We sent the Southern African update earlier and below is the East African update and all you have to do is scroll through the happenings below and you will soon understand why we need to build more Gospel Chariots and equip Africans to reach Africa. Brethren, this is bang for your buck when it comes to putting money into missions and we have not touched the hem of the garment yet. Remember our goal is to go from 3,000 souls being baptized every year to 30,000 souls being baptized every year and that is if its The Lords Will and I believe this can be done within 10 years. Please pray for us as we multiply disciples and churches everywhere and go from addition to multiplication.

Here are the 5 levels we have to go through. We as a ministry we are seed sowers and church planters and thats where we have been for years and we stuck and don’t know what to do, but God is Good and we now learning how to train others and release them and Lord willing we will get to where we see multiple generations and multiple streams of churches being planted and disciples being made.  The apostle Paul was a lever 5 with multiple streams of church plantings among unreached people groups. Please pray for us as we try get unstuck and move onto being Church Multipliers and Multiplication trainers.
1. Seed Sower
2. Church Planter
3. Church Multiplier
4. Multiplication Trainer
5. Movement Catalyst
Duncan Ojiambo has reported the following from Uganda on the 10th of October:
Receive greetings from Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions crew, we are all very grateful for your prayers and support.
The crew has been very busy demolishing the devil’s territories in West Nile, Nebbi Region. The Lord’s mighty hand has been evident since October 2nd 2019 to date.
The work begun in Kiryandongo, then to Kucwiny C.o.C, Kasyuny C.o.C, Akanyo C.o.C and now Namurwodho C.o.C. Evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, open air preaching and tent meetings have happened in different places. Brother Bagoole John Patrick is also doing a great job of Disciple Making Seminars during day time for Church Leaders in the area. He is using a Four Fields Chart of Multiplication Disciple Makers Method.
Leaders are loving it and practicing the method. Please join us in praying for this great work of winning souls and nurturing the converts towards a Spiritual maturity.
Eight souls have been saved and baptized in these two weeks time. We give God all the glory for saving these treasured people.
More from Duncan on the 15th of October:
Receive greetings from the brothers and sisters in Nebbi Churches of Christ. Our GCM crew is busy reaching out and doing evangelism in our region.
For the past six days, the chariot staged at Parombo Church of Christ. Several activities have taken place in these six days. Open air gospel campaigns, door to door evangelism and leadership seminar have kept the servants very busy. The team from Nairobi Great Commission School-Nairobi Kenya joined the Uganda Gospel Chariot and their Alumnus Charles Komakech in the efforts of proclaiming the gospel and training Church Leaders.
The Principal Nairobi Great Commission School did a great job facilitating leadership training for Church leaders in Nebbi District. We treasure such selfless service and partnership. This way, we will plant, and grow healthy churches.
Yesterday, October 12th the crew drove to another congregation. On their way, the truck got stuck in mud, but we thank God that by the help of brothers and community they were able to pull it out and proceed to their next assignment. The Principal NGCS was fully involved in pulling the chariot out of mud. This is servant leadership being modeled.
Our brother in Christ who is disabled, was blessed with the wheelchair that we had kept for him. Many were in need of it, but we had promised, so we faithfully kept it wait for the time the chariot would go up there. We are happy for him and his family. Thank you brother George Funk for blessing.
And more from Duncan on the 29th of October:
Receive greetings from the Churches of Christ Nebbi and Bulisa Districts, West Nile regions. The church leaders here have made a good use of this wonderful tool for evangelism (Uganda Gospel Chariot).
The chariot has been working with the following congregations in the region; Purumu Church of Christ, Ayaago Church of Christ, Chawa Church of Christ, and now at Bugoigo Church of Christ. The Chariot will be at Bugoigo Church until Friday this week before they return home.
In these congregations, 57 have been recruited to study the Bible through World Bible School. 10 souls that had backslide were restored and returned to the Lord’s Church. Four of the ten stayed at home and never attended any Church though they had confessed Christ and were baptized two years ago. These were met during door-door evangelism and Discipleship Seminar using GCM Multiplication model.
Many church leaders and Christians in this region have embraced the Gospel Chariot Multiplication Discipleship Making Model, the use of Discovery Bible Study method is powerful. We intend to do more of these seminars next year moving forward. Discipleship program has been missing in many churches here.
Lazarus Munetsi has reported the following on the 7th November:
This week we were encouraged by Habiba who traveled 3800 kilometers from Uganda at her own expenses, food and accommodation to write the comprehensive proctored exam of Nations University here with us. What a dedication a mother and wife can do to advance her knowledge and wisdom of God’s word.
