We are very busy and myself unbelievably busy. I really need to try work smarter, but I am so excited about so many things and most excited about disciple making and helping congregations start small house churches and cell groups that multiply and go from addition to multiplication and the whole idea is, be intentional about church planting and making disciples.
Regarding East Africa, I had a wonderful trip there and did a weekend seminar and met with more than 50 preachers and elders and taught on the simplicity of church planting and disciple making. Tom Opondo our director in Africa is doing well and is now continuing with monthly disciple making seminars and being intentional on encouraging church planting.
There are some wonderful doors opening with Tom Opondo in Kenya and Duncan Ojiambo in Uganda. It is from this East African region that we are now going to attack and enter the Central African corridor as I like to call it, and that is the region we have not gotten into yet and we need to. Then, I feel, we have covered the entire continent that we possible can get into. The Central African countries I am talking about are Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon and the Congo. Please pray for Tom and Duncan as we make true missionaries out of them for Jesus.
Wow, what an amazing time I had in Kenya teaching and encouraging with the most amazing pastors and preachers in Kenya. Almost 50 leaders attended as we looked at the four fields of church planting and the power of multiplication when making disciples and not just church goers. The fellowship the food and the spirit of making disciples has been lit.
After I left Tom Opondo has reported the following:
God is praised for opening mission within West Kasipul region. Joshua Village For Orphans hosts evangelists and the chariot for the next three days. Sister Hulda Osumba, the director of JVO school, welcomed the team and together with Joshua Village Church of Christ evangelism plan was set rolling. We started teaching and preaching Christ during devotion time for the school. We guided the students and teachers on WBS registration, and seventy new WBS students were listed for study.
In the afternoon, we set for Nyagowa Junction for open air Gospel meting. On arrival at the small upcoming shopping center, we found men of peace who upon realization that the Fire truck is purposely for the Gospel, helped us find suitable space.
Men, women and children came to listen to the gospel preaching. Brother Diang’a Nixon, evangelist at Nyang’iela Church of Christ, shared the Word of God from Hosea 7:1-15. After showing Jesus Film, women and men asked us for another day so that they can listen again to the teaching.
Lucas Oguta has reported the following from Kenya:
We are in Homa Bay County Sub County of Rachuonyo for the last week. We have visited four different churches and one shopping centre called Misambi.
Churches visited are:
1. Oriang’ Church of Christ
2. Anjech Church of Christ
3. Andingó (Kipingi) Church of Christ
4. Nyarabi Church of Christ
We also got a puncture on one rear right tyre and another one broke the nozzle at the time of fixing so we had to repair both the tyres.
Tom reported the following:
It was humbled to teach 35 ministry leaders of Homa Bay Church of Christ.
Having prepared for leadership change at their church, they needed someone to guide them. I focused on Building Healthy Leaders – the material I received in the recent Leaders’ Seminar In Pretoria. I thank God who enabled me to present the areas of leading Holistic Goal, Dynamic Process and Design. From the evaluations given by participants, one big thing to take home is the 5Cs of leading to 4D of Leadership Development.
Lucas Oguta reported:
The Kisumu Churches women conference ended well with a wonderful Sunday service attended with the area village leaders and brother Jared Oriadha of Alara Church of Christ who led the preaching and closed the conference.
Amazing turnout.
Tom Opondo has reported:
I’m pleased to announce that Brothers Lucas and George are well. We met at Kosachei Church where the truck will be till Friday, April 5 before beginning work with Bungoma Church of Christ. We had a joint meeting with the leadership of Kosachei to map out the route for the chariot and villages to be evangelized. It’s amazing seeing men and women with passion ready to go out, and tell someone about the goodness of Christ. Kosachei mission work begins today with open air meetings in different location in the neighborhood of the church.
