This is the GCM West African update for the first quarter 2018. As mentioned last week, we are going to break the updates up into regions due to so much happening and not wanting to bore you with one loooooong report every time. Last week we sent the report for East Africa, this week West Africa and next week will be Southern Africa.


 There is some exciting news regarding this West African region. The new Nigerian Gospel Chariot is complete and has just started reaching out. We now have 5 gospel chariots working in West Africa, namely Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Here is our goal and prayer for 2019 come 2020. We are in discussions with Isaac Daye to upgrade his mini chariot in Liberia to a Big Gospel Chariot that will then go into, not only Liberia, but Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia, Wow! But that is not all, we are also speaking to George Akpabli about going further into the French speaking countries. George has said, if we can help with a Big Gospel Chariot that will be based out of the Ivory Coast, he and other West Africans will then oversee it going into Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. It is all pie in the sky now, but God loves it when we dream and think ahead and how amazing this would be as we take Africans to reach out to Africa and in this case regions that are very muslim. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. GOD IS GREAT AND WORKING THROUGH US ALL.



 The New Nigerian Gospel Chariot is now complete after two years of many issues and how we have learnt not to give up and know that we are not in this alone and that our Heavenly Father goes before us. Below shows the chariot being built in Nigeria and the chariot being commissioned by a public presentation in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South Eastern in Nigeria.
The chariot will be in Calabar, Cross River State, from March 28 till April  4, then it leaves for Aba in Abia State. It will work in Abia from April 5 – 8 and return to base on April 9. Arrangements are in place for the chariot to work with congregations and World Bible School team in Lagos till the end of April. It will then work in Kogi and Abeokuta in May, Akwa Ibom throughout June and Abuja in July.
Amen, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS NEW GOSPEL CHARIOT…Thank you, thank you to all.


The Ghana Gospel Chariot has been working in the Koforidua region and the Brong Ahafo region, with nine towns being visited in the Koforidua region and 45 souls won for Christ. The crew went to senior high schools and enrolled 1,230 students for the WBS correspondence courses. Although it was in the rainy season, people defied the rains to watch the life of Christ film during the night street preaching. Among them is an old man who used a chair as umbrella. The Chariot team then left for the Brong Ahafo region to work with about 25 churches in the area.


In the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana the team recorded 7 (seven) baptizms and enrolled 3,319 students for World Bible School. They worked with ten out of the thirty eight towns earmarked and programmed. It was exciting to observe Chiefs and opinion leaders participating in evening open air preaching. Attendance at the evening program ranged between 200 and 500 participants. The teams went to schools for enrolment and most of the Senior High School authorities allowed the team to organize devotions for the students and distributed WBS materials. The team also participated in the recent Ghana’s 61st independence anniversary to distribute Bible materials. It was very thrilling to watch people from all occupations including the Police, Roman Catholic Nuns, and students joyfully receiving Bible tracts and WBS teaching Materials. Please pray for the team’s continued success. God Bless Ghana and all involved.


 George Akpabli, Michée Deguenon and Honore Houndjetin are doing a wonderful job as they work and oversee the Benin Gospel Chariot. Benin is a French speaking country in West Africa and it is from this mission that George Akpabli and the mission reaches out to other French speaking countries in Africa. An amazing mission base and we are so blessed to be partnering with them. As you can see they have evening gospel movies and after that a gospel sermon. There has been more than a hundred souls baptized and with a reported church planting as well.
 During the two weekends, staff and students of the Benin Bible Training Center joined them in night time preaching and daytime evangelism in the village. The church baptized two people after they left.
It was reported that they encountered some serious spiritual manifestations during the preaching sessions when two women came out confessing that they had witchcraft. To prevent them from revealing whatever satanic powers they possess, the heads of the secret society in the village quickly came and escorted them away. The whole assembly caught up spontaneously with shouts of praise to God and prayers when this happened. Our brothers say that Benin is the international headquarters for all idol and voodoo worshippers.
With the great success they had in the village of Adjido in December, they promised to return as soon as they could and do a follow-up work. This they did when they spent almost a month in the Bohicon area. Amen.
  • ZOGBODOMEY and AGBADJAGON villages (Bohicon)
After 8 days of day and night time preaching in the two villages, 13 souls were added to the churches in the two villages. The conversions in Zogbodomey was the beginning of a new congregation in the village. This is a new baby for the church in Agbadjagon. Brother Joseph is the Minister for the Agbadjagon church and will take care of the new congregation.
Pictures of baptisms in the two villages:


The mini gospel chariot in Liberia with fireball missionary, Isaac Daye, has been a busy one with WBS seminars, mission trips, dusty roads, chariot  breakdowns and visitors from the US and South Africa.
January saw 13 baptisms from outreach and hundreds of WBS lessons handed out. February was their first ever WBS graduation which took place in Salayea in Lofa County 289 kilometers away from Monrovia. The three-man team arrived safely in Salayea on the 22 February 2018 and they kicked off the next day with a door knocking exercise and the screening of Passion of Christ and night preaching that brought 8 souls to Christ before they returned to Monrovia on February 25th after worship. Amen.
45 WBS students graduated in their first WBS graduation in that part of Liberia and many others expressed interest in enrolling with WBS to study the word of God.
Machona Monyamane from our Pretoria office, got to visit with Isaac Daye and how exciting that was, having those two fireballs together, ha ha. As Machona messaged, saying the joys of mission work and him on a motorcycle with Emmanuel, the chariot driver. You can also see some preaching and open air meetings taking place with some souls giving their lives to Jesus. God Bless Liberia and thank you Isaac Daye for being such a networker for Jesus. PS. Oh, how we wish we could upgrade that mini chariot in Liberia to a big chariot that will go into 4 other countries in the region. Let’s all pray for that day.


The Togo Chariot continues to be a blessing in helping to reach out in French speaking Togo. Willie Gley oversees the work with the chariot, bible school, agricultural farming and outreach throughout the country. Pics below show the Chariot team with bible students reaching out. Amen.


 The country of Chad is north east of Nigeria and east of Niger in West Africa. We don’t have a chariot working Chad, but have been communicating with a brother there by the name of Djonga Feltoing, who studied at the bible school in Benin and was recommended by them.  We can’t build a chariot for every country, but managed to purchase a preaching system for our brethren in Chad to preach the Word of God there in open air meetings. Please pray for receptive hearts in Chad as our brothers preach the wonderful name of Jesus.