Two years back she was Muslim and today a dedicated Christian woman, as a family they have a small business, she works with disadvantaged women in poor communities, teaching those who dropped out of school through early pregnancy to do small businesses and motivating them to go back to school.
We thank God for Nations University a tool to educate Africa about God, Gospel Chariot Missions is a vehicle in most parts of Africa.
Thanks to Machona Monyamane for connecting the woman with the team, it’s a connection chain, praise God.
More from Duncan on the 13th of November:
I salute you all in Christ’s name. I am happy to share with you what God has and is continuing to do through Gospel Chariot Missions and World Bible School.
From November 8th 2019 GCM camped at Bugabula Church of Christ in LUUKA District. The open air Preaching kicked off, attracting community members. The preachers taught and invited people to obey the gospel of salvation.
On November 9th-10th there was a World Bible School seminar facilitated by Philip the East Africa WBS Director and Geoffrey Oguttu, WBS Country Director. Preachers and Christians were taught skills of recruiting new students to Study the Bible through WBS. Several participants enrolled to begin their studies.

Yesterday 15 gave their lives to Christ and were baptized by brother Bagoole John Patrick. Philip taught the new converts about the Christian living and why is baptism required.
The chariot will continue with evangelism and gospel teaching mission in Luuka District unto November 20th before they drive to Namutumba District.
From Duncan on the 17th of November:
Praise God all the saints all over the world. Thank you for your continued prayers for the anointed work of gospel proclamation in Uganda.
Uganda Gospel Chariot is never idle or with no work. God has graciously blessed the work of evangelism in Uganda through Gospel Chariot Missions. Uganda gospel Chariot continues to help Bugabula Church it Christ reach her community with the amplified gospel. The chariot crew with the believers in Bugabula Church of Christ have had open air preaching in all the neighboring market places and schools. The Church in this community has been exposed enough to the people. Many have confessed Christ as their Lord and welcomed to join the Lord’s Church.
58 souls have been baptized in four different locations around BUGABULA and Buwologoma Churches of Christ.
At Buganda trading center (Market place) four people believed after two days of evangelism and open air preaching. God the Holy Spirit convicted them and were baptized and enrolled to study the Bible through World Bible School.
At Bukendi Muslim Primary School 17 people have their lives to Christ after two days of open air preaching and door-door evangelism. Among the new converts was a Muslim and a teacher by profession. He enrolled to continue studying the Bible through WBS.
At Nabitama trading Center 28 believed, confessed and were baptized after open air preaching, WBS seminar and door knocking efforts. Several of them enrolled to study the Bible through WBS.
Nine were baptized at Kibutu near Buwologoma Church of Christ. God has redeemed all these and the work of discipling them remains our obligation. Please pray for us and the preachers, Christians and leaders in the area to adopt these infants for spiritual feeding.
Today the crew has arrived at Buwaiswa Church of Christ. And the wok of teaching, preaching has already started.
Pray for harvest as well.
More from Duncan on the 26th of November:
Hallelujah saints of God. My heart is full as I write and share stories of victory from the mission field. Hope this finds you all in the right spirit to say a word of prayer for the Spiritual growth in the hearts of the 92 new converts who received Christ and were baptized between Tuesday last week and today November 24th 2019.
Our redeemer lives and is very actually working through the few evangelists who have said YES I will “Go”. Uganda Gospel Chariot Missions is living the call and committed to the obedience of the Great Commission. God has just kept on blowing our limited perceptions. God has stretched our thinking to the point of us surrendering everything unto Him, I mean everything from driving the truck, calling or attracting people who come to listen to the gospel and finally convicting people and eventually they shout YES! to Christ. Sometimes people are tempted to think that it’s them winning souls, some boast over the numbers that have been baptized; but we have learned to relax and watch God do it all. Hallelujah, Glory to thee.
At Buwologoma community, through the chariot crew in partnership with Buwologoma Church of Christ the gospel of salvation reached multitude and harvested 84 souls to Christ. Among the 84 were 15 that denounced Islam and jumped into the light and became the light of the World. A witch doctor and others also received their revelation of the truth and confessed Christ as Lord. Who can do this if not God!!
At Kifule Church of Christ 8 were baptized. For two days the chariot crew and other Church leaders have been conducting discipleship and spiritual leadership seminar. Non-believers were invited to participate, and through lessons and searching several scriptures and also asking various questions, they were left with no reason to remain in darkness. The light shone to them brightly and they joined the family.
