This is the last of our mid-year updates and its West Africa, where we have 5 chariots (three mini chariots and 2 big chariots) that work in 5 countries. That said, we have plans on upgrading the Liberian mini chariot for Isaac Daye to a big chariot that will then travel into the following 5 countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal and The Gambia. Then after that, Lord willing, we will help George Akpabli in Benin, with a big chariot that will go into more French speaking countries, being Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and also parts of Guinea. Wow, that means we will then go from 5 countries to 13 countries and many of these being very muslim. The amazing thing is, that it is our brethren, Isaac Daye and George Akpabli, pleading with us to increase their territory. These are great leaders and amazing networkers who know their region and I stand amazed that we as a ministry have such an opportunity to penetrate these Islamic countries, but also start working in more French speaking countries that have been overlooked. Only God can make such things happen.
Our goal was to give it a one year break before more chariots and just take a breather, but after much prayer and the  prompting of the Spirit, I must say it is the right thing to do and time is of the essence, especially in the north west that is so Muslim and whilst we have such capable and faithful brethren.
Please pray with us through the Power of God to take on more territory.
Below is the new Nigerian Gospel Chariot that you helped us build for the country. It is up and running and reaching many. The Evangelist, Samuel Iheke reported from Calabar, Cross River State, South South of Nigeria, that the chariot inaugural campaign started on March 28 through April 4, 2018. The outreach featured an open air evangelism at Ikot Effanga, indoor lecture at Ikot Effiom Iyamba and another open air evangelism at Itung Effanga. There were also open air evangelism at Tinapa; Marlabo – inside University of Calabar; Ebuka Ebuka in Calabar south local government area; Neutron primary school on Atu street, Calabar and Eneobong street Calabar. At the end of the Calabar outreach, souls were baptized and a new congregation inaugurated at Eneobong avenue, Calabar on Sunday, April 1. The Chariot left Calabar for Abia State on April 5, 2018. To God be the glory!
OUTREACH IN THE BRONG AHAFO REGION OF GHANA….Brother Evans reported the following:
The Chariot continues to work in the Brong Ahafo region and is assisting the churches in the region to reach out to communities that have not heard about the wonderful name of Jesus. A Preacher called me requesting that I send you a message to thank those who made the contributions for the Ghana Chariot. He is overwhelmed at the accomplishments and the impact the Chariot is making on the communities in the Brong Ahafo region. He said, “Many souls have been touched and the harvest will soon be great.” Furthermore, the Chariot crew got opportunity to work with a Senior High School students. The school’s headmaster allowed the crew to speak at their Wednesday morning devotion period and presented the Passion of the Christ to the entire students’ during the night. At the close of the program, four (4) students were baptized and 1302 enrolled for the WBS program.
Praise the Lord.
The Agon church of Christ and their evangelist, Casimir, invited us for a open-air preaching. They have begun a new preaching point in Hoeugbo. After our departure and their follow-up, they baptized 10 souls to begin a new congregation.
Amen, Isaac Daye has reported and encouraged us with the following:
“The making of Evangelists will give birth to Evangelism which will lead to salvation’s. For two days students of Restoration Bible and Agriculture Institute in partnership with gospel chariot stormed VOA community outside of Monrovia with the passion of Christ and preaching of the gospel to a very large crowd turning out to watch and hear resulting in one baptism today after service of a prospect who worshiped with us at Jonestown. Fifteen others listed their names for followup studies that the students will be engaging in days ahead. My joy in all of this is seeing us making Evangelists who are doing evangelism.
What a joy to see the fruit of our labor and investment in training men to win the lost for Christ.
They will be reaching out to G4 community this week end to work in partnership with the church. Please pray for the next generation of Evangelists being trained to take over the mantle when our generation is gone.”
Thank you Isaac, we at Gospel Chariot appreciate your partnership. We will be pulling this mini chariot off the road at the end of this year due to it being worn out and broken. As mentioned we will be trying to upgrade it next year with a Big Chariot that will travel into 5 countries allowing us to increase our territory and not waist money on a small flimsy truck that doesn’t  last. Exciting time ahead.
The highlight of activities was the Central Togo gospel campaign. The team was led by Esperance, an instructor with the BVBI and the preacher for the Nukafo Church of Christ in Lome. The trip took them to Blitta and Atikpai. Activities included: Dawn preaching, house to house Bible study, tract distribution and public or open air preaching. The Chariot team that left Kpalime included two drivers and the driver to join the team from Lome. Activities in Blitta were climaxed with a worship service. At the end of it all Twenty five souls were added to the church.