Wow, don’t know where to begin and wish I could tell you everything that is going on and then there are so many other things that I don’t even know about, but our Heavenly Father sees it all and is Glorified. All I can say is this is one crazy work that is hard to report on because of the vastness of it. Thank you to all who make this all happen.
On the work front in Southern Africa, Bongani on Chariot 1 has worked north, south, east and west out of Pretoria. He is now in Venda on the Zimbabwe border. Robert and Lyman on Chariot 2 have traveled from South Africa into Namibia, Zambia and now in Malawi with hundreds being baptized. They will now cross into Tanzania month end. Auswich on the Zimbabwean Chariot has also been busy with campaigners and follow up on World Bible School students and also had a minor vehicle repair and is now in Mozambique reaching out. Then the poor Pretoria office has been burning the candle on both sides with short term Bible school in Pretoria and Tsumeb, Namibia and also working with campaigners from the USA. It has been busy: as one group leaves, another arrives. It has been fantastic as lives were touched and the Gospel message taught. As I write this Machona and our brethren from Tulsa have just crossed into Zimbabwe and Dimpo and Lazarus have just returned from Namibia, where they were campaigning with our USA visitors from Arkansas.
Have a look at the many pics and things God is doing through you all.
From Zambia Chariot 2 entered Malawi through Mwami- Mchinji border post.
Malawi still has to be the country where Christians come out the most and unite in worshiping God. Robert Hara and Lyman Mpharo have reported the following:
This chariot has really worked well in Lilongwe while on both Open Air Crusades and Tent meeting. We did four open Air Crusades and one Tent meeting this week, In which the Chariot has helped to plant two congregations while doing Open Air Crusades at Ming’ongo and Kapinga. It worked in Chileka, Ming’ongo, Kaziyo and Kapinga for Open Air Crusades then later we went at Chimimba Trading Centre in Kasiya for Tent meeting.
Amazing and surprisingly the Chariot has helped Brothers to plant two new congregations at Ming’ongo where 18 Souls were baptized and at Kapinganga 26 souls were also immersed and they started worshiping on Sunday this week in both places as other preachers went there to help with the planting of these new congregations.
114 souls have been baptized since we crossed into Malawi and 412 students have been Registered for WBS.
In all these places we worked with Preachers, Evangelists and African Missionaries. Visited and welcomed by Chiefs, Group Village Headmen and Village Headmen who were asking us to come back again to preach in their different places soon.
Below shows some of the areas Bongani has worked in, one being  Monsterlus where a couple congregations got together for a gospel meeting and a new church was planted about 45km from Rustenburg, called Tsisting and 38 souls baptized. Bongani is now in Venda and you will see him and this same chariot working other regions in the south, that is as you read this report.
Lyman and Robert have worked in the following towns and with the following congregations as they traveled through Zambia: Siavonga church of Christ in Siavonga; Kariba stores in Siavonga; Lupembe Church of Christ in Siavonga; Nakafue in Chilundu District and Kateneke Church of Christ in Chisamba District. In these places they worked with Brother Charles Hill from Lampases. From there they went to Copperbelt and worked in the following towns: Kabwe; Kitwe; Ndola; Nyimba; Sinda and Lundazi. 66 souls were baptized in Zambia.
Our Pretoria office has had campaigners from Harding and from Little Rock. Below you can see the Harding students and lecturers who came over and taught at some schools just east out of Pretoria. This is the second year that they have done this and it is so exciting when we help others and let Christ shine through us. Thank you to all.
The USA campaigners from Hot Spring Village in Arkansas, continued their campaign into Namibia and it was fantastic. They served God wherever they could and all we can say is: Big Thank You.
Diane Knappier, Christy Evans and Larry Meadows arrived first in Tsumeb, Lazarus as well, and they did a great job getting everything ready. Chad, Janet, Mark, Bailey Knappier, Joel Lewis, Jesse Gober, Brenda & Ben Crownover, Sydney & Houston Colson, Tyler Evans, & Jacob Bearden joined them later as they stopped off in Pretoria.
It was amazing! They did a Youth Rally, Evangelism Campaign with Chariot, Children Activities, WBS Seminar, Teach Short Term school, and Service Projects. They also sang in Pretoria and Namibia.
Mike Knappier would have been with the group, but as we all know, is recovering from cancer-treatments. Mike and Dimpo planned this amazing campaign. Dimpo Motimele and Lazarus Munetsi also campaigned with our visitors. Well done everyone. Lets all continue praying for Mike Knappier, who should be back later this year or early next year. GOD IS GOOD.
For the last 3 years I have tried to get some of the Pretoria team together in Durban where we have time together and I encourage them and some of us run the Comrades marathon. We also have a look at how we can better reach the Kwa-Zulu Natal area and it has been very fruitful as we are working with Brian Lister and some new developments we are praying about and moving ahead with. Below shows our visitors from the US and my friend, Mike Prosser from Perth, who traveled with me this year. I believe God is up to something in Durban and we will have news in the coming year about a new project and ministry we are hoping to establish. Below shows our Pretoria team with teachers and students from Harding University. Please pray for this region and vision.
Our Vendan brethren crossed into Zimbabwe and De Villiers says:
What a great trip to Zimbabwe. Friday morning we left for Zim it was me, Mathose and Owen. It was an awesome experience. We crossed the border until we got to Rutenga, from Rutenga heading to Poland where they were hosting the outreach you won’t believe it 100 km gravel and again another 40 km daily to where we were resting. But God was good as we encouraged our brethren.
PS. Our brethren from Tulsa are now working with our Venda brethren and have just crossed over into Zimbabwe. There is a whole lot of good happening in the region and great plans for further development. I must have spoken to them yesterday for over an hour.  Please pray for Machona Monyamane, Don Noles, Dale Brezee and David Brookman. More about that campaign in our next report. As you can see Bongani Mabena is also up in Venda with his big chariot and a number of souls have been baptized into Jesus.
Auswich and the Zimbabwean chariot has been working Rafingoro region. Auswich says the WBS work continues to keep us very busy as we always respond to requests by teachers in the USA. We got an urgent information to follow a student named P. Damiano. Who has been influential in recruiting students for World Bible School. We had no clues on how to search for him, no cell phone numbers and no physical address. We only had his name and the box address. Chris and l had to search until we found him.
He quickly organized people to come and meet us. He is a Christian in the Lord’s church, though he was a backslider. We quickly held a mini service and encouraged the church and the students to continue in the studies.
Auswich is currently in Mozambique where some doors have opened in Tete Chingodzi and he says some good things are happening. Lets all pray for him as he crosses borders.
Below shows Lazarus with Stanilaus Ndjila, he is a student of Dennis Scheidt Internet Student. He has completed most of his studies and would like to add more information to what he learned over the period with WBS. He is now going to join the short term school in Tsumeb on a part-time basis. You can also see Lazarus encouraging the short term Bible school students in Tsumeb.