Newsletter September – October 2017

Its November and the year has gone by so fast. We in the process of planning our 2018 year and its going to be fantastic as two new big gospel chariots will start working based out of Uganda going into Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan and another big chariot that will work out of Nigeria. WOW, its going to be fantastic, but will have its financial problems as we try find working funds for those two new chariots and repair funds for the other 13 chariots. PLEASE CONTINUE WORKING WITH US. WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. We will reach our goal of 2,000 souls baptized this year again. Can we Lord Willing reach over 3,000 in 2018 because of the power God and the new chariots. To God be the Glory.


Below is Nigerian Gospel Chariot being built in Nigeria. We have had some delays, issues and things just not going our way, but God is Greater than any issue and ultimately always comes through. Please pray for this effort and our brethren in Nigeria. This is so exciting and we cannot wait for this chariot to be up and running and allowing our brethren there to reach their region for Jesus. 161 million people in Nigeria and what other countries will we be able to reach in the region as well. Please pray for this effort and thank you.


Below is the new Ugandan Gospel Chariot that will work in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and parts of South Sudan and Congo. We are in the process of exporting it to Uganda, but have delayed it until after the Kenyan political elections and instability in Kenya as we have to travel through Kenya to get to Uganda. Please pray for this Ugandan chariot and peace in Kenya.

UGANDA (Kenyan Chariot)

As mentioned Uganda will be getting their own big gospel chariot, but here you can see the Kenyan chariot delivering bibles and working in Uganda with the Ugandan brethren. This is what Duncan Ojiambo emailed from Uganda. Praise the Lord brethren, big thanks to the Kenya Gospel Chariot Missions team and Gospel Chariot South Africa and above all God for the great blessing to churches in Busoga region in Uganda and Uganda at large. This is to inform you all that the Chariot is doing great work in our ministry. This weekend Churches of Christ in Busoga region gathered at Buyoboya Church of Christ for our annual conference. This meeting has been a blessing to us in many ways. We get to encourage each other, and help the host congregation evangelize their community. 30 more boxes of Bibles arrived safely with the Chariot, 13 boxes were distributed to over 200 believers who participated in this year’s conference and a number and a number of non believers gave their lives to Jesus.


Chariot 2 with Lyman and Robert has had a wonderful year as usual and God gives the increase. Here are some statistics more or less for the year regarding Chariot 2 with Lyman and Robert on. Baptisms into Christ 453 in total. 2 Namibia, 31 Zambia, 47 Tanzania, 328 Malawi, 45 Mozambique. 72 Restorations, 22,889 World Bible School Registrations. To God be the Glory. That said, this chariot has now arrived in South Africa for repairs and there are many of them. Robert and Lyman have returned home to be with the their family through year end. Amazing men who baptize hundreds every year and help start many congregations and encourage struggling congregations. Below are some pics and work done in Malawi as they traveled south from Mzuzu to Blantyre.


The South African Gospel Chariot with Bongani Mabena traveled to the country of Swaziland like it does every year and as Bongani said, it was cold but the people came out and the local congregations helped with the outreach. A number of souls were baptized and Bongani and our GCM team managed to attend the 50 year jubilee celebration for the Bible College in Swaziland as well.


Bongani left Swaziland and headed for Newcastle where he was received by the church and immediately got them all working together. Here are some photos of the work done in Newcastle: There were a total 26 baptisms in Natal during this trip.
Bongani reported that the gospel meeting was well attended and they were very excited to work with the chariot. They done house to house community work during the day and set up a number of bible studies. 16 people were baptized in the area and a church planted at Siyahlala near Newcastle. It was our first time to visit Newcastle, the members can’t stop talking about the work done by the chariot and preachers from the region joined and helped as well.
The gospel meeting near Sun City went really well. Bongani reporteded the following…We praised God for helping us to break new ground in the north west 5km from Sun City. We have seen the hand of God, so many people came out to our open air meetings in Segakwaneng. 16 people were baptized into Christ and we have promised to return with other leaders to help.


