County. It was beautiful working among the Maasai people of Olepolos, Lake Magadi. God be praised.