I am back home from East Africa and very excited about my trip I just completed to Uganda and witnessing what the Lord is doing through the new Ugandan Gospel Chariot, that was build last year, and all I can say is: it is doing better than what I expected and we need to thank the leaders we chose to oversee the chariot in Uganda. God is doing amazing things in East Africa.


Below are pictures of my visit to Uganda and as said, it was amazing. We flew in from Johannesburg and Ria and I helped a new convert friend here in Australia to travel with me into Africa and experience God at work and it was a winner. His name is Mike Prosser and was a non believer and lets just say not interested in God. He is now a brother and excited about God. I hope to take an Australian with me every year as I try disciple and reach Australians due to me living here and commuting. We took a young Congolease man, Paul, who was converted in South Africa and studied Bible there, also with and connected him with brethren from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and some from Congo. Paul wants to return to Congo and we are looking for contacts in the region due to this Ugandan Chariot working the 4 countries. Below shows Mike. Paul, Duncan, Isaac and myself as we arrived at the airport.
The Kenyan chariot, just like the Ugandan chariot, is doing well and touching lives in East Africa. This chariot has traveled and preached in many, many villages and had to deal with rain and challenging situations. Read below as we show you some of the activities and many souls being baptized into Jesus.
Below shows them working in Migori County and have worked with the Ongoro and Muhoroni Churches of Christ. Lucas reported that their Watata meeting ended with 10 souls being baptized into Christ and many WBS lessons distributed.