Hi Everyone,
This is our East African Update after sending our Southern African update last week and next week, Lord willing, we will send our West African update.
Due to the Corona Virus, I bet our next quarter’s report will be one report for all regions and it will be more about disciple making and adapting to worshipping God at home in simple, biblical and reproducible ways. Our goal is to use this time to plant home churches that will continue worshipping at home when things return to normal and help brethren understand that they don’t have to walk 10km to church, but rather be empowered and commissioned to serve God in their community and relational network. It is so exciting and so much good is going to come out of all this. Many, many brethren are now going to be released into fulfilling the Great Commission. I really believe it.
We are living in exciting times. I am personally gathering and doing house church online 4 to 5 times a week with different people across 3 continents who would otherwise not be going to church. It is not just church, but training them with disciple making tools and how to continue worshipping God in their space. I have never in my life been so excited about church multiplication than now.
That said, my heart goes out as Ria and I watch the news and see the increase in infections and deaths. It hurts as we pray into all this.
As you know America has 336,673 infected with 9,616 deaths and our prayers go out and we know that the flattening of the curve is just around the corner. We pray, pray, pray, pray for you all at this time.
Africa only has 9,029 infected and 437 deaths, but, and let me say that again, but we don’t really know because not many have been tested and that will rise as more testing is done. We all know that if that gets out of hand in Africa that it will be like no other country. PLEASE PRAY for wise leadership there and that God protects the poorest continent on the earth. Here are African stats and we will be updating it every week.
South Africa 1655 11
Cameroon 650 9
Burkino Faso 345 17
Ivory Coast 261 3
Nigeria 232 5
Senegal 222
Ghana 214 5
Niger 184 10
DRC 154 18
Kenya 142 4
Rwanda 104
Uganda 52
Congo 45 5
Mali 45 5
Togo 44 3
Ethiopia 43 2
Zambia 39 1
Eritrea 29
Tanzania 22 1
Gabon 21 1
Benin 22
Namibia 16
Angola 14 2
Liberia 13 3
Mozambique 10
Zimbabwe 9 1
Ezwatini 9
Chad 9
Somalia 7
Botswana 6 1
Sierra Leone 6
Gambia 4 1
Malawi 4
Burundi 3
4643 108
PLEASE PRAY for Africa, but lets pray for our wonderful world that God created for us.
Brethren, all chariots are off the road and all funds not used will go into the purchasing of a new gospel chariot. As you know our goal for 2020/21 is the building of a new Big Gospel Chariot for West Africa that will work in Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and a bit of Mali. We have got a matching fund of $90,000.00 and pray we can raise the balance this year during this trying time so when things return and they will, that we hit the road running and if we are delayed another year we will just build another truck and if we are  delayed another year we will just build another truck, because Africans are ready to reach their Africa that has a population growth like no other continent.
Brethren, I might not make it through this trying time, but God’s missions will and we must lead from the front and stay focused. Thank You Jesus and thank you all for being part of one of the greatest evangelistic missions efforts ever seen and that is nothing compared to what God has in mind for the next 50 to 100 years in Africa. Lets look beyond and pray into it like never before. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Amen, as you can see the team got bigger as we train others to train others. We believe in 3 touches. The first time we train, we do all the training. Then the second time we train them, we do 50% of the training and watch them do 50% and the 3rd time we train, we watch and they do all the training and that is called the MAUL, the model, assist, watch and leave. It is so sad about the virus, but at least we had a good start to the year or should I say, an amazing start.
DAY 1 OF THE 4 FIELDS INTENSIVE DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING ON THE 11TH OF FEBRUARY. And we had more than what we were expecting. It was from 9 until 5 and it was intensive but so good.
Wow, what an amazing team training disciples in Uganda and the team being Tebogo Ramatsui, George Akpabli, Dimpo Motimele, John Thikongo, Russell Godward, Steve and Michelle Addison and myself. It’s been a blast and we need to thank the Ugandans, Duncan Ojiambo and his team and Tom Opondo and his Kenyan brethren for the amazing reception we received in East Africa.
Wow, what an amazing 4 days of intensive discipleship training we  done in Jinja Uganda.
Please pray for Africa and our Gospel Chariot Missions ministry as we equip, train and release into the harvest and go from ADDITION to MULTIPLICATION for JESUS.
