It is wonderful to let you know that thousands have heard the gospel and there have been hundreds that have accepted the message of Jesus and have been baptized in the Southern African countries of South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Every year it gets better as congregations start working more and  more together with the chariots and as the brethren take more responsibility in reaching their own countries. I am very optimistic about Africans reaching Africa,


Chariot 2 with Robert and Lyman, who are Malawians, have traveled and worked with churches in Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, back to Malawi and Mozambique. Robert and Lyman report:
After working with Br Davis Sauka in Eastern Region Of Malawi, the Chariot was then taken by Br Langton Chigwenembe who has worked well. We also attended the Namikango Mission where we were welcomed very well at a Graduation Ceremony.
Now the total number of baptisms in Malawi this visit is 128 Souls plus those who were baptized before we went to Tanzania last month is 327 Souls. Below are some pics of the meetings in the southern part of Malawi:
Robert and Lyman worked in Tanzaia for 5 weeks and 47 souls were baptized into Christ.
As you can see on some of the pics, they have had some African bush truck repairs done and we are not looking forward to getting all that sorted out back at the home base. But that is what we go through from time to time. The roads are hard on the vehicles as we go deep into rural areas.
This gospel chariot based out of Pretoria and overseen by Bongani Mabena, has once again done a great job this quarter working north, south, east and west of the country and also crossing over into Swaziland. Below shows many pics of the gospel meetings:
Bongani reported that when he crossed into Swaziland the church was ready for him and excited and that the attendance was good and that 5 preachers from other local churches were invited to help with preaching and door to door outreach. He says the brethren were fired up and excited about outreach.
Last quarter we reported that there was a campaign taking place in Namibia. Below shows some follow-up baptisms with Eddie and Laurence and also some pics of the campaign that concluded in July. We need to thank the Knappiers for planning that campaign. Please pray for Namibia as we struggle to work that country from South Africa.
Auswich with the Zimbabwean mini chariot crossed over into Mozambique and reported the following:
God blessed our efforts in Tete, Mozambique. They much need our help in teaching and training for the equipping of saints for the work of God.
Fourteen souls were added to the Lord’s body and twenty-six men got empowered by the three days workshop we held. The purpose and scope of having the workshop was to disciple able Christians who will be able to teach others also.
The Pretoria GCM office has been busy with so much happening in town and out of town with Bongani on the road and men rotating into Namibia but also the short term school in process.
Lazarus reports that the pictures below were taken in Hamanskraal after the Bible Study and track drive last Thursday. Thanks Bro Dimpo for joining with us in this outreach, working as a team we can do more for the kingdom. From right on pictures is Brother Mashigo, Sipho, my wife and Brother Mashigo’s wife at their home. On the other picture Dumbisa one of our short term Student as we give him some practicals.