Below shows brother Honore Houndjetin on the road in French speaking Benin with the gospel chariot there. Nothing better than those hot evenings in West Africa with the community coming out and gospel movies being projected with gospel lessons as well. God Bless Benin. Thank You Lord and thank you all especially bro George Akpabli who oversees the chariot in Benin.


GOSPEL CHARIOT PROVIDES BIBLES TO PRISONERS IN KENYA. Tom Opondo reported an amazing event in the Bomet prison in Kenya. Tom writes: This has been enhanced by 20 prisoners whose obedience to Christ reached the baptistry. Praise be to God as He changes lives in the Kenyan prisons. Thanks to Eric Chepkwony and Ismael whose ministry now affect lives of inmates. All know prisons as places of correction of behavior – but those who listened to the message of Christ received His transformational power. We pray and continually pray that upon release that they continue seeking Gods ways and direction. Let’s all pray for these seekers and also Eric and Isaac as they serve God in the prisons there.


Liberia is just coming out of the rainy season and the chariot starting to reach more communities now. Here is an amazing story of a 100 year old lady giving her life to Jesus. Isaac Daye our Gospel Chariot coordinator in Liberia has reported the following:
Restoration Bible and Agriculture Institute in partnership with gospel chariot and peace Island church of Christ laboring in a two days gospel campaign in peace Island community that yielded 9 souls yesterday and 3 today. Soul winning teams are still on the field conducting studies. The oldest of yesterday’s converts was an elderly lady believed to be over 100 years old. She was assisted in and out of the baptistery. What a joyous occasion to see her and many other souls being set free from sin in obedience to the gospel. You can also see the outreach team and young ones being taught. To God be the Glory.


 Venda is doing well and just completed their short term bible school semester. They had a wonderful farewell for the short term bible students and the following week they crossed into Zimbabwe Chikadzi area for outreach with their partners in Zimbawe. Those traveling from Venda was brothers Malindi, Owen, Ndou, Mrs Malindi, De Villiers and they picked up Muleya from beitbridge on their way. There were 9 baptizms that took place. These same brethren with the mini chariot in Venda have been and will continue crossing over into Mozambique as well. The Park Plaza congregation will be campaigning again with them in July as we look to strengthen the church we planted in Beitbridge 3 years ago. Some exciting developments taking place in the region.



Lazarus Munetsi and young Jean from Namibia left Pretoria and visited a number of World Bible School students on the way to Durban and then had a WBS seminar in Durban at our GCM office and 30 attended. Bibles and thousands of bible lessons were transported down as well. Amen to Paulus, Leslie, France, Lazarus and young intern Jean who you can see encouraging others already. As Laz says: We thank God for the young man, he is from a faithful family and he is a good speaker, with our support and the family behind him I believe God will be glorified. As a second generation member in his family in the church we pray that God may help him to keep the fire of the Lord burning for generations to come in Namibia and elsewhere in the world.


Willie Gley who oversees the mini chariot in Togo reports that Evangelism in the Kloto Region has seen much improvement since the Gospel Chariot came in a little over three years ago. We are reaching more people with the gospel and many have been led to Christ. As a result, we have been able to plant more congregations in the region. God Bless Togo and all those reaching out. Below shows some of the outreach taking place:


 As you know Namibia is pioneering work for us and we now have the bible school in Tsumeb and we rotate teachers and evangelists. We had Joel Lewis from Arkansas visit and do his time there helping and also Lazarus Munetsi has done his time. Mike Knappier and Zonge Xoshe will also be heading that way soon. Also some good news is that our young intern Jean Claude Vries from Keetmanshoop who went through the short term school will be settling in Windhoek and working with the congregation there as he studies at the University. We pray he will one day work with the Tsumeb mission station. Please pray for Namibia and thank you for helping us with this pioneering mission effort.


