This is our Southern African update and the first three months are always busy as we get chariots ready and on the road, but also receive the short term bible students from different areas. It has been crazy busy, but so exciting. We have also relocated our Pretoria office out of the inner-city onto a small holding, west of the city. It is wonderful as we now have more space and it is an area ready to be evangelized. The good news is that we have left the Downtown Church of Christ in the inner-city as it is a thriving church, with two services held on Sundays, with a mature leadership.
A house church near the campus, that Dimpo Motimele started in his house just over a year ago, has now moved to the new Gospel Chariot Campus and it is from this campus where we will continue reaching not only our area and country, but the whole CONTINENT OF AFRICA with Gospel Chariots. It is very, very hard to explain what an amazing work this is and is becoming. I leave month end for the campus, where I will be doing a church planting seminar and discussing missions and missions and missions with key leaders from the continent who I have invited to be with us. This is truly becoming an African Dream where our Africans are now the missionaries crossing borders and reaching un-evangelised areas and all we are doing, is seeing potential and sending reinforcements and getting more and more to buy into this Dream. Brethren, this is hard to explain, but God knows and God is the One moving this movement. Thank you, thank you all for your part in this. Below is just a snippet of what really is happening as only God knows what is truly happening.
The year started off with my usual trip to South Africa where we get things rolling with chariots and short term schools and a million things on the admin side as we start the new year. When in South Africa, I base myself out of Plettenberg Bay and below shows the students and church we planted some years back. You can also see Lyman and Robert getting ready for their 6 country mission trip on chariot 2. Please keep them in your prayers and not forgetting our GCM teacher France Molefi who teachers in Plett.
Amen, our Pretoria Gospel Chariot team under the directorship of Dimpo Motmele has been trying something different and that’s not inviting people to church but trying to reach the unchurched. Our goal is to connect with them in their space and love them where they are and pray with them where they are and build a relationship with them where they are and not push church on them but deal with their hurts first. Many many people are hurting and are suspicious of churches and are offended when we want to invite them to church upfront. So our goal is to pray with them in their space and at a time of their convenience and Lord Willing a Church will evolve out of the love and grace of Jesus being shown in their space and their place.
The good news is I believe we have some people coming to church because we never invited them to church but rather prayed and loved them in their space and place.
Please let’s all pray for this SEED PROJECT where we connect with unchurched people and do church where life happens.
Below you can see Jay Jarboe, a good friend I have got to know and love who works with MRI out of Dallas and who worked with a small group of us over 3 days and we are glad to announce that we will be having him and other good leaders help us host a yearly leadership summit right here on this campus. I’m excited and at 64 years old so want to grow to my full potential in my older years and help many others do the same thing. Please let’s all pray for Dimpo Motimele and the team as we groom them and lift them up to do greater things in years to come.
Thank you Jay for coming our way and as I like to say ” LETS ALL GET EXCITED, IGNITED AND UNITED ” To God be the Glory.
Below shows the GCM team helping at a Comrades training run and encouraging all with prayer before the start and the whole idea is to connect through sport. Bongani and I hope to run the Comrades in early June before our campaign into Zimbabwe and Kenya and now the campus is starting to have faith, family fun runs and they have done one already but that falls into our next quarters report.


Amen, Mike, Diane, Chad and Janet from Arkansas arrived in Tsumeb, Namibia in March and hit the road running, working with the short term students, just teaching, loving and connecting with the love of Christ. Chad and Janet returned after two weeks and Diane after a month and we need to say BIG THANK you to them. Then Mike continued and is still there and will return back to the US in May. Wow, what a stint and what a recovery after his cancer, but most amazing has been his teaching and love and connecting with the students the way he has.
Mike and Diane have had a bad situation one night in Tsumeb Namibia. They were robbed whilst sleeping and two computers and two cellphones stolen, but the good news was, they were not harmed or attacked. It’s been so very hot up there and a window was open for a draft to blow through and someone took advantage of that. We have since got security bars put on the new apartments. Jonathan Chuma has also been campaigning and helping with Mike as well as Lazarus Munetsi. Lets all pray for Namibia and thank you all for helping reach Namibia.
Bongani and Zonge on Chariot 1 started off working in the Mafikeng area and they reported:
We Thank God for making it possible to connect with our former student (Phenyo) in his space, when we met with him he took us to the area called Lekoko 15ks away from Mafikeng where he planted a church. God works in amazing ways and people in the area responded very well to the gospel. We met one couple that says God answered their prayers because they were praying for a revival in the area. God always gives the increase. 7 people gave their lives to Christ and were baptized. We can boldly say a church was planted in the area of Lekoko with the effort of our former student. We speak like Paul unto us the door is open for the message.
Bongani Mabena and Zonke Xoshe then returned to Pretoria after their gospel meetings in the Free State and Bongani reported the following:
We were so humbled by the attendance of the community. They came in big numbers just to listen to the Word of The Almighty.
We thank God for His direction in meeting His people in their space. We prayed with them, we included the local challenges like drug’s, teenage pregnancy, young people who grow up with single parents, crime around the area, alcohol abuse. There are just so many challenges. The people said we came at the right time many people are no longer going to churches. They needed such a revival, they were encouraged. We hope to return and do more studying with them. God willing we hope to plan a short trip for baptism, leadership seminar and youth activities.
What you see here is Lyman Mpharo and Robert Hara as they travel from school to school recruiting Students to study through the post and internet with teachers in the US. World Bible School is a wonderful ministry helping people world wide get to know Jesus free of charge. This was just before they left their home country of Malawi to collect their big chariot in South Africa and head off on the 6 country mission trip.