Before we arrived in Uganda, Duncan and the team reported the following from Uganda on the 8th of February:
Praise God brethren. Good news, 38 Baptisms.
God is always faithful. The gospel has been preached and discipleship has started. Ikanda and Kibaale have been blessed by Gospel Chariot Missions partnership this year. Yesterday was the climax of that work at Ikanda.
Wilson Maanda, Maximillah Ojiambo, Hannah Legg from Oklahoma, Maria Walton’s, Ivan Waihe and Duncan Ojiambo drove for four hours to join the great team to accomplish the Great Commission. We taught about “A New Question- A New Life” this is from a New Life Behavior International curriculum. The lesson’s major objective was to help the audience understand Christianity and how Christians ought to live. Transformation of the heart is evident through ones’ behavior.
We challenged Christians and non-Christians to value what Christ did on the cross for our sake, and to begin doing something that would give Christ the glory. We also helped everyone listening to understand that we are all valuable and we are of Great Value before God. God is concerned about us all.
The gospel was being preached while others near the chariot were busy drinking local brewed bear. Some became guilty and joined the gospel campaign.
Maximillah, Maria and Hannah taught women class. Maanda, Samson and I handled men’s class. Great enthusiasm for learning was evident among the audience. Many questions were asked, among which were Baptism and polygamy. (How many wives should a Christian man marry:). God used his servants to answer and walk people through the scripture.
By the end of the lessons 36 confessed Christ as their Lord and Savior. They were all baptized. Two were baptized last week in Kibaale, Making the number 38 baptism so far in February.
Thank you all for your prayers and support.
Duncan (for GCM Uganda).
More from Duncan on the 3rd of February:
Receive greetings in His name. Thank you your prayers. Uganda Gospel Chariot has been working in the Western Region of Uganda since January 13th to date. The crew is evangelizing in our Bunyoro area.
The crew arrived in Igalaza on January 29th and pitched a tent for a week long tent meeting. The gospel is being preached, people are being discipled and evangelism is being done. This part of the country is hearing the right doctrine and Bible based churches. It’s full of self proclaimed pastors/ prophets/ apostles/ Bishops etc as they are good at giving themselves titles:). It’s our prayer that through GCM the truth may penetrate and right worship be practiced by the New church plants in the area.
This is the reason why we decided to camp and stay in one location for a week long. This has given people opportunity to come ask doctrine related questions and other Biblical questions. People here are good learners and have a passion for knowing God more.
This commitment has reaped 10 new converts to the Kingdom. They were baptized today after two days teaching on Baptism and how one becomes a Christian.
Glory be to God.
And before that Duncan reported, Holidays and repairs over and a new year ahead of us. Duncan reported on the 15th of January:
Our driver evangelists set off yesterday for their first Mission work in 2020. They drove all the way from Eastern to Western Uganda. They are now working around Rwenzori Region (Bundibugyo, Kasese and Fort portal Districts).
Please as usual, let’s go down on our knees and lift this work up in prayers. It’s our God who conquers and convicts his people. This is the year of harvest and being more intentional on Disciple Making and church Planting.
Duncan reported the following from Uganda on the 23rd of January:
I hope this finds you all well, receive greetings from Bundibujo District, Itandi Church of Christ. This congregation has hosted Uganda Gospel Chariot since January 14th, the chariot crew and the Rwenzori region preachers have tirelessly conducted several open air preaching in this community. Several people have been recruited to study the Bible through World Bible School correspondence lessons.

The chariot left this location today for another congregation in our the same District. Continue praying for the evangelism efforts this year.
May the Holy Spirit convict those who hear the gospel.
Duncan reported this after the training and now in lockdown. House Church is being interesting. Giving us quality time and opportunity to practice and equip ourselves with Multiplication Disciple Making skills: 4 FIELDS TOOLS. Last Sunday (the 22nd of March) we did 4 Fields/5 Parts. Mark 4:26-29
This was also after our training on the 24th of March when Duncan reported.
Praise the Lord brethren. Such a time filled with fear and confusion in the entire World. Psalm 91 becomes a Must to read passage for us who believe in the Almighty God.