We had planned to take the chariot to Wundanyi where brother Ferdinand Masolo preaches Christ. But we made changes to allow their church mourn and bury a Sunday school child who passed on this week. Prayers for the family and the church. Brother Masolo is alumni of Nairobi Great Commission School and he’s been our key person in this region. Likewise, Daniel Sambenje of Bungoma Church of Christ, also graduated from the NGCS will host the GCM evangelists. He’s planted two congregations since January 2019, and baptized 10 people.
Duncan Ojiambo has reported the following from Uganda:
Rejoice with me for the great work done by Uganda Gospel Chariot in partnership with the newly planted congregation (Kyomya Church of Christ).
The Chariot crew drove from Jinja town to Kyomya on Monday June 24th, 2019. They have had a successful evangelism in Kyomya village. They conducted open air gospel campaign in Kyomya Township and had a three days tent meeting.
Our driver evangelists were confronted by some people who were teaching heresy. This group doesn’t believe in the Trinity. They taught people in this community that baptism is not necessary in salvation. But if one has to be baptized, then they baptize him in the name of Jesus alone NOT (the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).
Brother Patrick and Godfrey grabbed the microphone and taught the Bible Truths with scripture references to bring light. They emphasized the necessity of immersion baptism and the Trinity during baptism. Matthew 28: 18-20 was examined in the presence of many witnesses during open air.
The other group disappeared one by one in the crowds. This act of Gospel brevity harvested 6 souls for Christ. They were baptized by Maanda Wilson in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Among the converts were four adults and two youths.
Duncan also reported the following:
First, sad news; we lost brother Malisa Moses on June 15th 2019. He was knocked by a speeding motor vehicle while he was trying to cross the road. The late Malisa Moses was a wonderful Church of Christ preacher and evangelist. He was a big time advocate of unity without compromising the Biblical truth. He was a Gospel Chariot coordinator for Mt Elgon Region (Eastern Uganda). He had planned to use the Chariot from October 25th- November 10th, 2019. We are very sad that we lost him; but we rejoice that He is with God in Heaven. We laid him to rest on Monday 17th, 2019. Continue praying for his family and the entire Church.
Because of Moses’ death, our mission program had to change immediately. Wilson Maanda was supposed to travel to Karamoja on Sunday 16th, to teach a Bible school at our Bible school in Karamoja. Maanda and I had to travel immediately to the accident scene as soon as we received the sad news. We were able to identify our brother’s body in the mortuary and organized with his family to transport the body to his home. We had to call brother John Patrick Bagoole to travel to Karamoja to teach the class. Godfrey Isabirye his co-driver evangelist remained in the mission field with the truck. We glorify God because of the great team we have. Very flexible servants, who are always ready in season and out of season.
More from Duncan:
Receive greetings from Uganda and the brethren from the three congregations (Syanyonja, Butote and Sinde Churches of Christ).
Brother Patrick and Godfrey have been working with these congregations 15 baptisms have happened so far. Two discipleship seminars have been conducted by brother Patrick and Yusuf Ngolobe.
The truck has arrived at Sinde Church of Christ this evening where they will camp for a couple of days. They will have door to door evangelism in this community.
They had an open air gospel campaign at Syanyonja trading center. 80 were recruited to study with World Bible School. God is enabling the preachers in this region to support each other in this Great Commission.
Glory be to God who always does wonders. The Gospel Chariot Missions is one of those great tools being used by God to spread the word of truth (Good News) to the ends of the world.
May His blessings be upon you all involved in this great calling. Amen Duncan and team.
Duncan has reported the following:
Receive warm calvary greetings from Uganda. I am always thrilled by the results of evangelism efforts made by God’s servants in partnership with Gospel Chariot Missions.
This month of May 2019 Uganda Gospel Chariot has been very successful in our evangelism partnership with Churches of Christ in western region of Uganda. The plan was to cross to Tanzania and help the Churches there in their evangelism efforts this last week of May, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible this time.
GCM team and some brothers from Kasese, Busia, Namayingo Districts joined the preachers in Rakai to proclaim the Gospel in Rakai and Isingiro Districts. They had Gospel campaigns in Nakivale settlement camp for the Burundi Community.
