This is our East African update with our two big gospel chariots and it makes me tired just scrolling through all the happenings. Its amazing what God is doing through you all who helped us get these two chariots up and running. There have been more than 300 baptisms just in East Africa in this first quarter. You will see below that we have taken on Tom Opondo’s support to be our GCM East African Missions Director and our reason is, we want to cross more borders and reach more areas and need a African brother to follow up on doors as our African missionary. Great things are happening. Tom leaves this week for Chad following up and helping with some doors there and then onto South Sudan with me in June. Then there is Duncan Ojiambo from Uganda who oversees the Ugandan Chariot and who will spend some time with me in South Africa in June as well. Duncan does an amazing job on reporting on the Ugandan chariot and we appreciate him.

Below shows some recent repairs taking place. A mechanic opened and found out that the spider gears were damaged and had cracks and needing replacing. They also reported repairing speakers.
76 Souls baptized in the Mt Elgon region.
Duncan Ojiambo also reported the following good news from Uganda:
I salute you all in His name, hope this finds you all well.
Yesterday Sunday 24th March 2019 the Uganda Gospel Chariot crew crossed the border via Busia one stop border post back to Uganda, after a two weeks intensive evangelism in Western Kenya.
Uganda Gospel Chariot worked in the following places in Kenya:
1. Kapsanja Church of Christ in Mt Elgon. Though GCM partnership with this congregation, the gospel was preached in different communities around Mt Elgon and the total harvest was 76 baptisms. In the first report, we reported 43 baptisms that had happened, then more 29 souls also accepted and were baptized.
2. From March 17th-20th, the team worked with a congregation in Malaba where brother Titus preaches and four (4) accepted and were baptized.
3. From 21st-24th Evening the team worked with Mulwanda Church of Christ under the leadership of brother Milton Owanga, they had open air preaching in the market place at Mulwanda Trading Center, and four (4) other people also joined the church through baptism.
More from Duncan Ojiambo on the outreach in Mt Elgon where 73 souls were baptized.
The area chief and his wife who is a headteacher at the Government Primary school are being very instrumental in this effort of evangelizing their community. We give God the glory as we see these leaders acknowledge that its only Christ through His Church that peace and love can be realized in their community that has been through a lot of instabilities. In the pictures you can see the headteacher leading one of the women (converts) to the baptistery after she had dressed up in a baptisms suit.
Duncan Ojiambo also reports from South Sudan.
Receive greetings from Uganda and Adjumani (South Sudan) communities. God has done us good in this two months rapid mission work. The Gospel has been preached and we concluded this mission work yesterday with a leaders Seminar for our brothers and sisters from South Sudan.
I joined the driver evangelists in the field on Monday Morning. These men Bagoole John Patrick and Isabirye Godfrey are heroes. They are loved by the South Sudanese. They keep them in prayers as they hit new places and meet new cultures for the sake of the Gospel. It was a 12 hour drive journey to reach them. I witnessed God’s glory. I can’t find much peace and joy in anything else than in teaching the Word of God, equipping effective Disciple Makers. I am humbled everyday by what I experience in my efforts to evangelize the globe. Glory be to God.
Three souls were added to the Church at Madagascar Church of Christ. They were baptized and brother Anthony handed them their baptism certificates.
Three were baptized in the Maaji III South Sudanese community. They are worshiping in the Church of Christ that meets in Maaji III.
More from Duncan Ojiambo.
God has added to His church another 50 new converts who believed the Gospel and confessed Christ as Lord, all of them have been baptized.
In Ramugi village, market place – Gospel Chariot team with Anthony the local preacher conducted an open air gospel campaign and harvested 12 souls.
In Parego community, one of the preaching points of Madagascar Church of Christ in Moyo Distract, the chariot crew had an open campaign and 5 souls confessed and were baptized.
In Gandi town, near Army Barracks, the Uganda Gospel Chariot in partnership with Madagascar Church of Christ, under the leadership of Anthony conducted a full day of gospel preaching, door-door evangelism in the army barracks and by the end of the day 18 people were baptized. Among these were 10 soldiers (three of them were baptized with their wives). And 5 other community members.
The team then drove to Afogi – at the Border of Uganda and South Sudan. They staged in a market place and started proclaiming the gospel. The harvest was 15 baptisms and 80 recruited to study World Bible School.
More from Duncan Ojiambo: 
From Feb 8th-16th 2019 a number of 32 souls were baptized and added to the church in Bulisa, Kiryandongo and Moyo Districts. God deserves all the Glory and Honor for redeeming His creation. 
Clothes were distributed to the needy in Kiryandongo District and a wheelchair was given to the disabled woman in Adjumani District. The smiles and joy are uncountable. 