Please again we ask for your prayers. Thank you for your support.
More from Duncan on the 10th of December:
Praise God brethren, I salute you all in His grace packed in unconditional love.
God has continued to bless Uganda Gospel Chariot with successful evangelism Missions. From November 24th-29th the Missions team was working with Churches of Christ in Namutumba District (Bunaibamba C.O.C, Kivule C.o.C and Kafule C.o.C). The gospel was preached, evangelism was done and the Discipleship Seminar was conducted at Kifule Church of Christ.
7 souls were baptized and joined the church, the seminar was well received. 80 World Bible School Introduction lessons were taken, studied, answered and returned for grading. We give God the glory.
From December 2-6 the Uganda GCM team was in Western Kenya working with Malaba Church of Christ. This congregation is one of the successful House churches. The members are very zealous and committed to evangelism. The truck crossed the border to Kenya on December 2nd. They were received by the brethren and a preacher at Malaba border post. Preacher and Evangelist Francis Wechesa was joined the team and participated fully in the work of evangelizing this urban area and market places. They conducted open air preaching and door-door evangelism. Three accepted Christ and were baptized
GCM is currently working with Kampala Church of Christ in Wakiso District.
Continue lifting them up in prayers, also pray for the new converts as they live a new life.
From Duncan on the 17th of December:
Receive greetings from Uganda. We give God all the glory and honor for his favor and gracious protection and generous provision in this year 2019. We are grateful for all preachers from all over Uganda who worked and coordinated the gospel meetings. We are also grateful for our zealous driver evangelists and their generous families that shared them with all Churches of Christ in Uganda and beyond this year. We are grateful for our dear Director brother George Funk, his family and all donors for making this work possible. The truck is now parked and waiting for repairs and maintenance. It will get back on the road on January 13th.
We have closed the year with two big harvests. The Great GCM team worked with Kampala Church of Christ in Wakiso District. Kampala church took the team to work with a sister Church in Wakiso, near Vine Christian Academy. The gospel was preached, evangelism was done and 11 souls were harvested through baptism. Our God is always faithful.
Busoga Wide Youths Conference has been our last mission this year. The chariot crew in partnership with the youth leadership, ministered to about 200 youths from Churches of Christ in Busoga region. The Conference ended yesterday with 9 youths giving their lives to Christ. They were baptized.
Maria Walyomu, the wife to our dear worship leader Alex Walyomu joined Ajambo Lucy and taught girls several lessons. We are excited by the way God is building our team. We can’t wait for 2020, we believe the devil is already shaking because this power and team work can never be withstood by forces of darkness.
So December has ended with a harvest of 20 baptisms.
Tom Opondo has reported the following from Kenya on the 10 of October:
We are thankful to the Lord for empowering the evangelists in Taveta. It is humbling to see the work of God expand each day. By the time our evangelists left in the morning, Emmanuel and Chala Churches of Christ, found it hard to release them to the next station. It’s amazing how the Lord bonds people for His purposes.
Our joy is that Taveta Churches now have converts who need more prayers and more care from us. We have agreed to continually pray for these congregations.
Kenya Gospel Chariot truck and evangelists begin work today upon arrival in Wundanyi. The few members of the church present readily sung songs of joy to the Lord. Wundanyi small choirs rose to the truck platform and what follows is songs of praise. The open air meeting will come to a close with Jesus Film show. Amen!
More from Tom on the 16th of October:
We are grateful God’s work continues in Kilifi County. The biggest hurdle on the ground is torrential rain, impassable roads and people find hideout in their houses. There are those who brave the heavy rains to hear the Word of God.
Mavueni Church of Christ is in the second day as host, and near to the weekend our chariot band of evangelists move with the truck to the next mission site. We pray for Lucas, George and host teams.
More from Tom on the 21st of October:
Thankful to the Lord God for blessing His work in Kilifi County. Since the arrival of GCM team at the Coast, great testimonies rise in glory of God. It’s beautiful listening to men and women narrate their transformation moments. We’ll keep praying for the souls brought into Christ.
We announce big successes in Kilifi: teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Christ goes on well. At times, we approach mission field with expected outcomes. It’s in Kilifi that unexpected outcomes come out. The villages around the town demonstrate true welcome to GCM team. They would brave heavy rains to help with in the gospel meetings. They would readily help locate better roads in case of flooding water. At one point the community helped remove the truck from muddy road. This took three hours!
