This is our East African fourth quarter update. As you can see these two chariots have really, really done well. We also managed to ship a container of clothing and wheelchairs in for the poor, that really helped the communities we went into. There were over 1,600 souls baptized between the two chariots with Uganda doing the best, but there were also 7 churches planted during 2018. We have plans on getting a mature full time African mission minded worker, working with us to travel and explore new regions and countries in East Africa as we break new ground. Please pray for this fruitful region and have a look at some of these pictures from the last quarter of 2018. Its mind boggling as God continues to work through us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Below are some of Duncan Ojiambos updates during the last quarter.
Receive greetings and a word of appreciation from our brothers and sisters of Bunaibamba Church of Christ. This is one of the oldest congregations in Busoga, planted during the time of the first team of missionaries. But due to some challenges, they stopped meeting and one family stood firm in the Faith and just had a house Church for over 7 years.
In June, Gospel Chariot Missions team visited this place and camped here for four days helping Mr. KAWANGUZI and wife evangelize their community. By the end of the gospel camp, the church received new converts. They begun worshiping under a mango tree in KAWANGUZI’s back yard because the number was bigger than his living room.
From now to date this congregation has been growing everyday. They were able to acquire a piece of land and bought a few building materials for their church building.
This month of November, GCM team camped at Bunaibamba for another gospel campaign and door-door evangelism. From Friday to yesterday Sunday, their work harvested another 23 souls for Christ. They were baptized and added to the church and one being a 87 year old lady. 
Duncan Ojiambo reported:
The Lord has done yet another amazing work in Bupeni Community through Bupeni Church of Christ partnership with Gospel Chariot Missions Uganda in the efforts to obey the Great Commission. The gospel has been preached, discipleship seminar has been conducted and Bibles have been given to some new converts. WBS students have been enrolled-75 new students.
The four days tent meeting ended today with 19 souls converted to Christ and His Church. They were all baptized into Christ. Glory be to God.
Duncan Ojiambo reporting:
Receive greetings from Jinja Uganda this evening. We thank our God who is always faithful and does amazing work through those who obey His commandments.
We were commanded to “GO” and He promised to be with us always. We have witnessed His presence and actions in many ways and situations.
The GCM crew arrived at Bususa in Kitukiru, Buyende District on Monday 12th 2018. This is one of the villages where Kibo group is actively working now days. Ida Bazonoona from Kibo group Uganda is doing a great job of teaching community empowerment lessons in this village. During her teaching process, since she deals with the bible in most of her lessons; the discussion about the church erupted. The community requested Ida to come back and plant a church in their community.
Ida came to our office and asked us to plan on taking the gospel meeting in this community. We prayerfully considered her request. And when the GCM team was available we took the gospel meeting there. The community is predominantly a Muslim community with lots of shrines of idol worship.
From Monday 12th to date the gospel meeting had a good turn up of people and three have received salvation. We have officially commissioned a preaching point in this village. The preachers in the area have committed themselves to help the converts and other members to learn more about Christ and His Church. Join us in praying for this new place.
Duncan Ojiambo emailed us another picture of a disabled child receiving a wheelchair from us that we managed to put into the container for Uganda. 
Duncan messaged saying:
Meet Norah Kisache one of the beneficiaries of the wheelchairs. She has never walked or sat stable since her childhood. This gift is a blessing to her and her family. Her dad Joshua says thank you so much for the gift.
Duncan reporting:
Gospel Chariot Missions is doing amazing work of evangelism in Karamoja Region. Our team continues to get deeper and deeper into Karamoja land. The Gospel is being preached village to village including those interior ones. People are submitting all their being to their creator. The mission of reconciling individuals back to their creator is being achieved through the work done by GCM team.
The team has worked in Kalokuruku village and Nakicumet Trading Center in Matany Sub-County, Napak District, Karamoja. God has added 21 to the church. They were baptized.