Thereafter, they drove to Rakai at the border of Tanzania and Uganda to work with the Churches of Christ there. Their efforts harvested 10 baptisms. These 10 souls were added to the church and the angels in Heaven are celebrating their deliverance.
Duncan reported the following:
I am very humbled to report on what God has done through Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions in Mbarara Region.
The work of evangelism and discipleship has been very successful in this part of our country.
The church of Christ in Mbarara Region has exhibited unity and team work. The Chariot crew has enjoyed these two weeks of tense partnership with Church leaders in Mbarara Region. They have ministered to different communities amongst which are the following; 1. Bukirulo Church of Christ 2. Kasana Church of Christ, 3. Kisonko Church of Christ (D.R Congo border) and Kashenyi Church of Christ.
Their efforts were confirmed by God through the work of Holy Spirit who convicts those who confess and receive salvation. He convicted 15 at the Gospel Meeting in Kisonko Church of Christ and Kisonko community. They were baptized and added to the church. At Kashenyi church of Christ, 4 were baptized. We give God all the glory.
Many people were discipled and restored to salvation. The host congregations were encouraged and felt a sense of belonging. Many young and upcoming preachers /leaders were thoroughly mentored in the fields of evangelism, Open air preaching, and organizations. We are very much blessed to be a part of this great mission.
Duncan reported the following:
Hello fellow servants in His Vineyard.
God is so gracious to us, we are not good or better than those who have fallen asleep. This reality, challenges us in the field of evangelism and discipleship to do it more and more whenever the opportunity arises.
Join Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions and Mbarara Churches of Christ in praying for more 12 souls that have been won and saved in the past few days. These increases the number of baptism from 12 as reported in the previous report to 22 as per now. Glory be to God.
GCM in partnership with Akiahamba church of Christ preached and taught the Word of truth in the community where the church belongs. Through diligence and humility in sharing the truth. Seven (7) people accepted and were baptized.
The gospel campaign in Mushonga community by the efforts of Gospel Chariot Missions and Mushonga Church of Christ, didn’t leave five (5) souls in bandage. They were redeemed and baptized and added to the Lord’s Church. Hallelujah.
We are very grateful to your persistent prayers that you make for Gospel Chariot Missions allover Africa. Our team has had two days of resting in Mbarara town, under the hospitality of Mbarara Church of Christ. God bless you brothers.
Duncan reported the following:
Receive greetings from Uganda, we are very thankful to what our God is doing through the partnership with Gospel Chariot Missions and the Church of Christ in Uganda and beyond.
The Uganda Gospel Chariot team drove all the way from Eastern to Western Uganda on May 2nd 2019 to work with Churches of Christ in that region. Mbarara Mission is doing a great job coordinating the GCM work there.
The GCM team arrived safely in Mbarara where they met the team of evangelists and leaders waiting for them. They then drove further west where they have been working with the following congregations. Kabushere Church of Christ, Kagando Church of Christ and now busy working with Musunga Church of Christ. They have conducted Discipleship seminars, open air evangelism and door-door evangelism. Brother Patrick Bagoole did a great job of teaching and preaching the truth. The word of truth set 12 souls free. They confessed Christ as their savior, denounced the world and were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen and Amen.
Mbarara Region was the only remaining region to benefit from the clothes and wheelchairs. Richard Kweyamba, the church administrator at Mbarara Church of Christ reported that he had believers that were in need of wheelchairs. We kept one for this region and it was delivered last week.
A sixteen year old boy has left the ground or dirt for the first time in his life. This is his first wheelchair in life. The team of preachers, helped clean him, give him some new clothes and a new wheelchair. The parents were filled with joy. The evangelists had an opportunity to share the word of God and prayed with this family. This is Christ at work. “…..he went about doing good and healing the sick….”
Duncan reported this amazing update:
We celebrate the eighteen lives that have been saved through Jesus.
