We are extremely busy and the Gospel Chariot teams are running in different directions and the exciting news is that the two new gospel chariots in Uganda and Nigeria are up and running. The chariot in Uganda has been instrumental in the baptism of over 330 souls since it started reaching out a couple of months ago. Thank you to all who helped with the funds. This is so amazing as we now have 15 gospel chariots going into 20 African countries. Just amazing and so evangelistic as Africans reach Africa. That said, there is so much happening that we cannot put it all in one report and so we are going to divide the report up into three parts of the continent, namely Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa. This will also help us get to know the continent, regions and workers better and make it easier for all to read. This week we will start off with East Africa and the next couple weeks the other two regions.



As said, this new gospel chariot has been responsible for more than 330 souls baptised this first quarter with the Ugandan brethren on fire for the Lord and uniting and sharing the chariot among the Churches of Christ. Just amazing as you see them preaching doing open airs in the market place, putting the tent up in others and preaching at night with many coming out. Have a look at the many souls dressed in orange waiting to be baptised or being baptised or who have just got baptised, also the many pics with so much action taking place for Jesus. Brethren, this is why a gospel chariot is so good for the church. Churches and christians today don’t reach out and evangelise the way God wants us to and it is not that they don’t want to, sometimes they don’t know how or are not reminded of the way we need to point people towards our Heavenly Father, and this is what is so exciting about a gospel chariot coming into your area. They create a revival and platform for outreach and fire the brethren up and remind them about seeking and saving the lost, even congregations are planted and this allows ordinary christians to get involved and use their talents and gifts they never thought they had. Its amazing. Have a look at the many photos below and tell me if you can make heads or tails, ha ha. All I know is God is up to something and you made it happen. To God be the Glory.
From me, George Funk, I want to thank all the Ugandan brethren for working together like this. We are so excited when so much good happens after building a new gospel chariot. Since the new chariot started working not even 3 months ago, hundreds have given their lives to Jesus and it just shows your hunger to reach your country and beyond. You need to be commended. God Bless Uganda as they spread the wonderful name of Jesus. Thank You Lord. To God be the Glory.


This Kenyan Gospel Chariot is now 2 years old and has been responsible for hundreds of souls giving their lives to Jesus and in the last two months 95 souls were baptised into Christ. Tom Opondo and the team in Kenya reported that the year started off with a number of mission challenges. Political tensions and street demonstrations would have entirely stopped evangelism but thanks to God for making impossibilities work well for them. Tom says God strengthened their faith and gave them hope in His service. It is this assurance that helped Richard, Julius, Lucas and Tom plan for January, February and March evangelism and Missions in Kenya. Below shows regions where the Gospel Chariot truck and leaders worked:

1. Sotik: evangelism in 8 congregations, 6 broken families restored and leadership seminar organized
2. Muhoroni: Working in two churches – 22 people got baptized into Christ.
3. Kapsabet: 4 congregations boosted with serious evangelism
4. Eldoret : Result of working with 5 congregations – 24 people baptized
5. Bungoma: 5 souls added to the church
6. Kolweny: 13 people were baptized
7. Mwanza, Tanzania: at Mwamanga Church of Christ, and Misungwi 31 souls baptised into Christ.

God be glorified as 95 people received Christ and submitted in obedience to Christ.

Tom says the highlight of evangelism was when a 85 year old lady accepted Christ. She uttered “This is new message bringing life, and I cannot allow age and traditions to stand in my way for a better life with God”.
The first pic shows Tom Opondo preaching and once again plenty of photos of action on the road.


Please pray for Mike Knappier as he recovers from surgery and will be having chemo and radiation in the coming months. He is a dear friend and partner in the gospel and has been for 17 years now. We at Gospel Chariot love him and Diane dearly and they are part and parcel of our GCM family. PLEASE pray for his health. We hope to see him and Diane back in Africa in the near future, but his health comes first. Please have a special prayer for him and the family.


If you combine the USA, China, India, Europe and Japan – they all fit into the continent of Africa. The US can fit comfortably no less than three times. The UK can fit into Africa over 120 times. There are 54 countries in Africa with a population of about 1.3 billion people.
Please pray for all these countries and all the chariots with all the leaders working together to spread the wonderful name of Jesus. Thank You Lord and thank you all.