More from Duncan Ojiambo:
Below is the school where you brother George visited and facilitated a leaders’ seminar from. If you can remember we drove for about 2h 30 min from Jinja to Budhonga.
Shoes, crayons, clothes and some books were given to 200 kids. Each got something from you and many others that you partner with in this Gospel Care Missions. You have no idea, about the number of smiles and joy you’re bringing to many families and individuals here in Uganda. Your IMPACT is felt heavily. May the Lord reward the works of your hands.
Duncan Ojiambo has reported first after the December holidays.
The driver evangelists arrived in Kabarole District on January 5th. Then on January 6th they drove to Bundibugyo District, they worked with Kirudi Church of Christ, helping the church reach out to their community with the gospel of life. They have conducted open air teaching and preaching. The team of Rewnzori Regional Leaders like Ezekiel Bwambale have been very instrumental in teaching the word of truth. Their effort has harvested two souls. They were baptized and have been added to the church.
Amen, we are excited to inform all that Tom Opondo is now working full time with us to help us reach more regions and help network and penetrate surrounding countries. Let’s all pray for Tom as he connects more and more with mission minded brethren. Tom traveled to Uganda and reported the following.
I am thankful for the Uganda trip that reveals God’s intent in inviting us serving in His mission. I am encouraged by the presence of men at the conference willing to listen to God. These men have worked with the Uganda Gospel Chariot at different times, and their testimony tells how deep and wide Gospel Chariot Missions penetrates villages with the Gospel of Christ. 
I spoke on Building Healthy Leaders and Leading with Purpose. The meeting took place at Busoga Youth Center in Jinja. I have shared some photos taken at the conference. Later, I had a special time with Duncan Ojiambo and Wilson Maanda – GCM Uganda coordinators based in Jinja. I had time to share about my new role and responsibilities within East Africa as we jointly dream for northward movement of the Good News of Christ. 
Amen Tom and all involved in the East African missions for Jesus.
Amen, Lucas Oguta has reported:
The kuresoi GCM meetings went well in a number of different places. We have now moved on and arrived safely in Kapsabet Nandi County and started the meetings. Day One (Lesos shopping center) day Two (Chepkunyuk Church of Christ) here we were highly welcomed by Church members and villagers, the area village elders appreciated the GCM team for a wonderful work they are doing in the communities. 
Lucas also reported: 
We are in Molo KONGASIS Church of Christ we visited one High school and one primary school and shared with the High school students about World Bible School and the students asked many questions about World Bible School and GCM. Registered 43 to study through World Bible School and collected 21 introduction lessons which we distributed.
Tuarari with Lucas have reported from Kenya:
I will like to thank and appreciate Gospel Chariot Missions team, for the visitation of reaching to unreached places and people. The truck was at kajiado central, Oloirimirimi location, many souls came to Jesus Christ, thanks GCM, may the Lord Jesus Christ rewards you. 
Please let’s all pray for this effort among the Maasai people as they have had some trying times with a tyre that blew out on the chariot and Lucas’s new phone lost in the process. Lost phone or not. This is exciting as The Wonderful Name of Jesus is spread throughout Africa. 
Tom Opondo has reported the following:
The Kenya Chariot and evangelists left for Kajiado region this week. Upon arrival work started immediately. Lucas Oguta and George Ogutu are excited to begin work among the Maasai Community. They received a warm reception from churches there.
We are grateful to the Lord for using the chariot in amazing ways: restoring hope and lives through preaching and teaching the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven. Working with this community calls us to include medical camp so that the sick can be treated. We are praying for health care program for churches working with the chariot in the area. 
Lucas Oguta again:
Our second day of evangelism in Ruiru was successful with few attendance here in Nairobi area people are still having tension because of a terrorism bombing attacked of a hotel in Nairobi that killed 21 people and have left over 150 people seriously injured. 
Tom reported from South Sudan:
I’m excited to begin my visit to South Sudan today. I arrived here at 3.30pm, spent two nights in Juba and take off to Awiel Bible College, founded by my former students at Nairobi Great Commission School. That will be on Monday. Tom also reported early this morning that the Juba Church of Christ, the only COC congregation in Juba, opened it’s door for us. The service was great as the Lord put vision in the Sudanese brothers. They plan on planting new congregations in the city, but peace needs to return and unite over 100 tribal communities. 
Let’s pray for Tom Opondo and the country of South Sudan. We hope and pray that Tom Opondo will help us break new ground this year in the region for the East African Chariots to explore and preach the wonderful name of Jesus. We have helped some brethren there and I will visit there in June with Tom as we make plans on the chariot working in South Sudan as well. Please lets pray for these efforts.