Before our Government/ President gave guidelines on how the nation could take precautions on the COVID-19. Which guidelines included ban on public gatherings, Church worship, closure of schools etc.
Gospel Chariot team was already working with Bupeni Church of Christ. Our Disciple Makers team joined the crew to do a one day 4 FIELDS SEMINAR for church leaders and Christians in that community.
Our GCM team in Uganda did an amazing job that day. The team includes Maanda Wilson, Ivan Waihe, Maximillah Ojiambo, Dan Muwuliza , Ajambo Lucy and Duncan.
People enjoyed the tools, they practiced them and realized how evangelism is such an easy thing to do. This method is very simple, reproducible and Biblical. They enjoyed the simplicity of the training.
God is up to something BIG through this Multiplication Disciple Making movement.
From Duncan on the 2nd of March also after our training.
God has remained very faithful to our dear family members who are directly working in the field. Thank you for your prayers for Patrick and Godfrey as they traverse this region proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. Those in Kenya like brother Tom will know as tough working around Mt Elgon is. Till now, some places are regarded insecure and peace is unpredictable.
We give God the glory for having use our team in partnership with Mt Elgon courageous evangelists such as Alex Ngeiwo, Cheptot, Bernard etc to penetrate deeper to the forests with the gospel.
On Friday the team drove up the mountain to the bushmen community, known as hunters and gatherers. They live an isolated life. The team work there from Friday and they left today Sunday morning. The preaching and teaching won one to Christ, he was baptized. Hallelujah.
Before the team went to the bushmen, they working with Land Church of Christ-Wednesday and Thursday, the Disciple Making tools were taught to many Kingdom workers in the area and 5 people confessed Christ as Lord and were baptized. Two of them believed at night and the team applied a Biblical Principal of baptizing immediately as taught in the 4 Fields Training last month.
Today Sunday, right from the forest (top of the mountain) the zealous evangelists drove to another congregation that also runs a Children Care Center. They worked with Milton Simotweet Children Center and Masaek Church of Christ school. At this location, 64 pupils 15 years and above accepted Christ and were baptized.
Another great joy at this congregation was a 90 year old grandmother confessed and obeyed. Christ became her Lord and savior. She was baptized. Thank you all for your love and support for this great Kingdom work.
Today, Monday March 2nd 2020 the Uganda Gospel Chariot crew will hit road to work with one congregation near Malaba border for three days, thereafter they will drive to Samia District-Funyula to work with another congregation- Still in Kenya until March 8th God willing. Please we can use your prayers again.
Also after our training….Look at those youngsters carrying the water for the Chariots baptistery(below). God Bless them and all who were baptized.
Duncan reported the following on the 28th of February:
This is to report about amazing things that God is doing in Mt Elgon-Kenya through Gospel Chariot Missions and Mt Elgon Evangelists/ preachers with brother Alex Ngeiwo as their team leader.
The chariot crew has continued preaching and teaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in this region. They conducted open air preaching at Makutano Market Center, being hosted by Kapkirwok Church of Christ and 11 were baptized. The gospel is so sharp. And piercing the hearts of listeners. These 11 were left with no excuse, the word convinced them and the Holy Spirit convicted them, and evangelists baptized them immediately. God is so good indeed.
Thereafter, the chariot crew and the Mt Elgon Churches of Christ leaders pitched a tent and Kapkirwok Church of Christ compound for the Gospel Tent Meeting. This meeting was attended by approximately 200 people. Many doctrinal questions were asked, many lessons were taught and 4 Fields Discipleship Training was facilitated. By yesterday evening 10 more believed, Repented and were BAPTIZED. So in these three days the team has harvested 21 new converts who will be Discipled by Kapkirwok Church of Christ members.
We are grateful for My comrades CHEPTOT and JOAN for their hospitality towards the Uganda Gospel Chariot crew and also for allowing students from their High School to participate fully during this amazing gospel campaign around Mt Elgon.
Amazing as God continues to do amazing things in Uganda. Duncan reported on the 23rd of February:
Hope this finds you all well in the Lord. Rejoice with us for the 6 new souls baptized today at the Gospel Campaign taking place around Mt Elgon Kenya side.
