Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you doing well. The year finished off with Lyman and Robert heading home after working 6 countries and baptizing more than 600 souls in those countries. They will return in February and this year we will change the route somewhat where we will add the southern part of Congo as well and that’s very exciting as we pioneer the Congo. Their chariot is now in for some major repairs, as well as the South African chariot that Bongani and the Pretoria office operate.
Our GCM Pretoria office with our short term Bible school and team will be moving out of the inner-city, but will be leaving the thriving Downtown Church behind to serve the community there. Dimpo and the team will then move and operate from our new campus on the western side of Pretoria where new communities are popping up all over the place. Very exciting. It is in this area where we have already planted a new congregation in Dimpo’s house and will be focusing on planting small home groups in and around Pretoria. All our team and their wives will be attending the new Campus Church and will strike out from there into the Pretoria region and beyond our borders. Exciting, exciting developments. Please pray for this.
France Molefi now based in Plettenberg Bay will be relocating one and half hours south to the town of George where we have been struggling with our mission base there, but also focus on the entire Garden Route.
Namibia has also been a struggle, but the good news is that Mike Knappier will return and help again and we have Jonathon Chuma, based in Zimbabwe who will also do his time there, teaching with Dimpo and Lazarus. As you can see our ministry is not just about the chariots, but at times taking the responsibility and going into areas where its pioneering work and at times just outright difficult to make inroads, but God is Good and we need to know that He always comes through if we are patient.
I have just sent a container this week with 6 pallets of Bibles and clothing for the poor to Beitbridge, Zimbabwe where The Park Church will be campaigning with us in June, Lord willing, helping us reach the southern part of Zimbabwe.
Busy, busy, busy with so much happening in the Southern part of Africa. Please pray for us here in the Southern part as we cross over into 10 countries this year and that is from the Southern part only. I will send our East African and North African update in the coming week or two.
Below are a bunch of pics of some happenings that took place here in the Southern part of Africa from the last quarter of 2018 and we give God the Glory and you supporters the appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Bongani and Lazarus out of our Pretoria office, finished off with Bongani working in the Natal area and Lazarus the Eastern Cape. Bongani has reported how a number of Churches of Christ got together for a combined and filled the tent with great preaching and fellowship, 15 people from the community came in and joined the fellowship. He also reports that a 74 year old man who was worshiping God in his home, was baptized and will continue worshiping God. The youth also came and where encouraged.
Lazarus reported from Port Elizabeth that they had a World Bible School seminar and one man responded to the gospel message. Lazarus wants to thank Brother Owen Nyahore, Tengani William and all the brethren in Port Elizabeth who participated.
Robert Hara and Lyman Mpharo, our Southern African chariot driver evangelists made it back home to our Pretoria office and reported over 600 souls baptized, helped plant 6 new congregations, traveled into 6 countries, enrolled 1,682 students to study through World Bible School and worked with hundreds of our Churches of Christ and brethren to make this happen. And we need to commend them and give God the Glory. 
Our Namibian mission has not been easy with us rotating men in from South Africa to help teach at the short term school and do campaigns as well, but with the Grace of God we move forward every year. Below you can see Jonathan Chuma from Zimbabwe at our Tsumeb mission. We hope to get Jonathan to also help from time to time as he is one amazing teacher of the Bible. We are praying that Mike Knappier will be in good health in 2019 to assist as well. I spoke to Mike this week and it looks like he and Diane and son Chad will be heading to Namibia in late February. Amen and amen. Mike has had a horrid 2018, but God is Good and things are looking up. Thank You, Lord.
Below you can also see Paul Lulacha who we have helped to relocate back to his home country where he has now started a church in his house and baptized some souls already. This is pioneering work and we lift Paul up in prayer. He has settled in Goma and it’s a strategic area located near Rwanda and Burundi. We will visit with him this year and he will also join chariot 2 as we strike into Congo from the Zambian side. God Bless DRC Congo and Namibia as the wonderful Name of Jesus is preached.
Amen, please pray for this amazing Gospel Chariot office in Pretoria, South Africa, as we move to the outskirts of Pretoria where the communities are exploding with housing developments and growth.
With much prayer and discussions we have made a decision to take a step of faith and release our GCM family to do greater things in the years to come. Dimpo Motimele with Machona Monyamane, Lazarus Munetsi, Bongani Mabena and our little Zonge Xoshe and not forgetting their disciples, can turn that area and beyond upside down for Jesus. Oops and don’t forget Mamcy Mukhedi. Wow, God Bless these brethren and the new vision and new campus for disciple making and reaching none other than our whole continent of Africa. Thank you Brian Lister for flying over to encourage us with your wisdom and experience that you have from many years of serving God in Durban. 
That said, we will be leaving behind a thriving Downtown Church of Christ that we planted 17 years ago. Please pray for us as we try do this all over again, but this time on a bigger scale if its the Lord’s Will.
Wow, this has come sooner than what I thought, and that is, another container loaded with clothes, Bibles and wheelchairs. I need to thank my Australian friends and community who have helped make this happen and especially those who gave up time Saturday to help load. Thanks Wayne, Quinton, Mike, Damo, JP, Ilani and all the kiddies keeping each other company, ha ha. 
The container is on its way and I hope to campaign in Zimbabwe with some brethren from The Park Church of Christ and our GCM team as well as some brethren from Venda in June. We hope to have a workshop encouraging Zimbabweans as we all unite to reach the country.
It was good to go home for a short visit and be with my brethren in Kwanos. Amazing group. As you can see many graduated with their World Bible School studies and then what we do best, and that is fellowship and eat. 
Thanks brethren and especially France Molefi for overseeing the teaching. God Bless the Garden Route. 
Ingrid,a student of Richard Patton and physically challenged, was baptized. Lazarus and Machona baptized her and reported that she types using her eyes and loves the Lord. Her husband is very supportive and he thinks if we can visit, it will be of a great encouragement to them as they follow Christ.
With Lazarus here, is Cornelius Sipho Mahlangu – WBS Student of TN-105. He visited the office requesting to restart the WBS course, at the time he enrolled years back he said he was not that serious, but now he is ready to start all over again. We gave him the intro course and hope this time he is serious with his studies. Let’s keep him in our prayers.
The work continues in Pretoria, daily reaching out with WBS in the communities around us. Last week was our week once more in Kirkney doing door to door and intros distributions and invitations to the house church. We believe in time soon we will reap the harvest of our efforts. Please let’s keep on praying. 
The picture below is Puleng Dick Msiza the WBS student who visited the office to see what we are doing and share with us his dreams reaching out to his community. Puleng is greatly encouraged to study and learn more through WBS. We thank God for the teacher who directed him to brother Dimpo. His teachers name is Darlene Taylor.