Gospel Chariot Missions is really making an impact in Zimbabwe as we work with mini chariot in the north and the Venda brethren in the south. Auswish has reported the following.
We took another trip to Gokwe where we helped the ailing congregation. The sun was scorching as we moved from house to house proclaiming the good news.
We spent a week teaching and preaching families and individual who had the chance to listen to the teachings of our Lord. 24 lessons were delivered and 41 people had the opportunity to study.
Saturday night at the gospel meeting tent. As we celebrated the nine souls that obeyed the gospel. It was all joy as we welcome these babies in Christ to the church. As you see our tent is very small it can only accommodate 70 people. So a number of people had to sit outside the tent.  We pray that by God’s grace we might get a bigger tent and more chairs for the work.


Here is an amazing photo of our Dimpo Motimele visiting with our good friend Dr Mac Lynn in Nashville Tennessee this month. Most of us Chariot leaders all have our degrees through Nations University and many many others in Africa have degrees because of us spreading the wonderful news of this University without walls. As you can see on our chariots, we promote the University due to it being internet based and free for us in the mission field. We also use the curriculum at our short term bible schools. Thank you Mac and Marty Lynn for working with us over so many years. We pray many more people will have a better understanding of Gods Word because of our combined effort. Thank you Dimpo and Mike Knappier for visiting and all the other chariot leaders who have completed degrees and are helping so many others to study through our GCM Nations University Cluster and beyond.


Below shows a World Bible School seminar that took place in Pretoria. World Bible School is a ministry we partner with and use to teach hundreds of thousands of students through Correspondence lessons where we have teachers in the US teaching and us following up on. Many many great leaders in the church in Africa have come to the Lord this way. Below shows Lazarus Munetsi overseeing the seminar held in Pretoria. Thank you Tebogo Ramatsui and Sipho Mabaso for also assisting with the teaching.


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our daughter-in-law, Vicki Funk, will no longer be heading up our World Bible School Ministry, reports and webpages. That is after 18 years. No one has worked with Ria and I as long as Vicki and we are sad to see her go. Vicki has always wanted to be a school teacher and has done relieve teaching on and off and now managed to get a full time position at a christian school and that is so hard to come by. Vicki, Quinton and the kids only stay 1 km from our house and although she will not be directly involved, her and Quinton will always be part of this ministry in more ways than one. Thank you Vicks for the many years that you helped us build this ministry and the 10 years you put in, Quinton. God is Good…That said, look who will be taking Vicki’s place. From daughter-in-law to son-in-law.
Our son-in-law, has taken over from Vicki. That is our daughter, Chantal’s husband. As you know Rob had a stroke just over two years ago and is lucky to be alive and is currently in a wheelchair and also has speech issues, but thank God for all your prayers, Rob’s intellect is in tact and Lord Willing, he will be able to walk in 3 to 4 years. When Vicki told us the news that she would like to go full time teaching I did not know what to do and before I could even give it much thought, my wife, Ria said Rob would be great and we need to pray about that and we did and we are so excited and this report you are reading was done by him with me doing my sections. Welcome Rob, and we pray you take this ministry into the future regarding the world of information technology. Rob was a very successful physical therapist. Below you can see Vicki showing Rob how the World Bible School ministry works with Ria in on the action, ha ha. I am so blessed with an amazing family. Our son Wayne Funk took some leave and was in the US helping us promote the work as well. Thank you Lord for an amazing family.


Below you can see the clothes and blankets I have collected from different families here in Australia. I distributed 10,000 flyers to homes in the area and the response has been slow, but God knows what’s best. I have met the most amazing people in the community and many ex South Africans who have gone the extra mile contacting their friends and getting them to help, just amazing. A huge company here in Wangara that sells to companies this side gave us a whole pallet of new outfits that have small rejects. Then another non profit has also given us another storeroom of brand new shirts and pants. I am also working with a company that makes wheelchairs for children. They a non profit and send 4,000 wheelchairs for children into different countries and we will be sending some into Africa over the coming years and will Lord willing start before year end. What can I say, but God is Great. Please pray for me and those I’m connecting with in my community. The most exciting things about this effort is that I am doing church outside the walls of the church.