Lazarus Munetsi from our Pretoria office and WBS coordinator, told me that these men recruited over 1,500 students to study bible through the post. Amazing.


Robert and Lyman headed to South Africa and collected their chariot and headed to Botswana and reported this from there.
The Chariot has done an amazing work in Botswana. We had two places to visit in Botswana. The first two week the chariot was at Mogoditshane in Gaborone where we witnessed hundreds of people coming to the crusades and three were baptized. But a lot of people were coming for prayers to God to be restored to the Church and others for their hurts in life.
The last week the Chariot was in Mahalapye where it went in four different places for the WBS Registration where a lot of new students were registered and now ready to study with WBS ONLINE AND BY SURFACE MAIL. In Mahalapye one was baptized.
Lyman and Robert then headed for Zambia.
This is a new work and pioneering work we started this year. Amazing how God works through His Children in a combined way. Below is Paul Lulacha who we Gospel Chariot Missions support financially in Goma Congo and how that came about is, our good friend Jankel Friedman at the Somerset Church of Christ in South Africa with their Bible School trained up Paul Lulacha who was a refugee from the Congo and who then studied at the school. Paul then wanted to return to his home country and Jankel contacted us and Congo being such a pioneering work we then decided to support him and let God lead us. Paul is back home in Goma Congo and has started a house church and we linked him up to George Akpabli who is the French speaking missionary from Benin who then contacted Paul and sent Paul 50 French speaking bibles and is assisting Paul with other contacts within the country of Congo as well. Amen and amen. God works through us when we connect and help each other this way and this is a classical example of that.
That said, we don’t have a chariot for the Congo but a chariot will be crossing over into the Congo from the Zambian side for the first time this year in June and Paul will join Lyman and Robert as they work their way through Zambia. Wow, scary as it is dangerous but we have to test the waters as we spread the Wonderful Name of Jesus. Please let’s all pray for Paul and all the French speaking countries in Africa and especially George Akpabli who oversees the bible school in Benin and also helps in the other countries as well.
Wow, there is a lot going on in Zimbabwe. We support the mini chariot with Auswich and there is a report from him below, but also we work with the Beitbridge Church of Christ that we planted some years back. I managed to send a container full of bibles, clothing and wheelchairs for kids and it arrived safely with some issues, you can read about that below. Our good friends from Tulsa will be campaigning with us in June where we will be having workshop for leaders in the southern part of Zimbabwe. Our brethren from Venda will also cross over to assist.
Auswich on the Zimbabwe chariot reported the following from Zimbabwe:
Work done:
* We moved from house to house teaching and preaching.
* Congregants had each an opportunity to have us at their houses to share God’s word and some family counseling sessions were done.
* New people were met and the gospel delivered to them.
* 15 souls obeyed the gospel and were added to the Lord’s body.
* All the six congregations had an opportunity to meet us and had shared gospel.
* A marriage seminar was hosted at Murambinda. The purpose was to strengthen marriages with the view that strong families make a strong church.
* Backsliders were visited and three women were restored to the church.
➢ Honde Valley – Hauna
Jethro Dube and wife is helping the church at Hauna and Chisuko. The places are ripe for the gospel and new methods to penetrate the area is highly needed. There is high demand of the gospel, but the church has to be visible. Our visit helped in making the church visible and giving an impact in the ways of evangelism.
* We visited Christians in Sahumani, Chisuko and Hauna. This encouraged them much.
* Cooperation of the congregations is needed.
* One preacher cannot be viable to do well in the area as it is growing.
* Backsliders were also visited and encouraged.
* A WBS seminar was held at Ruda Primary school in Hauna. The teen age people attended the seminar than the adults. As a result, 35 teens obeyed the gospel and were baptized.
* Moved around inviting people for our WBS seminar, distributing fliers, enrolling new students.
The three months were very busy and fruitful to the Lord. Altogether, 50 souls obeyed the gospel and were baptized. 3 women restored to the church. More work needs to be done and through your support and prayers we can achieve more for Christ.
Our container we packed in Perth Australia with Bibles, wheelchairs for kids and tons of clothing for the poor arrived in Zimbabwe this week. As usual we had issues but cheaper than Uganda when clearing it. The biggest problem came at the end when we could not get a crane big enough to lift it off the truck and our brethren sorted it out African style and off loaded all the goods, not so neat and then got a heavy duty digger to lift the container off the truck as we purchase the container for storage and use in Africa.
Our brothers in Venda have been busy recruiting students and getting ready for their first semester of short term bible students. The semester has started and the last I heard they they had 15 students. Brother Malindi and brother De Villiers oversee the school and also cross over into Zimbabwe helping reach the southern part of Zimbabwe.
Below are some follow-up trips and baptisms of some World Bible School students. Lazarus reports. We bless the Lord that this day Tlotlo finally was baptized as Bongani and Zonge on their trip in the North West.
Below shows Brother Enos Nene, with the Student of WBS Teacher Jena Madeleine, who was baptized years back in KZN continues to reach out in his surrounding. On Sunday 17th of February he visited Mvuzane Congregation, given an opportunity to preach Christ and Him crucified 4 people responded to the Word of God and were baptized on the very day in the river nearby.
I also received a Whatsapp message from one of WBS students in Hammanskraal, over two years I have been trying to reach out to her for followup but she seems not interested, praise God she continue to study. On my arrival we will see her possibly and God willing she will attend the marriage Seminar at the GCM compass on the 2nd of March. Let’s keep her and husband in our prayers.