Below is a pic of the 3 Southern African Gospel Chariots that are now on the road preaching the wonderful name of Jesus. We also have two mini chariots working Zimbabwe and Venda. These chariots will have gospel meetings in the following countries this year, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Then we have short term bible schools as well in Pretoria, Venda, Tsumeb Namibia and Durban. You will also see a World Bible School update at the bottom of this report. As you know we have always worked and used World Bible School as a tool as well as Nations University. Wow, just so much going on and this is only the Southern African report. PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL INVOLVED AND THANK YOU FOR WORKING WITH US. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Below shows Bongani, Lyman, Robert and Lazarus who work the chariots below. Can you believe that the middle truck is 18 years old this year and the one on the left 14 years old and both have been responsible for thousands and thousands of gospel meetings and only God knows how many souls have been baptized into Christ because of them. These are amazing men who have been with us for many years. Have a look at some of the pictures for the first quarter. It is amazing as you see God’s hand doing good in the communities and not just preaching the gospel, but the handing out of clothes and feeding of the little ones. So good to see the churches doing community.

Below shows Bongani Mabena in the Natal area. He has just reported some exciting news about a church that was planted last week in an area called Xolane, 58km away from Matatiele, and that 11 people where baptized into Christ. One of the preachers from Matatiele will be helping and working with the new church. Bongani says, they are all so excited about the church planting and the way the gospel chariot has helped in these efforts. 

Since our last report, Zimbabwe has had some political changes in their leadership and we are concerned but excited at the same time, because Zimbabwe deserves so much more and Zimbabweans are amazing people with so much potential to turn the region upside down for Jesus. We are  excited and have been praying for years and waiting for the day things might change. We have invested in a mini chariot there and even purchased land in Beitbridge where we planted a congregation and now, Lord Willing, will erect a building for worship and missions. Every vehicle heading into countries up north have to pass through Beitbridge and we are so excited about the future. 
Below you can see some recent pics of Auswich Mashabha who is our Gospel Chariot driver/evangelist preaching the Word as he does World Bible School follow up and outreach in Zimbabwe. We are hoping to campaign in July with the Vendans and Park Plaza congregation from the US, but there needs to be peace. Please pray for this amazing country and the people of Zimbabwe.
The South African gospel chariot crossed over into Botswana with Bongani and Zonge, meeting and working with the Botswana brethren. Last year a church was planted and the leaders in Botswana are now working with the new congregation. We are excited about the way the brethren there are becoming more mission minded and that is our job, to encourage Africans to take Africa for Jesus. As you can see many souls are being baptized into Jesus. There were 35 baptisms, 16 in Moshupa, 12 in Molepolole and 7 in Oddity. Please pray for the  Botswana leaders and the GCM leaders out of Pretoria, as they break new ground for Jesus in Botswana.
The Venda brethren have been on the move recruiting students for the short term bible school and getting ready for their first semester, as well as mission trips across borders. See below the many activities that have happened this first quarter. Brother Malindi and the elders from the church there oversee this effort. It is exciting to see how our South African brethren are now becoming the missionaries crossing borders. 
Pretoria, being our main Gospel Chariot office, is always busy with our team working on chariots, lecturing at the short term bible school there and also rotating to other mission points and short term schools like in Tsumeb Namibia, Plettenberg Bay and Durban. Below you can see some WBS students being baptized and our brothers De Villiers and Mathose from the short term bible school in Venda, who came down to observe how things are run and taught in Pretoria. Whilst there they loaded up on Bibles and other literature. You can also see the short term bible school in process. Dimpo Motimele oversees the Pretoria office with an amazing team consisting of Dimpo, Machona Monyamane, Lazarus Munetsi, Bongani Mabena, Zonge Xoshe and Mamsie Mukhedi. Amazing team working many, many areas as the chariots go out from there. Please pray for all.
As I mentioned above, our Pretoria office rotate men to help in pioneering regions. Here is a classical example of it, where here we have Dimpo Motimele in Tsumeb, Namibia at the short term bible school, teaching and coordinating the Namibian work with the big chariot and mini chariot working in the country as well. Lyman and Robert have worked Tsumeb, Oshikati and is now in Rundu and will soon be heading for Zambia. Dimpo will be replaced by Lazarus Munetsi as our Pretoria team rotate workers. Mike Knappier would have been in Namibia at this time, but is recovering from surgery. Please pray for Mike and Diane Knappier at this time. Lord Willing they will be back on the road later this year. Please pray for Namibia as we rotate and train up Namibians to reach Namibia.
Following are some 2018 seminars:
February/March – Garden Route (WBS students recruiting in the Garden). 
03 March – Garanguwa (WBS event, arranged by a student).
14 April –  No:1 Wizard Street, Kwanokuthula (WBS and GCM seminar).
5th April – Civic Centre, Nelspruit (We will focus on looking for new doors and new WBS students in the area and church visit).
May – Johannesburg (GCM/WBS Seminar).
01 June- UMzinyathi (done by one of WBS student).
02 June – Durban office (GCM/WBS Seminar).
30 June – Pretoria office (GCM/WBS Seminar).
July – Venue TBA (GCM/WBS Seminar).
August – Bronkhorstspruit (GCM/WBS Seminar).
August – Potchefstroom Kuruman Upington (Seeking doors to re-establish the church in Potchefstroom, and move to Kuruman seeking for doors through WBS, the trip will proceed to Upington).
September – Vredenburg Cape Town, Garden Route (From Upington we will move to the Western Cape, distributing WBS intros in towns we will be passing by until the Garden Route).
TBA – Paradise Hall (GCM/WBS seminar, follow-ups and recruiting students).
Lazarus reported: On the 6th of January we had a followup in Ga-Rankuwa to see the WBS Student who was baptized by Brother Dimpo 4 years back. After she attended the Seminar she desired that we visit her so that she prepare her neighborhood to come and listen to the preaching of God’s word.  On the 21th again we were with her on the day she had invited her neighbors and we preached God’s word and we left all the attendees with the WBS intros. All people were so receptive which we believe God conformed the harvest is ready in Ga-Rankuwa. With the excitement we had because of the way all people responded the good news, we forgot to take the pictures. The total people who had attended were 15. We will be with her again.