I must say that our GCM driver evangelists and the preacher and Busia cluster leader have experienced a very tough condition evangelizing Buwuni community. Buwuni Church of Christ is surrounded by many non believers and Muslims. Amidst much opposition and false accusations the preachers were never threatened to proclaim the Gospel and winning souls to Christ.
Among those who obeyed and were baptized was a youth from a Muslim family. When the girl climbed the pulpit area and grabbed a microphone to confess Christ as her personal savior. One person from the crowd made a phone call to the dad of the young girl.
The father came only to find the daughter praising Jesus as Lord and savior. This made the dad very angry, he rushed to the police station to charge the preacher (Charles Wanyama) of making noise for the public without permission, going to his home and convincing his family to come to his church without his permission as the head of the family and baptizing people inside the truck.
The police came at 8:30 pm and took the preacher to their police station. Locked him up in their cells till morning. Wilson and I drove to Busia very early in the morning to help our brother.
We found another preacher James Okumu when he had already arrived at the police post. We reasoned with the policeman brother Wanyama gave the police the letter permitting this evangelism to take place, stamped and signed by the Officer in Charge of this very station. This was the proof that the meeting was legally binding to take place. By the end of the discussion, our preacher was found innocent. And the accuser apologized, and told us that he acted out of ignorance and fear, because his wife was taken away from him by another man. So he is still traumatized.
He officially gave the daughter to the church, saying he will never again deny any of his family member freedom to make a decision pertaining their spiritual lives. He asked the church to pray for him and his family.
We were able to teach the policeman the Gospel and the essence of baptism. Brother James Okumu promised to deliver three bibles to the police station today as their gifts. We encouraged them to study the word of God.
The policeman released brother Charles Wanyama and encouraged him to continue with preaching the word and evangelizing their community. They gave us their personal phone numbers that we call them in case anyone comes to destabilize the Gospel meeting again.
The first picture in the attachment is of brother Charles baptizing three new converts after his release. “He is a very courageous servant, sleeping in cells increased his passion for the lost”. He preached like he had never preached before. He stayed with drivers till the last minute today when he sent them off.
Glory be to God, the devil is fighting the Gospel but he is losing in each direction.
Another, scenario was of a witch doctor sneaking and dropping his herbs and other funny things in the truck, to scare the servants of the Lord from serving. Brother Patrick, found these things, prayed and dropped them in a pit latrine. His faith encouraged many young believers who were witnessing.
God is doing amazing things through Gospel Chariot Missions, and the devil is also trying hard to hinder this great force. But all the traps are missing haha.
Duncan has reported:
I am filled with joy as I share with you what God is doing through Uganda Gospel Chariot.
Right after the Easter weekend, our dedicated team of evangelists hit the road to Busia District (border of Uganda and Kenya) to partner with Bunyukhe Church of Christ to reach the lost with the gospel.
They have been teaching and preaching the Word of life in two different locations as directed by the church leadership in the area. The Lord has proved His active involvement in this evangelism by convicting 9 souls to accept the truth. So the nine who obeyed the Gospel were baptized and added to the Church.
The movie about the passion of Christ, penetrated deeper in the hearts of the crowd. When John Patrick begun preaching and explaining the events in the passion of Christ, four people left their seats and moved forward for confession and baptism.
God is so good.
Duncan reported:
This report is about “a prophet in his home area”. Bulyangada Church of Christ is our dear driver evangelist brother John Patrick Bagoole’s home congregation. Since he begun this job, this is his first Gospel Chariot Meeting at his own congregation.
Patrick and team have camped here for 4 consecutive days preaching, teaching, doing door to door evangelism and recruiting World Bible School students. God has poured His grace and glory on this meeting and in all their efforts.
There were 32 baptisms. They have also recruited 128 World Bible School students. His people have had a full experience of their son’s job (work). They now understand what Patrick does whenever he is away for mission work. The church leaders laid hands of blessings on him and his team once again. Asking God to bless the works of their hands and to protect them from the attacks of false teachers.