On Wednesday February 19th 2020 Uganda Gospel Chariot crossed the border to the Republic of Kenya via Malaba one stop border post. We were invited by brother Alex Ngeiwo with his team of Disciple Makers and evangelists. Alex traveled all the way from Mt. Elgon to come receive the chariot crew at the border. It took them over four hours clearing the truck to cross over to Kenya, dealing with massive corruption at the border, a bit frustrating. But the team remained spiritually strong and committed.
By 5 pm they were cleared and drove to Mt Elgon. Glory to God they reached safely and on Thursday 20th the team they had organized a Multiplication Disciple Making and Church Planting Seminar . A group of 9 leaders from Mt. Elgon who had received the Multiplication Disciple Making and Church Planting Training in Jinja last week, went home excited and ignited to teach and win Disciples who will also make other disciples.
The entire team, together with GCM drivers facilitated the training at Mt. Elgo Regional Seminar, over 300 people attended. In the pictures you can see brother Alex Ngeiwo and Bagoole John Patrick teaching the 3 Circles and Health Church Circle. We were blessed by the training and we are committed to taking the tools UNTIL NO PLACE LEFT.
Continue praying for the 6 who have been baptized and many more who are still studying with the team of Disciple Makers in the area. Also pray that the Holy Spirit will take over and control all the activities during this gospel meeting.
How beautiful it is to see the clothing being distributed in Kenya to the orphans. Tom Opondo has reported the following on the 18th of March:
Brother George,
I’m grateful to be part of the great mission acts in Africa. Thank you for blessing orphaned children at Tom Manning Center where Alfayo Bodi works. He’s the director of the center, a branch of Kenya Widows and Orphans Minisrry.
Please receive appreciation from the staff and the children. Thank you for preaching through Gospel Care Missions out of Australia and the amazing Gospel Chariot Missions out of the US. God is Good.
More from Tom on the 18th of March:
Joy of the Lord extended to Winyarago Children Orphanage in Uriri. We have received application from Kennedy Chandi – the director of the center. He has expressed relief on their side to look for clothing for the orphans. Thank you for loving Kenya and Africa.
This new move will affect lives, and help these children be glued to Christ Jesus. It’s not only orphans who expressed heir thankfulness but widows as well.
Wow! Blessings to you and all Perm-a-Pleat whose donations reached us.
CHURCH PLANTING….It’s with great excitement that another congregation is born.
Thankful that mission trip to Jinja ignited passion for missions. John Orambo, Edwin Mijude, George Ogutu and Lucas Oguta displayed the Disciple Making Tools such as 4 Fields, Characteristics of Healthy Church, Generational Map etc. The outcome is amazing. In a locality where no Church of Christ congregation existed, now a group of believers form this new church.
Praise be to God ALMIGHTY for a wonderful Sunday service at Kandienge Trading Center. The work of Gospel Chariot started on 21st February and ended today the 23rd February. God restored to Himself 6 souls. They were baptized in obedience to the Word and God’s Mission.
Kandienge Church Of Christ is planted today. The first church plant after 4 fields Seminar in Jinja. Disciple making trainer and evangelist John Orambo will oversee door to door Evangelism and Discipleship program.
The GCM’s truck team made 18km to River Awach Kodhoch to baptize 6 believers. Thank you Lord as the church has begun with these six believers. Kandiege Center is in a semi-arid locality. It’s dry in this place.
Let’s Gather, Grow and Go for Christ
More from Tom has reported the following out of Kenya on the 28th of January:
We are grateful to the Lord Almighty for a good beginning. Yes, Gospel Chariot Missions team and Lake View Church of Christ entered mission partnership for 4 days. The outcome is amazing. Four people received Jesus Christ and were baptized. We knocked people’s gate and the welcome is great. Open air meeting was held at Nyangweta and the community came in big numbers. We did tent meetings at the church plot day and night. And the attendance was 100 plus each time. Thank you Lord!
Lake View Church of Christ is one of the two congregations planted after the Nyangiela Disciple Making Seminar. Yes, we did plant Reru Church of Christ. The home of James Osuri ‘Roho Moja’. Now he walks meters to a church. Edwin Mijude, and other brethren planted Lake View.
God is praised. Our team will pitch camp in this community till February 9. Pray for us and our team. Pray for Oyaro Church of Christ. They will host the Chariot this week. What a blessing!