Hope this finds you doing well. This is our West African update and we have some wonderful news regarding West Africa and that is: we are now in the process of designing and negotiating the upgrading of the Liberian mini chariot to a Big Chariot that will travel into not just Liberia, but Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bassau, making it 6 countries!
This is so exciting, but as I sit here I could tell you of some amazing developments taking place in other parts of Africa where we are making amazing breakthroughs in spreading the Wonderful Name of Jesus and one area is the DRC, that is Congo, where we have struggled to get into for years and are now busy sending a Congoleas brother back to Congo, fully trained and ready to work out of Goma, a town ideally situated. Also have another brother leaving for Namibia to help us in our Bible School there and also trying to get him a work visa to help oversee the school. Also some amazing developments in South Africa as we are making plans of moving our ministry out of the inner city and more out of town to the west, where communities are popping up all over the place. That said, we will be leaving behind a thriving Downtown Pretoria Church of Christ.
Following is one of the updates from the Nigeria Gospel Chariot Evangelist, Samuel Ndukwe:
The Nigeria Gospel Chariot came to Kogi State on September 1, 2018 for a two week Gospel outreach. It traveled through seven Local Government Areas of Lokoja, Ajaokuta, Ofu, Dekina, Idah, Olamaboro and Ankpa of the state. The Chariot was hosted by more than ten congregations in their communities where intensive evangelism was done.
After working for 15 days in the State of Kogi, 26 coverts were added to the body of Christ. Below are the names, communities and Local Government were the converts were made.
Ajaokuta Steel Town
1. Ekeoba Serina Roland
2. Ekeoba Manasseh Roland
Ugwolawo in Ofu LGA
3. Samuel Igwe
4. Francis Abu
5. Enejo Peter
Ogbabo- Udachi in Ofu LGA
6. Blessing James
7. Noah Philip
8. Lucky James
9. Victor James
Ofabo in Ofu LGA
10.Stella Oguche
11. Gloria Gabriel
12. Godwin Aduiiwu
13. Isaac Sani
Ajiolo Oboko in Dekina LGA
14. Bernard Usman
Anyigba in Dekina LGA
15. Michael Issa
16. Daniel
Odidoko in Olamaboro LGA
17. Fatu Agada
18. Eleojo Abu
19. Ojoma Musa
20. John Agene
Adumo in Olamaboro LGA
21. Gowon Ahiaba
Ogugu Center- Olamaboro LGA
22. Oguche Charles
23. Ojo Anime
24. John Akoh
25. Uneku Jonah Agada
Okpo in Olamaboro LGA
26. David Eze Paul
Evans Larty has reported some amazing things happening in Ghana:
Church of Christ Youth, in the Central region of Ghana, annually organize evangelistic program dubbed “Youth Evangelism.” This program is organized during the period of school vacation to enable all Student’s participation.
This year’s program included medical evangelism, Dawn preaching, House to house evangelism, Night Street preaching, and sanitation awareness among the rural folks. About six rural towns in the Breman Asikuma district were evangelized with the following results. According to the records, 675 enrolled for WBS lessons, 148 persons received free health screening and medical care, and the LORD added 60 souls to the church. In addition, a new congregation was planted with 8 souls as initial converts. We appreciate your continuous prayers for the work in Ghana. Shalom
 Isaac Daye has reported:
About three months ago we got an SOS or Macedonia call from Brother John Travis Minister on behalf of Hope community Church of Christ in Weala to come join them in a soul winning campaign which we gladly did our gospel chariot team and Restoration Bible and Agriculture Institute students left Monrovia on Thursday August 10th for the two day campaign which climaxed with worship with the church on August 12th total baptism 23 souls.
The team was joined by other ministers and brethren from Sister Congregations from Monrovia, the result filled our hearts with joy that we honored their request to partner and support this soul winning event.
Our team have since returned to base and the chariot is waiting for her next port of call, we have several ports of calls listed for campaign for Christ, we need your prayers. Gospel chariot and WSB in collaboration with Restoration Bible and Agriculture Institute are making a big diffidence in the evangelism of Liberia

Amen Isaac, we hope to upgrade that mini chariot to a big gospel chariot next year where you can go into 5 countries. Let’s all pray for this. God is Great. Thank You, Father and thank you all involved.
Willie Gley reports that the work continues in Togo although the rains have hampered the meetings and outreach programs. However, the morning devotions and tract distributions continued. Let’s pray for Togo and all involved. Thank You, Lord.