Gospel chariot is causing a lasting impact. Thanks for your prayers and support.
Duncan reported:
The team has been working with Itinda Church of Christ and Busira Church of Christ in the effort of proclaiming the gospel of salvation to God’s people in these communities. The results are exciting to the Kingdom family. The kingdom family has grown in number by 12 new converts to Christ who were added to the church after being baptized.
The church leaders and Local Government leaders in Busira community have extended their heartfelt appreciation to the Church of Christ and Gospel Chariot Missions for preaching the pure word of truth and not making up miracles and asking for money from those that need prayers. I give God the glory for convicting these officials to give a testimony about our preaching. For we don’t praise ourselves, the listeners make judgement about false teachers and true/faithful teachers of the word.
One of the local leaders confessed Christ and was baptized and added to Busira Church of Christ congregation. Glory be to God.
Duncan reported:
I hope this finds you all well. We are doing fine up here. The chariot crew left Jinja on Tuesday, April 2nd 2019 for Iganga District, to partner in evangelism with Kasozi Church of Christ.
The church leadership under the leadership of brother Kanguna Moses, a student at Busoga Bible School received the chariot warmly. Since then both teams have been teaching and preaching the Gospel of salvation in this community.
WBS coordinator in this District brother Waibi David, an alumnus of Busoga Bible School has also been very busy recruiting World Bible School correspondence students. Both open air preaching and door-door evangelism has harvested 13 to Christ. They were baptized and they are being discipled by the team of preachers that traveled to help in this effort. The church leaders will take on the responsibility of discipleship after the GCM crew leaves.
Tom Opondo our East African director traveled to Chad to connect and look into our chariot traveling there.
Brother Djonga from Chad has reported:
East Africa Gospel Chariot Missions Tom Opondo and Missionary Barry Baggott of Nashville have been in Chad since April 16, 2019. They visited the cities of N’Djamena, Kélo, Pont Carol and today, they will urge the Moundou Assembly.
God has already blessed their visit with six (06) baptized people! They urged the group of evangelists to persevere in the work despite the difficulties.
Tom Opondo reported this from Chad whilst there:
On my arrival, Church of Christ in N’Djamena had evening fellowship lined up. Barry Barrot, short term missionary to Chad and founder of Bible School in Cote de voire shared faith, discipline and obedience of a disciple of Christ. It was a moment of welcome and introductions.
Brother Barry cannot remember the presence of resident missionaries for Chad anytime in history. He says Chad is land of opportunity for God’s service – recovering from dictatorship of 1970s that banned, and burnt churches. That rule in the 1970s buried preachers alive. Sad! But now change has come with a government that has recognized the role of Christianity in society.
This is not East Africa, but forgot to put this in our Southern African report.
Lyman and Robert are now in Tanzania, but below shows  Below shows their gospel meetings and outreach in Zambia and namely in Mwinilunga and Ikelenge District.
Robert reported:
We met our brother Wilingstone Kangasa, who is the only brother who has tried to establish the Church at Mwinilunga District. This is still young it needs a lot of attention.
We then went up to Ikelenge and worked with our brethren from Nyakaseya Church of Christ and our great leader of Ikelenge church of christ Br Kaango who is working with Ikelenge Town Council. And then later joined by Brother Obert Mozha from Chilenje Church of Christ in Lusaka. Our biggest challenge here was language because most speak Lunda language from Angola and part of DRC.
Robert and Lyman reported from Zambia:
We preached in the Western Province and Southern Province of Zambia, namely Kaoma, Kalabo, Zimba, Choma, and Kalomo. 20 souls were baptized into Christ. We also had mechanical problems along the way.
Lyman and Robert reported:
Since the Chariot crossed the border between Botswana and Zambia at the Kazungula Ferry crossing this Chariot has been in the Western Part of Zambia in two places, Kaoma and Kalabo and now this week in Zimba and hosted by Br Richard Msolo of Magrimond Church of Christ. There have been some baptisms and restorations and we ask your prayers at this time.