Here we are one quarter of the year gone already. This is our West African chariot update and we will get our East African update off next week and the Southern African one the week after. There is just too much to put in one update and therefore we have to break it up into 3 reports.

West Africa is doing extremely well considering it is the most Muslim populated of all our areas we work in and we need to thank the West African brethren for their part in this effort. We have 5 gospel chariots in the region and that being Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and the Liberian chariot that is now being upgraded to a big Liberian chariot. The good news is that the funds for the new big Liberian chariot have been raised and that the new truck has been ordered and the body is now being manufactured for the chariot. We want to thank all who made this happen. See pictures of this under Liberia.
On a sad note, we had a faithful brother, brother Kofi Tawiah, who lost his life in an accident. He was working with the Ghana Gospel Chariot in Ghana, riding a motor bike on his way to the evening gospel meeting. He was the brother hosting the gospel chariot in his region. Our condolences go out to the families involved. You can read more under the Ghana section of this report. So sad.
The Nigerian chariot is only now just over one year old and it is reaching out wonderfully and hundreds have come to know Jesus. The Nigerian brethren are buying more and more into it, as you can see the way they get banners made and promote the meetings before the chariot arrives in the area, but one of the strong areas of their outreach is the way many of the congregations use World Bible School. See all the many pictures of the meetings and God Bless Nigeria.
Here is what Brother Biodun Owolabi reported from Nigeria:
Since February 19, 2019, the Nigeria Gospel Chariot has been traversing the nooks and crannies of Ogun West District of Southwestern Nigeria with the unadulterated gospel of Christ. Communities covered during the outreach include: Alapoti, Aferiko, Idi-iroko, Ado-odo, Owode-yewa, Lusada, Iju-ota, Obere, Ijoko-ota, Owode-Titun, Iyana Ilogbo, Abule- iroko, Ewupe, Olugba, Ota, Iyana Iyesi, Igbesa, Atan-ota, amongst several others.
Between March 7 – 8, the chariot took time to work with COC Igbein, Abeokuta, to evangelise Mawuko, a community within the neighborhood of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
Hundreds of souls were reached with the saving gospel, thousands of WBS materials distributed and several souls obeyed the gospel. The campaign continues till the end of March.
Brother Biodun also reported:
The Nigeria Gospel Chariot is at work at the annual WBS Great Workshop at Mbaise, Imo State, South East of Nigeria.
Going back earlier in the year:
The Nigeria Gospel Chariot started its evangelism outreach for 2019 with a 3-day gospel meeting (23 – 25 January) at Kajola, on the outskirt of Abeokuta, Ogun State. Eleven souls obeyed the gospel after the three-day outreach.
We are saddened to inform all about an accident that took the life of our brother Kofi Tawiah. Brother Evans Larty informed us the following:
The chariot crew member and the preacher who organised the northern trip was involved in a motorbike accident on the 19th March 2019. The accident occurred in Bawku in northern Ghana where the crew is currently working. The crew member Shadrach is a WBS worker and the Preacher is Kofi Tawiah who preaches for the Church of Christ Osu congregation in Accra.
The two were on a motorbike heading towards a village for a night street preaching program. Unfortunately, the motorbike skidded off the road. Shadrach got wounded but brother Tawiah died on the spot. They had to be transported on a three hour rugged road to the hospital.
We are all devastated. The rest of the crew are doing well. We need your prayers.
So sad, so sad. Lets all pray for all involved.
Below is more of Evans Lartey reporting from Ghana. Its just amazing what God is doing through all involved.
God has graciously dealt with the Chariot team in their work at the Upper East region of Ghana. The team has worked through nine rural towns. Idol worship is predominant in some of these towns. The team realizing power encounters did fast and prayed for breakthroughs. Like Paul in Athens (Acts 17:16ff), the team stayed and worked five days in a town called Gagbiri which is surrounded with idols. Some town folks confessed abandoning idol worship to become Christians. Consequently, five souls were baptized to start the church in Gagbiri. Many, including the chief, have promised to be baptized. The team also worked in a village called Songo where the church members’ mostly old men and women whose ages are over 80 years, some blind and others bed ridden are not able to attend church. The team donated some clothing to the church. Besides spiritual encounters, temperatures and humidity are very high. Temperatures at 6 am is 90 degree Celsius and 100 plus in the afternoons. However, God is with the team and the 45 souls who have been added to the Lord’s Church and WBS enrollments stands at 1150 students registered for the course. The team is still in the Upper East Region and needs your constant prayers.
Wow, that is amazing. It was just after this that our brother lost his life. Lets pray for all involved.
More reporting from Evans:
The Ghana Chariot ended their work with three districts (Kwame Danso, Kejeji and Prang) in the Brong Ahafo region. Preachers Job Tilabi and Peter Mensah hosted the crew. There shall be a follow-up next year with all ten preachers in the area hosting the team. Despite the poor nature of the roads, the mission was very successful. The success includes a visit to two Senior High Schools for WBS enrolment. An eleven-year-old boy with amputated leg assisted the crew to set up their public address system for night street preaching. And that night at 10 pm, eight persons decided to be baptized. The total WBS enrolment was 510 and baptism was sixteen (16). The team has since moved to the Upper west region. We need your prayers daily.
Amen, it was just a dream some time back and now becoming a reality. When completed this Gospel Chariot will work and travel into 4 West African countries including its home country of Liberia. Isaac Daye and his team will oversee this effort. Wow, God is Great and we are so excited to be part of spreading the Wonderful Name of Jesus in that region.
George Akpabli and the team have reported with pictures
➢ A Calavi Sèmè
For two weekends 11, 12 and 17 to 19 January, the chariot bus worked with the Calavi, the same congregation in one of the suburbs of Cotonou where the Bible College students have planted a church. Some of the pictures show the team working in a very remote village where we showed films to attract the public and also preach the gospel. Access to the village is very difficult. It took more than two hours to make the 20 kilometers journey. We spent three days teaching them the way of the Lord. This was some hard three days because there is no food or good drinking water. Life is still very primitive. The good thing is they are very receptive to the gospel.
People sat on the floor to listen to the gospel. Amen.
➢ A Natitingou (BORI YOURE)
15 to 16 February 2019
This was a night-time preaching in a suburb of the city of Natitingou. For two nights we showed religious films and during the day we met with the small church where BTC student Rogacien preaches. Those who responded to the call came together in a classroom of a private school for further teaching. Plans are for this congregation to begin meeting in this classroom temporarily until they can get a permanent place.
➢ A Natitingou (I’MPORIMA)
26 to 28 February 2019
Here you can also see us teaching in detail about salvation and baptism to those who responded to the call for baptism. Eight souls were added to the church in Mporima.
➢ A Savè (GOBE)
On our return after one month in the north we stopped by Save to work with some of the Benin Bible school students on vacation and brother Andre in Gobe.
Here all our preaching equipment broke down. We hired an amplifier for the rest of the time and we had to head back to Cotonou.
George then continues to write about the many challenges that face this work.
Please let’s all pray for our Benin chariot team.
The gospel chariot team in Togo has been busy spreading the wonderful name of Jesus through open air meetings, door to door outreach, radio preaching and market preaching.Willie Gley the director of the school and effort and who oversees our chariot work has been struggling with some health issues and has recovered some but as you can see whether there or not the chariot work continues and that is a good sign. Please pray for Willie and the many souls being baptized into Jesus.