Upon arrival at Pinglikani Church of Christ, the church divided into small groups for bible study. This led to 10 people invited by God to His mission. One old lady wondered about all this idea of being in groups. Another person from the crowd said, “Ufahamu wa Injili ni sawa kwa kundi ndogo”. That’s Swahili wordings that would translate to small group bible study encourage understanding. Wow! It’s true that learning in small groups removes formal church set up, and group members share life and ask questions. In the group, members wait for one another, and move to the next concept when convinced that all understand. This creates opportunity for better decision in following Jesus Christ, our King and Warrior.
We are prepared for Malindi Churches of Christ in the coming weeks. Prayers for the Lord’s enabling in preaching and teaching His Word.
Again, let’s pray for the work in Kajiado County in the month of November. The Maasai of Ngurumani village near Lake Magadi are on course with planning evangelism.
More on the 1st of November:
We are thankful to evangelists in Malindi working with Chariot truck this week. They have built a good coordinated team for this work under the leadership of Daniel Chengo, who was one time Principal of Nairobi Great Commission School.
He had to lay the plan of evangelism on this first day. Let’s pray for GCM and Malindi evangelists as they share Jesus Christ in this community.
God be praised and all honor to Him.
Tom reported on the 3rd of November:
We are thankful to the Lord for blessing His work in Malindi. It’s this place that marks the last congregation from the Coastal Kenya that host Chariot this year. The truck moves to Nairobi for repair on the body, fix speed governor, and carry out truck service.
Lucas and George will stay home until November 13. This is a special leave off to be with their families, and possibly help in working their crop fields.
The Kenya Gospel Chariot and entire team will move to Ngurumani, near Lake Magadi for WBS campaign, disciple making seminar and church plant survey among the Maasai Community.
More from Tom on the 21st of November:
God is praised for a successful mission in Ngurumani near Lake Magadi. It was the first time Gospel Chariot went into partnership with the community with a goal to share Jesus Christ. For three days, teaching and preaching of the Good News was central. We registered new students for WBS, restored families, exposed the preachers on Disciple Making Movement, and answered questions on Nations University. Four people received Jesus Christ.
During the Disciple Making Seminar, statistics showed 32 preachers in attendance. In the next two weeks, the GCM team will work in Holo, Oyugis and Rachuonyo areas.
More from Tom on the 29th of November:
We are grateful to the Lord God Almighty for taking good care of the Churches of Christ ladies. Kaela-Seme Church of Christ did host the ladies in style. The participants at the Ladies Conference were drawn from Kisumu County. Thankful to all speakers whose message brought encouragement. There are those who were restored to their former God. There are those who were transformed to begin new life with Jesus.
Wow! We are earnestly praying for the 6 ladies who received Christ. They were immersed into much water. Thank you and God be praised. For now, the Ladies Fellowship focus on 2020, and prays for increased congregational attendance from 29 this year to 30 plus.
The meeting was attended by 300 women who fitted the tent capacity. The pubic address system worked day and night for all the 3 day.
They requested the GCM team to always continue helping the fellowship in 2020. In the coming year, Ladies meetings of Kisumu County will be on April and November.
Thanks for the ladies who embraced Discipleship teachings.
Thank you Quinton, Mike, David and young Matt for helping. Now for the paperwork and issues that come with that.
A smaller container gets dropped off at the warehouse and will be loaded and ready to go to Tsumeb Namibia later this month and this big baby will be heading to Kenya.
More from Tom on the 10th of December:
Churches of Christ in and around Oyugis gathered as from December 6-8, 2019. It was one meeting that became international conference at the attendance level. We had representatives from Mombasa, Nairobi, Migori, Homa Bay and Kisumu counties. What made us Int’l was the presence of John Diing, director of Sudan Africa Missions.
Thankful and amen to all 19 congregations in attendance. The theme of the conference was “The Role of Christ Disciples towards the Great Commission”. Thanks to John Ochieng, Tom Opondo, Fred Kisulu, Steve Adero, Rufunus Mboya, and all other speakers in the Bible classes. Good job brethren! Thankful that lives got transformed, restored and revived for Christ. On Sunday, we baptized 37 people.
The Nyanza wide Gospel meeting was proposed for 2020. We’ll strengthen all regional meetings before the end of 2020 assembly. Wow! Prayers as we work on regional leadership structure. In this way, we’ll mobilize as many participants as possible.