13 were restored to salvation and 104 recruited to study World Bible School glory be to God. We continue enjoying seeing God at work through His chosen servants. 
Amen, how cool is this. Duncan and our brethren from Kampala has sent us a couple pics and thanks saying:
Receive appreciation from Kampala Church of Christ, they distributed clothes to the orphaned kids at the school that their church established some years back. This school was founded by Kampala Church to provide hope to the vulnerable kids in Wakiso and the community. 
Amen, have a look at the St Stephen’s uniforms. I zoomed in to try get that. Brand new uniforms that schools and manufactures take off the shelf when logos change or uniform changes. This I collect in Perth Australia and send over in containers. We need to thank all who help us collect. How precious and what joy it brings to others. 
Duncan Ojiambo reports from Uganda after receiving the container of goods for the poor:
The Chariot and the crew drove to their second open air gospel campaign location today. The location is called Namendera Trading Center.
The turn up of people was very good. The preachers preached and taught the Word. 12 people obeyed the Gospel and were baptized. Something unique happened here, the majority of the converts were men. In most places women have been more receptive than men, but this place in Karamoja has challenged my attitude towards Karamojongs and men in my country Uganda. This is the hand of God at work in Karamoja. Continue praying.
The new converts will be assisted and does create a problem at times as souls are saved. This reminds me of the statement that was made by one of the church leaders in Busoga Region “he said that the Gospel Chariot has created more problems for the church”. The building could not accommodate all the new converts and there were not enough seats for them all haha.
We are proud to do what we are doing. We have created some job for our students at Karamoja Bible School. They will have to find there way out to preach in these new places being created by Gospel Chariot.
The Kenyan Gospel Chariot has now been going for 3 years and its getting better and better, but we are still struggling to penetrate some of the surrounding countries the way we would like and that goes for the Ugandan Gospel Chariot as well, but we have a plan on employing a full time mature African brother to help and travel into these areas and prepare the way for the chariots. It all has to do with getting brethren to buy in and to network and I believe if we can get better with that, then wow, who knows what God can do through us all. Below are some pics and updates from Tom Opondo and Lucas Oguta in Kenya:
Lucas Oguta reported from Kibwezi that 30 souls were baptized into Christ. Lucas says, thank God we arrived safe in Kibwezi where we visited 3 different Churches of Christ and 2 shopping centers. This resulted in 30 baptisms in the River Kibwezi. 
Lucas Oguta reporting.
Hello brothers,
I hope all is well. The coastal GCM meetings has been a blessing to me. We baptized 45 people. Taita Taveta 12 Kilfi 8 Malindi 25. We visited many Churches of Christ compared to last year, thank you brothers for your cooperation. 
Lucas Oguta reported from Gombeni:
Our Sunday service was successful in Kilifi Dindiri Church of Christ we later showed the new converts how to study with World Bible School. We then baptized 7 new converts in the Indian Ocean Kilifi. We had to hire some motorbikes for a long ride to Kilifi Town, there is a water problem in this area. Brother Richard encouraged them after baptism. We also worked with some youth that came out in numbers and it was hard to control at times. We also had some home fellowship with some leaders in the area. 
Tom Opondo in Kenya sent us the following.
Brother George. Thank you for the t-shirts received through Duncan Ojiambo. These children are from our Uongozi Christian Academy that our little Church tries to run and support. The children are happy for the Christmas gift as they close school today.
We have received lots of requests for children clothes, blankets and wheelchairs. Duncan promised he will pack and send to us from Uganda where you sent the container. Thank you very much. 
85 YEAR OLD LADY GIVES HER LIFE TO JESUS…..Amen….Never too late. 
Lucas Oguta on the Kenyan Gospel Chariot reported:
It is of great joy to see what God is doing through the Gospel Chariots and how people’s lives are being touched, a very old lady of 85 years old gave her life to Jesus and was baptized today and all we can say is Glory to God.